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Seek additions to this Hendrick Family of Virginia. In particular any
information concerning any one of a number of Moses Hendrick in Virginia.
HerbH. -

THE HENDRICK FAMILY OF VIRGINIA by Alberta Marjorie Dennstedt With some
additions by Herbert D. Hendricks.

(Abstracted down from article by A. M. Dennstedt. With added information on
James Hendrick' family)

Hance and Jane Hendrick - King and Queen Co.
Possible sons
Hans Jr. - Amelia Co.
Benjamin - Amelia Co.
William - Hanover Co. - 1750 used Hendrick Arms of Dutch Origin, and
Louisa Co.
John - Hanover Co.

Thomas Hendrick on 25 April 1670 Lease from the Pamunkey Indians - 99 year
Other possible associated families Morris, Terry, Anderson, Hurt and Parke

Hance Hendrick from one source married Jannetze Van Meter, daughter of
Macyken Hendricksen and Jon Josten Van Meter. Hance born ca 1675 in
Holland. Calculalting Hance's birth from the year he gave land to his son
Adolphus - Hance was born ca 1664 and died between 1728 and 1738 in King
William Co.

Hance Patented land dated 25 April 1701 - 594 acres for transportation of
himself and wife Jane and 10 persons. Land was located in the same area I
King and Queen Co. as Thomas Hendrick's land . 20 Feb. 1705/06 Hance was a
planter in Parish of St. John in King William Co. and gave to his son
Adolphus Hendrick 175 acres in Pamuknkey Neck. Witnesses were Henry and
John Cox and G. Braxton. Hance owned land in St. Paul's Parish, New Kent
Co., later Hanover Co.

@4 March 1725 Hance Hendrick Sr. And Hance Hendrick Jr. took out patent in
St. John's Parish, King William Co. Hance Jr. Land was in Caroline Co.

28 Sept. land patent of 400 acres in Spotsylvania Co. adjacent to Capt.
John Camm.

Hance and Jane Hendrick


I. Adolphus married ____
II. Hans Jr. Married Rachel
III. Benjamin married Leah ___ (Hurt?)
IV. William married ___
V. John married _____

In Amelia Co. paper exists that says that Hans Hendrick Jr. Paid for
brother's quit rent. Brother was Benjamin Hendrick 5 July 1740.

Hans Hendrick Jr.
Hans III
John Both to Halifax and Pittsylvania Cos.

Benjamin Hendrick married Leah -------
1.Benjamin Jr.
2.James Hendrick (Information on James Hendrick family Added by H.D.
Hendricks) d 1769 m Drusilla she married in 1770 second Roger Shackleford -
James Lived in Halifax Co. in 1760s.
Children of James and Drusilla Hendrick
2a. Ezekiel
2b. Moses Hendrick probably married Sally Overby in 1796 in Lunenburg Co.,
2c. Marina married Francie Fawley and lived in Rowan Co., NC in 1790
2d.Lucy living in Louisa Co, Va in 1791.
2e.Cahharut or Leah

Descendants lived in Cumberland, Prince Edward, Halifax, Pittsylvania,
Mecklenburg, Chesterfield, Buckingham, Bedford and Campbell Counties - some
went to KY.

William Hendrick lived in Hanover and Louisa Counties
William Jr.
William III
Byrd Duke These Children went to Mecklenburg Co. and KY.

Anne Hendrick married Benjamin Arnold II, was from the dates established
above and the names of her and Benjamin's children. Apparently a
grandaughter rather than a daughter of Hance Hendrick.
From data by Hazel Arnold MacIvor, Some Ancestors and Descendants of
Benjamin Arnold, King William Co., VA, and Greenville SC (Lake Orion, Mich.
1974) pp. 47, 52-53.

Adolphus Hendrick 1685-1763 King William Co. Wife Unknown, patent in
Spotsylvania Co.1728, patent in Goochland Co. 1740 later in Cumberland Co.
1746 he was in Cumberland Co. with Phillemon Childers his son in law.

