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From: Gladys Thames <>
Subject: [HENDRICKS-L] Hendrix Family Cemetery, Escambia Co., FL
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 21:36:12 -0500

I am responding to the request posted 13 January for information on
cemeteries in three counties, one of them in Escambia County, FL.

The information given below is not primarily mine, for
I obtained it from Volume 2 of a listing of about 18 cemeteries in
Escambia County, Florida. I do not have the author or other source
information, and obtained this in a library in Panama City, FL.
Hendrix Family Cemetery consisted of six graves, all in very poor
condition when the enumeration was made.

The location of this cemetery is shown on a drawing of the Escambia Co.
area, depicted as ESC 086, just off Pensacola Blvd. (U.S. 29). It
appears to be on a street exiting east off Pens. Blvd, south of I-10.
I saw it once described as being in an area now called "Car City", if
that has meaning for anyone. It is in the Oakfield Community.

Listed below is the grave number, followed by name, date of birth, date
of death for five persons identified in Hendrix Family Cemetery:

086/0001Hendrix, Susan L.N/AN/A

086/0002Hendrix, Harriett1/13/18104/24/1866

086/0003Hendrix, Nathan10/27/1800N/A

086/0004Hendrix, Jacob10/28/18337/xx/191x

086/0005Hendrix, NannieN/AN/A

086/0006(No information given) . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

My interest in this is that Harriett and Nathan were my great great
grandparents. She was Harriet Hartsfield, born Georgia, married
at age 15. Their large family included Peter Hendrix, my father's
maternal grandfather. I have information on that family, which goes
back apparently to Albertus Hendrickson and his son Tobias, Sr.
Nathan was born in South Carolina, possibly Lexington County. His
parents were Peter and Elizabeth Gibson Hendrix who migrated to Monroe
County, Alabama with a contingent of relatives.
Nathan Hendrix died 18 July, 1881.

Susan L., above, is Susan Blanchard. She married Peter's brother Jacob
22 May, 1860. My family information shows Jacob Hendrix's death date as
14 July, 1915.

I have no information on Nannie Herrington.

Incidentally, this same Volume 2, referencing Esc. Co. cemeteries, lists
12 other persons named Hendrix in three other cemeteries. Eight of
these are members (or their spouses) of Nathan and Harriett's family, in
Roberts Cemetery at Gull Point in Escambia County.

In recent years I have made visits annually to a lady in her mid 90s
who is distantly related and who remembers my ggf Peter and his wife
Susan Roberts Hendrix. Susan H. was a sister of this lady's
grandmother. Elsie, the elderly lady is bright and full of memories.
She lives in Pensacola, near the Roberts Cemetery. Talking with
someone who actually knew my ancestors is wonderful.
Roberts Cemetery is much larger than the Hendrix Cem. and not restricted
to one family.

I will try to obtain the complete source information on the Escambia
County, FL, cemetery listings. Must have put it away TOO carefully.

Hope this isn't too long.

Gladys Thames

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