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Subject: Re: [HENRY] Patrick Henry's brother William Henry m. Mary Burton
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2010 12:31:50 EDT

Hi Judy,

Thanks so much for this information regarding William Henry and Polly
Burton. Please tell me was this William Henry also named William Alexander
Henry? Or, was William Alexander Henry of another line?

All that I know is that our William A. Henry b. 27 Jul 1804 Botetourt Co.
was the son of William b. about 1780 and the grandson of William Henry b.
30 Sep 1754. This William Henry's birth date has been placed with several
William Henrys and one I think was noted as a William Alexander Henry.

I do believe between the Revolutionary Pension stating that our William
Henry first enlisted in Lancaster PA and then secondly when his son Stephen
Henry notes Father born PA in the 1880 Roanoke VA Census, pretty well sums it
up that our William Henry was born 30 Sep 1754 PA.

Sure wish our Williams had been called Petula instead. Then the first son
of our William A. Henry b. 1804 naturally was named William A. Henry too.
Sadly this one was killed in the Civil War.

It truly is mindboggling at the number of William Henrys out there.


Hi, Carolyn,

Here is information about William provided previously by Edith Poindexter:

1. William Henry born in Hanover County in 1734 married Mary (Polly)
in Fluvanna County 6 May 1779. In 1768, John Henry gave William 723
of land in Fluvanna county "near the mouth of Hardware Creek where he
according to his brother-in-law Samuel Meredith. He was one of the first
justices in the new county of Fluvanna in 1777. He became Sheriff of
Fluvanna in 1781. William died in Fluvanna County in January 1785. They
one child, a daughter, who died shortly after so there were no
Mary married Benjamin Rice of Bedford County in 1790. Patrick Henry was
administrator of William's estate after Mary refused to do it. There are
claims on the internet that he married Alice Taylor first, but I have
been able to find any record of it. (Read Samuel Meredith's statement in
TRUE PATRICK HENRY by George Morgan, page 434.)

There is a grave marked for William at Winton in Amherst County, VA, the
home of Jane and Samuel Meredith. It was marked over a hundred years
his death, on the word of a lady who said her grandmother pointed the
out to her when she was a child. The Fluvanna Historical Society claims
have found in grave in Fluvanna. They say that had he been buried at
Winton, Samuel Meredith would have said so. I found records of the
Lodge in Lynchburg, who marched from Lynchburg to Winton for the funeral
Patrick Henry's son Edward (Neddy) and I firmly believe that the grave
marked for William is actually the grave of Neddy.

Judy Henry

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> Hi Edith or Judy,
> After reading the notation about William Henry and Polly Burton, would
> please give me the birth date of this William Henry if you have it?
> Thanks,
> Carolyn Anderson
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> Great, Judy. Edith is a very trusted source!
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> According to Edith Poindexter records at Red Hill, the William Henry
> married Mary
> (Polly) Burton was Patrick Henry's brother from Fluvanna County.
> Judy Henry
> _____________________________
>> Letter dated 8 Aug 1814, Bedford, Virginia, from Robert BURTON to his
>> daughter Elizabeth:
>> "Dear Betsey:
>> I have to write you at this time on the melancholy subject of the death
> of
>> your only sister {living}. She died on the 23rd of last month after a
>> tedious but not painful illness. The last four weeks of her sickness
>> she
> ate
>> not a sufficiency to support an infant, and the last ten days she never
> ate
>> a morsel so that she was reduced as low as it was possible, being
>> nothing
>> but skin and bone. She was rational to the last hour, and blessed by
>> appeared to have confidential Hope of her acceptance through Christ. My
> dear
>> daughter, Providence has so ordered it that you are the only one of my
>> children that is left, and you are nearly dead to me. I wish that we
> could
>> live near each other, but how that is to be brought about is the grand
>> question.
>> Your Aunt RICE is also gone to the World of Spirits. She died about
>> weeks before your sister. Old Capt. RICE, Alex BURTON (whose wife is
>> also
>> dead) and others are all going to law about her estate. Poor little
> Robert
>> B. KELLEY and myself are well. May God command his Blessings to rest
>> upon
>> you and all your family is the one prayer of your poor old solitary
> father.
>> P.S. I am the only one of my father's family that is left"
>> Author's Note: {Aunt RICE was his sister Mary (Burton) who married
> William
>> HENRY of Albemarle County, Virginia and second Captain Benjamin RICE.
>> pre-marital agreement named her brothers Robert and Jesse as guardians
>> of
>> her funds in litigation re the John COBBS and William BURTON estates.
>> She
>> had no children by either husband according to her will.
>> The Virginia Genealogist, Volume 20, page 84, published 1976
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