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<< Does anyone know anything about the BLUMENSHINE family that lived in
Hesse-Darmstadt? My ancestor, Peter, came to the US in c1854 >>

There are Blumenschein families in the area of Brensbach/Wersau (Odenwald)
that may be what you're loooking for. The name Peter seems to run in the

>From "Familienbuch Wersau/Odenwald mit Bierbach 1640-1807" by Karl

Family #53: Blumenschein, J. Nicolaus aus Brensbach; [wife] Speckhard, A.
Catharina, born 31.12.1777, Vater J. Georg Speckhard [there's more on this
family if you want it]; married 10.05.1797 [in Wersau]. Kinder: 1. J.
Philipp, born 27.03.1798, buried 15.01.1802; 2. Carl, born 04.08.1800, died
07.09.1800; 3. A. Catharina, born 04.09.1801; 4. Eva Elisabetha, born
29.12.1803, died 13.08.1845; 5. Elisabetha Catharina, born 20.02.1806; 6.
Margretha Elisabetha, born 22.12.1807, died 1813.

Family #518: Weydmann, J. Peter, Gerichtschöffe, Kirchenältester,
Kastenmeister, born 23.12.1747, died 06.07.1804, Vater J. Adam Weydmann.
Married 19.01.1769 in Wersau, Eva Elisabetha Blumenschein, b 28.10.1746 in
NiederKainsbach, d 23.04.1810, Vater J. Peter Blumenschein of
NiederKainsbach. A list of their children follows.

Family #523: Weidmann, Adam, born 16.09.1778, Vater Peter Weidmann (family
#518); married 22.03.1804 in Wersau, Elisabetha Blumenschein, Vater J.
Blumenschein of NiederKainsbach. Their children are listed.

>From "Brensbacher und Niederkainsbacher Familien-Buch, 1655 bis 1732" by Karl

Family #64: Eisenhauer, Sebastian, angelobt Niederkainsbach 10.11.1685,
christened in Bockenrod 25.06.1643, buried 06.06.1701, Vater J. Eisenhauer,
Untergersprenz. Married 11.07.1667 in Reichelsheim, Barbara Blumenschein,
christened 19.11.1643 in Fronhofen, Vater Peter Blumenschein of Fronhofen.
Thier children are listed.

Family #134: Haschart, J., angelobt Brensbach 10.12.1666, died 10.11.1681,
Vater Martin Haschart of Brensbach. Married 07.06.1666 in Brensbach,
Margretha Blumenschein, christened in Reichelsheim 05.07.1646, died
06.01.1690, Vater J. Blumenschein of Reichelsheim. Thier children are listed.

Family #222: Lang, Nicolaus, Schuhmacher, angelobt Brensbach 02.09.1679;
married before 1680 in Brensbach, Anna --, who was buried 11.02.1694. Their
children are listed. Nicolaus married secondly 20.02.1696 in Reichelsheim,
Sus. Blumenschein, born 26.09.1667 in Fronhofen, buried 16.04.1703, Vater
Peter Blumenschein of Fronhofen. Their children are listed.

Family #318: Schimpf, Martin, Vater Reinhard Schimpf of Gross Bieberau.
Married 16.05.1682 in Brensbach to Margretha Blumenschein, christened
05.07.1646 in Reichelsheim, died 06.01.1690, Vater J. Blumenschein of
Reichelsheim, widow of J. Haschart, family #134.

Family #172: Child of J. Philipp Hübner of Niederkainsbach and wife A. Maria
Elisabetha Catharina, born 14.08.1725, married 25.02.1743 in Reichelsheim, J.
Peter Blumenschein.

Family #227: child of J. Heinrich Lehr of Brensbach and wife A. Justina Rutz:
A. Margretha, b 08.10.1707, married 31.08.1724 in Reichelsheim, J. Philipp

Family #227 is mine, and I'd be very interested if you find any connection.
At least, this gives you a bunch of stuff to check out. Unfortunately, the
above Brensbach FB book doesn't extend to the time period you are interested
in, but the information is all there in the church records on film. I have
one of the films from the FHL (#1190544) at my FHC--it contains these earlier
records. The other one that has later records is available for loan.

Dona Ritchie

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