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We have this line represented in our Henry Surname DNA Project:

Haplogroup I2b1 Nordic

So all those people who put Alexander Henry on his tree farther back are
100% wrong. This Hugh Henry who married Mary Donelsons is not related to
Patrick Henry at all. They are two different haplogroups, 0% chance of being
related in 600 years or even in thousands of years.

Actually Hugh Henry came down from Somerset Maryland as did the Donelsons
and in the same year, 1744.
The History of Pittsylvania County Virginia by Maud Carter Clement

footnote 16
Lieut. Hugh Henry, of John Donelson's Company was probably a son of that
Hugh who first pattented land here in 1744 and who married Mary Donelson,
sister of Col. John Donelson. Halifax Deeds show that Hugh Henry and wife
Mary sold lands in 1757 to Archibald Gordon. William Wirt Henry in his life
of Patrick Henry wrote: "The names Alexander, Patrick and Hugh were common
with the Henry family in Scotland and Ireland." Hugh Henry was no doubt
{pure supposition here, not fact-Doris Noland Parton}(We actually now know
due to YDNA that the two Henry families are not related.) a member of the
same family as that of the distinguished orator. In 1779 many of the Henrys
accompanied Col. Donelson on his trip to Tennessee.


Hugh Henry Sr. and Col. John Donelson were brothers-in-law and settled in
the same year in the area that is now Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Col.
John Donelson came to Pittsylvania County when he was about twenty-five
years of age. Hugh Henry Sr. may have been the same age. They both patented
land in 1744 when that section was still a part of Old Brunswick. John's
land consisted of 200 acres on both sides of Sandy Creek, between Robert
Moon's line and Joseph Cloud. He made his home on the banks of the Banister
River for thirty five years. Hugh Henry's land was in the same area. In
1746, Hugh Henry had a chestnut puncheon camp on the Banister River. A
chestnut puncheon was a cabin constructed of chestnut wood.

#180218 David Henry
Contact Kathy

Hugh Henry b ca 1720 Maryland? (probably Somerset Maryland, he did not come
to VA until 1744) D 1791 Robertson Co TN m. Mary Donelson
David Henry b ca 1753 Pittsylvania Co VA d Oct 14 1846 Robertson Co TN m.
Priscilla Earhart
Lemuel J. Henry b 1801 Robertson Co TN d 1877 Robertson Co TN m Sarah
Abeline Pope
Boyd M. Henry b. 1849 Robertson Co TN d 1890 Robertson Co TN m Nancy Fisher
Rader Lemuel Henry b July 30, 1877 Robertson Co TN d March 5, 1962 Cross
Plains, TN m Mollie Freeland
Gill Henry b. March 12, 1911 Robertson Co TN d. after 2001 m Mary Yates
Don Henry
David Henry


A post that I made on your family in March 2010:

From: "Doris Noland Parton" <>
Subject: [HENRY] John Donelson III from Notable Southern Families Vol 2
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 21:03:41 -0400

Notable Southern Families Volume 2 by Janie Preston Collup French

Page 87

The Donaldson family came from Scotland where the name was spelled
Donaldson. The name came from the Christian name, Donald. (Family Names and
their Story, S. Baring Gould.) In the early generations in this country it
was variously spelled Donaldson, Donalson, Donelson, Doneldson, Donoldson
and Donilson. (Virginia Militia in the Revolution, J. T. McAllister).
Stockley, a son of Col. John Donelson, spelled his name in several ways in
signing legal documents (Ramsey's Annals of Tennessee.) {He was an active
land speculator-Doris Noland Parton}

The brothers, Col. John Donelson and William Donaldson, founders of the
family in Tennessee, used different spellings. Most of the descendants of
the former continue to use the spelling, Donelson, while the descendants of
William use the original spelling, Donaldson, as used by him. In this
article the writer will endeavor to use the spelling adopted by the

The Donaldson Coat of Arms, dated 1312, has the single word, "Promius", as
its motto. (Burke's General Armoury).

