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Subject: [HERRING] Herrin genealogy
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 08:20:22 EDT


This is an edited version of a letter I sent to Barbara Purdum…

The author of the Long Grey Trail is Chrisman. It was printed back around 1900 and is available as a bound photocopy from publishers of historical material. It is about the family of Abraham Lincoln… the Cravens, Harrisons and the Herrings for the most part… a very large and definitive book on the Shenanandoah Valley.

It is so easy to get the many Herring families mixed up. In Augusta Co. alone in that same time period was Alexander's line and the line of the teacher William Herron of Ireland. I have records where Alexander Herring of Augusta [a son] went to Green Co., KY then to Clermont Co., OH. His son was Alexander Herring, Jr. This was in the early 1800s. Pulaski Co., my home county, was at one time part of Green, but my family is likely of the NC Herring line of John and Marjory.

I just ran across some interesting information on Isaac Herring of Culpeper Co., VA as well. His ancestor, Isaac, was with my Van Hoecks in Monmouth Co., NJ where Isaac Herin was a town clerk. What's more the Herrings and Van Hoecks intermarried back around 1700 in what is now New York. To complicate things, my father married Lela Van Hook in Pulaski Co. and their ancestors were both there and went to church together since before 1800. However, I see no connection between Isaac Herin of Culper Co. and my Herrins of Pulaski Co…. just one of the many coincidences!

Willam Herring of Orange Co., VA went to Orange Co., NC. He was there a short while when he went to Wilkes Co., NC. This is the William that married Mary Stodghill aka Stockstell/Stockwell'Stogsdill, etc. My ancestor, Shadrack Herrin(g) was very close to the Stocksedell/Stogsdill family in 1790s Rowan Co., NC and went to Clark CO., KY in 1792/3 with them and to Pulaski Co.,m KY in 1799. Again… I have no connection between my Shadrack Herring and William and Mary Herring other than the common name Stocksdell. The Hearnes [some known as Herrins] of Rowan Co., NC came from Somerset CO., MD where the Stocksdells were in the 1600s. Another coincidence!

Dennis Hearne b ca 1731 of Southampton Co., VA was likely from Middlesex Co., VA. He traveled to Edgecombe Co., NC and on to Orange Co., NC [Dennis Hern] then to Rutherford Co. He ended up in Lincoln Col., KY [adjacent to Pulaski Co.] as Dennis Herrin and his son was named Washington Herring. This Hearne name became Herring in one generation. Again… no known connection to my family in neighboring Pulaski Co. although several of my early Herrin relatives married in Lincoln Co.

I believe that the Hern family of Sussex Co., VA was related to the Hearne family of Middlesex Co., VA of the 1700 time period, and that both were part of the Isle of Wight John and Marjory Herring family. Christ Church records list Herns/Hearnes/Herrings as different spellings of the same name.

Back to Isaac of Culpeper Co.

His son was William Herrin of Hampshire Co. WV who served with George Rogers Clark in Kentucky. Most descendents of other William Herrins claim this distinction, but he is the one!

William refers in his will to his brother Isaac and nephew George in Kentucky. You can find Isaac Hern with son George Hern in 1850 Union Co., KY census.

The Van Hook family of Pulaski who came from Caswell Co., NC thru Russell CO., VA was from Hopewell, NJ. Lawrence Van Hoeck was an acquaintance of old Isaac Herin there in 1733.

Back in New York a Ari Herring married a Van Hoeck and Benjamin Herring married a Van Hoeck. A Benjamin herring was an immigrant to this area I say without referring to my documentation.

Isaac Herrin refers to the wagon trail he came to Culpeper Co. VA from. I had assumed it was from Maryland, but I'm glasd to see it was from New Jersey. It makes more sense.

He is the one and the same who married Mrs. Simspon when he was over 100 years old.

I believe he may be the one [or a son] who married Hannah Montague?

I can go on and on, but I need to keep focused on specific questions.

Larry Herrin

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