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From: "Leon Stevens" <>
Subject: Re: Snarski/Snarsky
Date: Tue, 05 Mar 2002 11:51:54 -0500

In 1762 Jacek Snarski acquired the estates of Wagry and Strzeboszewice in Mazowsze. In 1837 his grandsons Andrzej and Wiktor the sons of Tomasz proved noble descent. In 1806 Michal Mateusz was the owner of Maliszow near Radom. He proved noble descent along with Antoni Fabian and Bonawentura Aleksy. Also proving noble descent in 1836 were Jozef Wladyslaw and Anna Marianna (whose son Bartlomiej inherited Boguslawki Stare and Zablocie near Rawa.) They all sealed with the Murdelio arms. Here it is helpful to point out that Tatar families frequently named their coats of arms (property signs) after similar Polish arms, regardless of having had no historical relationship with the families of those clans. The Murdelio charge is a very simple common tamga. Murdelio might easily have been dubbed a "variant" of Szeliga, Nowina, Ratult, Trzaska etc. No medieval seal nor court record describing the Murdelio arms survives. By the way, Anna Marianna married Stefan Adam Chojnacki o!
f the Trzaska arms.

>>> "David Zincavage" <> 05/23/00 12:40PM >>>
Kasprzycki gives:

Arms unknown, recorded 1700; From Soroktartary in the district of Trock
[Trakai]. An Islamic Tartar family.
-source: Dziadulewicz.

which implies that Dziadulewicz is the only source.

There is also:

Arms Murdelio, recorded 1550; from Snarski in the district of Dzisna [w, of
Polotsk] and from Opoczyn [w. of Sandomierz].
-Niesiecki, Bokowski, Krasicki, Heraldic Office of the Congress Kingdom.

Snarsky would be an American spelling.

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> Might someone have a source, which discloses arms for this family?
Dziadulewicz offers a tiny blurb of information about this Lithuanian Tatar
family, but provides no heraldic information. A certain Snarski is listed
as a candidate for deputy from Livonia sponsored by Prince Adam Poninski, in
the record of the 1793 Grodno Sejm.

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