Adolphus sued in 1750s by John Colquett who had married Elizabeth one of
the daughters of his son William.
Adolphus's will 25 Jan 1758 in Cumberland Co. proved 4 Oct. 1763.
Son Benjamin
Son William
Son John
Son Moses - 400 acres on Deep Creek and a Negro girl Hagar, etc.
Daughter Christiana Evens
Daughter Rachel Guillintine
Dau. Allice Hubbard
Dau Mary Childers - grand daughters Rachel and Sarah Childers
Dau. Betty Bostick
Dau. Jane Robinson
Dau. Jamima Bradshaw
Executors: Benjamin and Moses Hendrick; Witnesses Samuel Jones, Samuel
Melton and John Chumey

Adolphus sold 26 Nov. 1759 the land Moses Hendrick was to receive.

21 Dec. 1759 Dolphus Hendrick with William Echols Sr. (father in law of
Moses Hendrick) review processioning of land.

Land conveyed to Benjamin Hendrick 3 Feb 1762 conveyed 400 acres on both
side of West Branch of Bear Creek and o Willis River bounded by William

Adolphus Hendrick
Benjamin m Judith
William married Martha (Parker) Meritt
John married ______
Moses Married Ruth Echols
Christiana married ____ Evans
Rachel married John Gillintine
Alice married Benjamin Hubbard
Mary married Philemon Childers Jr. - Their children William, Moses, Rachek
and Sarah
Betty married Charles Bostick
Jane married Joseph Robinson
Jamima married Charles Bradshaw.

Benjamin Hendrick probably married in King William Co. - wife Judith
400 acres in Cumberland Co. recorded 28 Aug 1753. 22 Dec. 1766 he sold
this land to Stephen Woodson of Goochland Co., Benjamin and Judith moved to
Pittsylvania. 30 Aug 1770 he received 100 acres near Echols line. 17 Feb
1784 Benjamin and Judith Hendrick sold to William Epperson 100 acres. He is
supposed to have removed to Georgia as revealed in a report on a debt he
owned in Halifax Co. in 1773.

William Hendrick in 1736 owned land in Amelia Co., VA
William Hendrick, d ca 1737, married Martha Parker d of Robert Parker of
Essex Co. before 18 June 1736. William was deceased before 20 Sept 1737 as
evidence of motion of Martha Hendrick.1750 bundle of papers in Amelia Co.
concern estate settlement of one William Hendrick. Estate involved land in
Caroline, Essex, and Amelia Counties.

Elizabeth Hendrick recieves deed of gift from Robert Hudgins of Raleigh
Parish in Amelia Co. 21 April 1749.

Willaim and Martha Hendrick
Elizabeth m John Colquitt of Cumberland Co May 1753

John Hendrick ca 1710-1801

John Hendrick carpenter of Amelia Co. appears to be son of Adolphus
hendrick, rather than John, son of Adolphus' brother Benjamin Hendrick.
1739 first noted in Amelia Co. Benjamin's son John does not appear on
titahable list until 1754.

.John Hendrick appears in Amelia Co. in 1739 two years after the death of
Adolphus' son William. John Hendrick appears in tithable list in Amelia in
1741. Benjamin's son John does not appear on his father's tithable list
until 1754. When Benjamin made his will in 177 he named only two sons
Bernard an Nathaniel.

The earlier John, son of Adolphus, would have had at least two and possibly
three sisters living in Amelia Co. Allice wife of Ben Hubbard, Rachel wife
of John Gillintine and perhaps Christiana Evans. By 1755 John Hendrick
appears in the tithable list as a carpenter.

John's wife's name is unknown. And place of residence before 1739 is not
established. On 21 March 1739 John Hendrick witnessed his Uncle Hans
Hendrick's deed to James Brunfield. On 28 Nov 1754 John Hendrick of Rawley
Parish purchased for 200 pounds from William Johnson 200 acres bounded by
Turner, Benjamin Hendrick, Hans Hendrick (his uncles), Baser, Barnes,
Bronfield and Compton. In 1768 John Hendrick had William Garrott in his
household and was listed as a capenter. John Hendrick, Joe Stephen and
Daniel Hendrick wre jointly listed as three tithables. In 1795 John
Hendrick listed with John Hendrick Jr.

