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Mingo Genealogy

Elijah Hensley

Elijah Hensley Sr.
was Born: 1793 in: Hawkins Co. TN. Died: 1879 in: Martin County Ky. Occupation: Farmer.
Father and Mother unknown.

The Society of the War of 1812 of Maryland was organized on September 14, 1814. The Society was originally known as the "Defenders of Baltimore."

War of 1812, the Declaration of Elijah Hensley was held July 3 1871, Elijah, a resident of the Sandy River area, in Logan County West Virginia, was 77
years old, His address was War field WVa. Elijah was drafted at Cable County Courthouse in 1814; he was discharged September 1815. Elijah Hensley Sr. married four times, first to Polly Giddens, daughter of Ruben Giddens, on October 25, 1818 in Floyd County Ky. Second to Elizabeth (Cox) Stotts, widow of John Stotts, March 13,1832. Third to Mahala Adams, About 1835, Mahala died 1869, in Logan County West Virginia Fourth to Mary Phillips Macmillan, on Aug. 8 1869, in Pike County Kentucky, she was 45 years old Elijah was 75. Elijah Hensley Sr., died 1879 in Martin Co. KY.
Elijah was on the 1820 census, Floyd Co. Ky. 1 male 16-25; 1 female 16-25.
Elijah was on the 1830 census, Pike Co. Ky. 1 male under 5; 1 male 5-10; 1Male 20-30; 1 female under 5; 1 female 20-30.
Elijah was on the 1850 census, Logan Co. WVa, family 428.
Elijah was on the 1860 census, Logan Co. WVa, family 698.
Elijah was on the 1870 census, Logan Co. WVa, family 183.
Elijah Hensley was involved in a chancery suit in which Elijah was Plaintiff and the hairs of Stephen
Hensley were defendants. All the records of the suit are lost except the deeds made as a result of it. These deeds were made in 1842 and the heirs named in them are Nancy, (this is Nancy Farley, daughter of Capt. Henry Farley) the Widow Farley, who had married Pyrrhus McGinnis, Pauline the wife of James Williams; Sarah, the wife of William Hatfield; and Stephen Hensley Jr. Mr. Olafson who researched the Stephen Hensley family In 1939 states that he had been told that Stephen Hensley Sr. had been married before, and that their were children from this marriage, among whom was one named Brewster, and possibly the Elijah mentioned in the Suit. However he states that he had not been able to verity this.

Wife: Polly Giddens Married: 25 Oct. 1818 in: Floyd Co. Ky. Died: 1831 Polly was the daughter of Ruben Giddens, who traveled to Illinois with James Hensley Sr.

1 Abraham Hensley Born: 1825 Died: from injuries received in: Civil War. Occupation: Farmer, Spouse: Jane Ball Married: 28 Dec 1848 in: Pike Co. Ky.

2 Arron Hensley Born: 1829 in: Va. Died: before 1870 in: Martin Co. Ky. Occupation: Farmer, Spouse: Martha "Patsy" Ball Married: 28 Dec 1848 in: Floyd Co. Ky.

Marinda Evans Hensley daughter of John Morgan Evans & Rebecca Dempsey born July 24 1915 told the following story.
Family legend has it that Arron and Abraham were both Civil War soldiers, they were taken prisoner
and put into a" Bull Pin", the only food available for the prisoners was pumpkin. Arron who had been
wounded, returned home after the war, escorted by a Medic named J.W. Johnson. After the death of Arron, his widow Martha "Patsy" Ball married Mr. Johnson and had a large family. According to a direct dicendant of Abraham, (Russell Hensley) stated that his great-grandfather Abraham Hensley lived through the Civil War, but died on his way home at Point Pleasant.

There existed more than 150 military prisons, stockades, camps, and pens on both sides during the War; very little is known of life and conditions in most of them. Adj. Gen. F.C. Ainsworth estimated to James Ford Rhodes in 1903 that 193,750 Northerners & 215,000 Southerners were captured and confined.
More than 30,000 Union and 26,000 Confederate prisoners died in captivity which equals 12% in the
North and 15.5% in the South). Rhodes commented that there * should * have been a * much * greater disparity, in favor of the North, given the superior physicians, hospitals, medicines, and food supply in the North...

