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Subject: Re: Robt Hicks of Granville CO NC baptised in 1713
Date: 20 Dec 2005 05:28:25 -0700

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Surnames: Hicks, Doughty, Luton, Willis
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Hi Debra and Larry - in your string of posts, you have brought up several of the difficulties concerning the names Robert, John, and Samuel Hicks. I have a few comments about these people, but as you are discovering, a lot of careful research is still required before we all have a trustworthy description of all the families involved. Note any "facts" I state below are subject to verification. My info has come from many sources including Carol Morrison, Wayne Beeler, early records of Chowan Co. NC and other areas (well-documented in a number of places), various internet genealogies (always a problem where accuracy is concerned), etc. I haven't done exhaustive research on these lines, although that is a goal of mine.

I have 13 people named Robert Hicks born between 1580 and 1859 in the study database I use to try to track relationships, and I'm sure there are several others I could also add who belong to these various lines.

Concerning John Hicks, one of that name (who d. after Sep. 1728 in Surry Co. VA and was prob. born there as well) mar. Rebecca Rives and had 6 ch., including a son Robert who mar. Mary unk. This John Hicks was the son of a Robert Hicks Sr. and Winifred Evans, which couple also had a son whom I call Capt. Robert Hicks, the Indian trader who mar. Frances House and had perhaps 11 children. Although Carol Morrison has said that Robert Sr. and Capt. Robert are the same person who mar. first Winifred Evans and then Francis (House), the website http://www.virginians.com mentions a patent in Charles City Co. VA which identifies Robert Sr. as a tailor, apparently to distinguish him from Capt. Robert who traded with the Indians. The records of this Surry/Brunswick Co. VA family require more study. Where Rebecca Rives is concerned, I have her as the dau. of Timothy Rives b. ca. 1670 probably in Surry Co. VA (mar. Judith unk.), son of William Rives Sr.b. 1636 in England (mar. Elizabe!
th unk.), son of Timothy Rives d. Sep 1643 in England (mar. Elizabeth unk.) - I believe this line was from http://users.erols.com/someday/rives.html and possibly from the data of J. Rives Childs, author of Reliques of the Rives.

Another John Hicks (b. 1679, d. ca. 1730) mar. Eleanor Butler (whose maiden name may have been Ellison, not Butler) and had ch. including the Robert Hicks who was baptized in NY in 1713, mar. Sarah Revis (Reavis/Reeves/etc. - another very confusing surname), and raised a large family in Granville Co. NC; this is the Hicks-Doughty line of Hempstead, NY.

I don't think either of the above John Hicks families have been connected to the Robert Hicks of Edenton and Sandy Point, Chowan Co. NC; this Robert was the precinct registrar of Chowan Co. NC and does appear on many deeds. He married Esther Luten and had two children, Thomas (b. ca. 1710, mar. Elizabeth Jordan; this is my line) and Mary (mar. Daniel Halsey). I placed the marriage of Robert Hicks and Esther Luten about 1686 in Chowan Co. NC and believe that Esther was one of the oldest children of Maj. Thomas Luten (and Mary Currier?). Esther Luten was probably b. ca. 1673 and still alive in 1754. I saw Larry's mention of Africa McGregory d. 1711 as the first wife of this Robert Hicks, but I have no info on her or any children she may have had and have not yet studied this possibility. But note that this Robert Hicks left a will in Chowan Co. NC dated 25 Nov 1733 which was probated January 1734, so I don't believe he died in 1738 or 1739 as stated elsewhere, unless thes!
e will and probate dates have been given incorrectly (the ref. is NC Hist. and Gen. Register, v. I, p. 49; note that an abstract of this will in Boddie's Historical Southern Families v. 5 is partially incorrect). The descendants of this Robert's son Thomas Hicks include the Hicks families of Montgomery Co. NC and Hickman Co. TN, and most of the Hicks families of Fayette Co. IL and Carroll Co. TN (18th district, not those in the 8th district). This line is connected to Jordan and Butler families in several different generations.

The Samuel Hicks mentioned by Debra is prob. the one who mar. Diana Willis; her surname Willis is used as a given name in subsequent generations of Samuel's line, so you can generally be confident that anyone named Willis Hicks is a descendant; people named Bishop Hicks are also usually descendants of this Samuel. I have seen much data on this Granville Co. NC family, but have not added them to my database. Some of their descendants include some of the Hicks family of Carroll Co. TN (those in the 8th district, but not the ones in the 18th district who are allied with the Butler families).

My overall view of all these lines is that earlier researchers have sometimes mixed up different people of the same name (especially Robert), sometimes applying data to a single person which actually applies to more than one person, and also perhaps creating two people when there really may have been only one. I have to remember that data which does not reference original records may be inaccurate or even fictional; Abstracts of wills, deeds, etc. which may also be incomplete or inaccurate. Even transcriptions which are supposed to be word-for-word can't really be trusted, if you want to be absolutely certain. At the same time, much good work has already been done and provides a great basis for further research.

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