In 1796 John Hendrick Sr. and John Hendrick Jr. Signed a paper obligating
them to pay Thomas Johns 7#,19s,6p. Sheriff takes chairs for obligation of
paying debt.

John Hendrick of Mecklingburg Co. on 17 Dec 1801 made a deed of trust to
John Haskins of Prince Edward Co. for 117 acres in Amelia Co. bounded by
John Hendrick Jr., Garland Hendrick and others.

John Hendrick's children:
1. John Jr. Possibly married Sabein Garrettt 24 Jan 1785. John married
Lucy Wright in July 1793.
Children of John and Lucy Hendrick
1a. William R. Hendrick
1b. Stogdell Y. Hendrick
1c. Waller Hendrick wife Mary
1d. Robert Hendrick
1e. Samuel T. Hendrick
2. Obediah stated on 15 May 1821 at age 65 he served in Revolutionary
3. Daniel in Amelia Co. in 1779

Moses Hendrick ca 1730-1796 d
In 1752 the Tithable list of Benjamin Hubbard (Moses' brother in law)
included Moses in his household in Amelia Co. Moses probably married Ruth
Echols shortly thereafter based on calculation of the birth dates of their
children which suggest 1753. Ruth was the dakughter of William and Sarah
(Turner) Echols of King William, Amelia and Halifax Counties.
William Echols was the son of John and Mary (Cave) Echols of New Kent and
King and queen Cos. Ruth was born 26 Oct. 1735 in Raleigh Parish, Prince
George, later Amelia Co. and died 22 Nov. 1813 in Leesburg, Highland Co.,
Ohio. William Echols made his will 8 April 1771 in Halifax, Co. Moses
Hendrick was Exor. As well as executor in estate of his cousin James
Hendrick son of Benjamin Hendrick of Amelia who died in 1769.
Richard Anderson was her nephew, Wife to dispose of land in Cumberland Co.
Will was proved 22 Feb. 1796. Obdeiah Kirby was Ruth's son Medes Anderson
her nephew, Sarah Terry was her Daughter, Judith Borum was her daughter.

Moses Hendrick made his will 26 Sept. 1794 giving plantation to Ruth his
Amos b 16 Aug 1759 died intestate before 1804 unmarried
Obediah b 26 Oct 1767 d intestate in Halifax Co., VA before 16 Oct 1827. M
Elizabeth Farmer 28 Jan 1811. Disowned for having slaves and acting in the
military service - lists children
Jeremiah b 20 Oct 1772 m 17 March 1810 Nancy Farmer in Wilson Co., TN.
Mary - b 20 Oct 1756 m John Slaughter 1775 and she died in 1807 - list
of children
Joseph b ca 1754 d ca 1804 Wilson Co., TN unmarried.
Anne(Anna) b ca 1758 d 22 Sept. 1828 husband Beverley Milner - list
Cloe - b 5 April 1763 m 21 Sept 1783 m Samuel Welch, children listed
Sarah (Sally) b 24 Nov 1765 m 14 Jan 1797 Thomas Terry - children listed.
Judith - b 7 Sept. 1766 died 22 July 1836 m John Borum in 1788 and was
disowned for marrying contrary to discipline and out of unity. John died
intestate in 1797s - children listed.
Betsey - m Thomas Burgess
Ruth - b 17 Dec 1774 m m Obadiah Kerby, her first cousin. Lived TN -
children listed
Moses Jr. B 12 Feb. 1776 died 11 Sept. 1794, unmarried.

Remainder of article deals with:

Rachel Hendrick Gillintine
Alice Hendrick Hubbard
Betty Hendrick Bostick
Jane Hendrick Robinson
Jemima Hendrick Bradshaw

and their families.

Herbert D. Hendricks, 23 April 1997, 27 May 1997

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