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Subject: [HIGHTOWER-L] Indian Connection
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 19:50:24 -0500

Please note I am an amateur! I may have errors but....This is a loose connection but one I have tentatively made:

Louisa Adeline Payne, b. April 25, 1858 Monroe County, TN, married William Thomas Hightower, b. December 12, 1854 in Monroe County, TN. She was the daughter of George Washington Payne, born in Franklin County, Georgia and Nancy Hooper. George Washington Payne was the son of John Carroll Payne b. 1795 in Georgia and married to Jane Walls b. 1796 in Habersham County, Georgia. Jane Walls was the daughter of Henry Walls and Susie Bigby born in the East Cherokee Nation. Susie Bigby was the daughter of James Bigby and Catherine Foreman. For Jane Walls, I have the following quote from a Genforum post:

"Susie Bigby was the great grandchild of Chief Broom a Cherokee Chief on her mothers side of the family." Genforum, Feb 28, 2000.

I contacted the person who posted the info and this is the info I received:

>From CHEROKEE BY BLOOD. Benjamin F. Payne. MISC TEST p. 557 (found in vol.
2 after #5450)
My name is Benjamin F. Payne. I am 77 years old. I was born in Monroe Co.,
and have always lived here. I knew Allen F. Graves (#16361), also Calvin C.
Linderman (#35631). Calvin C. Linderman and Allen F. Graves are cousins and
I am the uncle of both. Allen Graves claimed Indian blood through his mother
Mahala M. Newman before marriage. Charlotte Payne was the grandmother of
Allen Graves and she was my sister. Mahala Payne was the daughter of Sim
Newman who married Charlotte Payne. I claim my Indian blood through my
mother, Jane Payne, who was a Walls before marriage. My mother was born in
Habersham Co. GA. I have heard her say that she was 67 years old before she
died in 1863. She was married in 1811. In 1835 her name was Payne. She was
living in Monroe Co. Tenn. in 1835, and in 1851 she was living in the 5th
district of Cherokee Co. N.C. I reckon she was about three-fourths Indian.
My father bit off Sol Leaves ear in about 1834 and as this was a penitentiary
offence he led a secluded life for some time. My mother was living in Battle
Creek Monroe Co. She stayed at home with the family. They had the idea that
they would have to be moved west if they enrolled and she did not care to do
that while my father was gone. In 1851 he lived in Cherokee County. I never
heard any reason why they were not enrolled in 1851. It had been so long
before the Indians were paid off. I did not make a claim to payment in 1851.
My mother did not make any claim to payment. SIGNED Benjamin "X"F. Payne,
Madisonville, Tenn. Jun 26, 1908.

William Thomas Hightower was the son of John Hightower and Clarissa Selvidge, son of William Hightower and Rebecca Daugherty, son of George Washington Hightower and Elvania Magnolia Smith, son of John H.T. Hightower and Mary Jane Hawkins, son of William Calvin Hightower and Margaret Jane Melxina Hammontree. After that, we can only make some guesses.

Sue Prince

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