3 Samuel D. Hensley born: 1831 n: Logan Co. WVa. Occupation: Farmer Spouse: Maranda Ball Married: 18 Mar 1857 in: Pike Co. Ky.

4 William C. Hensley Born: 1833 in: Logan Co. WVa. Spouse: Jane "Jennie" Parsley Married: 27 May 1855 in: Logan Co. WVa.

5 Susannah Hensley Born: 1834 in: Logan Co. WVa. Spouse: William Ball married: 19 May 1854 in: Logan Co. WVa.

6 Melinda Hensley Born: 1836 n: Logan Co. WVa. Spouse: L. B. Farmer

7 Sarah J. (Sally) Hensley Born: 1839 in: Logan Co. WVa. Spouse: Martin Ball Married 21 Aug. 1857 in: Logan Co. WVa.

8 Elizabeth Hensley Born: 1841 in: Logan Co. WVa. Spouse: William Parsley Married: 14 Feb. 1856 in: Logan Co. WVa.

9 Mary Hensley Born: 1844. Died: 10 Sept. 1857
Mary was on the 1850 Census, Logan Co. WVa. Family 428

10 Elijah Hensley Jr. Born: 22 Feb. 1847 in: Logan Co. WVa. Married 1: Margaret Whit, Married 2: Rebecca Jackson Married 3 Florence Frances.
Elijah was on the 1850 census, Logan Co. WVa, Family 428.
Elijah was on the 1860 census, Logan Co. WVa. Family 698.
Elijah Hensley, Jr., enlisted in Co., 1, 39th Ky. Mtd. at the age of 15, he became a Corp.; and was wounded in the leg by gunshot at Saltville, Va. He lost his leg 2- Oct.- 1864. Elijah was taken prisoner on field and sent to Richmond, where he was held for 5 months and 3 days. He took part in engagements at Prestonburg, Mt. Sterling, Saltville, Cynthia, and others. He was discharged at Camp Chase, OH. 20- Jun- 1865.
Camp Chase (OH) Military Prison, 1861-1865 training camp west of Columbus, converted to a prison camp. About 8,000 prisoners in mid - 1863. One captive officer described the place, as being so filthy that no self-respecting Tennessee farmer would house his pigs there.
Elijah was elected assessor of Logan Co. WVa. in 1882 for four years. He also served as Justice of Peace and Deputy Clerk for four years.Elijah was a member of the Methodist - Episcopal Church. His address was Inez, Ky.

11 James R. Hensley Born: 1850 n: Logan Co. WVa.

12 Green A. Hensley Born: 1853 in Logan Co. WVa.

13 Allen T. Hensley Born: 1858 in: Logan Co. WVa. Spouse: Mary Jane Stepp Married: 23 June 1881 in:
Martin Co. Ky.

Arron Hensley /Son of Elijah Henskey Sr.
Born: 1829 in: Va. Died: Before 1870 in: Martin Co.
Ky. Occupation: Farmer. Father: Elijah Hensley Sr.
Mother: Polly Giddens

Wife: Martha "Patsy" Ball Married: 28 Dec 1848 in:
Floyd Co. Ky. Born: Feb. 1828 in: Ky. Father: Moses Ball Mother: Elizabeth (Betty) Maynard
1 Elizabeth Hensley Born: Oct. 1849 in: Martin Co.
Ky. Died: in: Martin Co. Ky. Buried: Long Branch
in: Martin Co. Ky. Spouse: Wainright Evans Married: 16 July 1871 in: Martin Co. Ky.

2 Judith Hensley Born: Aug. 1857 in: Martin Co. Ky. Spouse: Marion Harden Married: 21 Oct. 1876 in: Martin Co. Ky.
3 Elijah Hensley Born: 1851 in: Martin Co. Ky.
Spouse 1: Malinda

4 Mahala Hensley Born: Jul. 1853 in: Martin Co. Ky. Spouse: David Murphy

5 Moses Hensley Born: 1855 in: Martin Co. Ky.

6 Mary Jane Hensley Born: 1857 on Long Branch, in Martin Co. Ky. Spouse: Hensley Wesley Evans Married: 3 Nov. 1874 in: Martin Co. Ky.

7 Rachel Hensley Born: 1864 in: Pike Co. Ky. Died: in: Martin Co. Ky. Spouse: John B. Bailey Married: 23 Jul. 1881 in: Martin Co. Ky.

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