The emigre, John Donalson, (whose father was John Donaldson of Scotland),
came to America in 1716, and settled near Delaware Bay. At this time he
owned his vessel and was engaged in the shipping business between America
and London. It is said that his father and grandfather had been shippers. He
married Catherine Davies, daughter of David Davies and Martha Thomas Davies
of Virginia (a sister of Samuel Davies, D. D. LL. D., third president of
Princeton College, (1761-1766) after its reorganization. They had children:

1. John Donelson II
2. William Donaldson
3. Andrew Donaldson
4. daughter name unknown married _____ Henry (Mry Dona(d)son married your
Hugh Henry)
(I believe we know who that daughter was!!!!-Doris Noland Parton)

page 88
John Donelson II (1720-1785) is said to have been born in Pittsylvania
County, Virginia . (He wasn't. He came to Pittsylvania Co. VA in 1744-Doris
Noland Parton). He married Rachel Stockley of Virginia and had children:

1. Alexander Donelson who never married
2. Catherine Donelson
3. John Donelson III
4. Mary Donelson
5. Jane Donelson
6. William Donelson
7. Stockely Donelson
8. Samuel Donelson
9. Severn Donelson
10. Levin Donelson who never married
11. Rachel Donelson
12. Elizabeth Donelson

More info about coming to TN on pages 88 and 89.

p 90

John Donelson III (1755-1840) married (1779) Mary Purnell (21763-1848).
Captain John Donelson III was born in Virginia, and his wife in Snow Hill,
Maryland. They as bride and groom, made the trip from Watauga Settlement to
French Lick, in 1779, on the "Adventure" in the Company commanded bh his
father, Colonel John Donelson. They had children:
1. Chesed? died in infancy
2. Tabitha Donelson
3. Alexander Donelson
4. John Donelson IV (1787-1840), married (1823) Eliza Butler.
5. Lemuel Donelson
6. Rachel Donelson
7. Mary Donelson, married John Coffee
8. William Donelson
11. Chised? Donelson, died in infancy
12. Stockley Donelson (Stokely)
Emily Donelson

I believe that your Henrys traveled the same migration route as the
Donaldsons/Donelsons. From Deleware Bay to Somerset Co. MD to Pittsylvania
Co. VA to TN!


there is a good post on your family at:

Here are two early Henry men who lived in Somerset Maryland:

HENRY, John 1696/09/19 MCW exec/w Peter Bodkin

HENRY, William 1696/08/14 JW15 deposed age 38

MACKHENRY, Walter 1683/01/08 JUD3


Here is a good map showing where Snow Hill was in the time period that the
Donelsons and Henrys lived there:


Henrys who were still in Somerset MD after Hugh Henry left and who were
perhaps his close relatives:

HENRY, George (1774 - 24 Dec 1777)
Balance from H 0/19/9. Bought piece goods, clasp knife, thread,
and buttons for a total of 3/12/6. Paid in cash in 1777.

HENRY, John (1765 to 23 Feb 1771)
Ledger C Balance plus interest 0/16/10. Bought rum, tacks and spectacles for

a total of 0/19/7 in 1767 and 1768. Paid in cash in 1771.
List of Debts owed to Robert Handy Estate: Sarah HENREY

>From a store ledger:

A significant match for your Hugh Henry is the following person:

I2b1 Group 2 D

#N80966 D. A. Henry

George Henry b. before 1765 d.19 August 1803 Little Creek Hundred, Sussex Co
DE m. Molley Unknown
Luther W. Henry b. 16 January 1823 d. 28 December 1894 Laurel, Sussex Co DE
m. Mary M. Cordry
John Henry, b. 1783, Sussex Co., DE, m. Rebecca Unknown c. 1809, d. c.
Little Creek Hundred, Sussex Co., DE
James Albert Henry b.20 November 1849 Laurel, Sussex Co DE d. 28 February
1928 Laurel, DE m. Margret J. Owens
Dyson Albert Henry b.23 December 1873 Laurel, DE d. 22 April 1950 Malvern,
Chester Co PA m. Mattie E. Burford
Granville Bacon Henry b. 13 December 1911 Rehoboth, DE d.30 April 1997,
Malvern, Chester Co., PA m. Ann E. Pollander
D. A. Henry

In comparing Y-DNA 37 marker results, the probability that Mr. Don Allen
Henry and David Henry shared a common ancestor within the last...

1273.06% 300 years
2096.10% 400 years

Hugh Henry who came from Somerset MD (apparently) with the Donelsons in 1744
to Pittsylvania Co Va and the George Henry born before 1768 share a common
ancestor probably in the early 1600s in Scotland.

Doris Noland Parton
Co-administrator Henry Surname YDNA Project

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I have Hugh Henry died before July 1808 in Robertson County, Tennessee

He married Mary Donelson born 1720 Snow Hill, Maryland died 1810, Robertson
County, Tennessee

Their son David was born February 11, 1753 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
died October 14, 1846 in Robertson County, Tennessee

Married Pricilla Earhart born December 23, 1761 Lincoln County, North
Carolina died July 11, 1840 Robertson County, Tennessee.

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