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From: "Darrell Jackson" <>
Subject: [HIGHTOWER-L] Roll Call
Date: Sat, 9 Mar 2002 18:25:59 -0800

Hi List,

Following in my Hightower lineage as of now. It, like most family histories, it is a work in progress and is open for corrections and additions. Please contact me if you have any information. Be sure to read the notes at the end of this list for some highlights.

1.Thomas Hightower 1765 & Nancy Mason 1775, SC, 9 kids.

2. Barksdale Hightower or
3. Nathanial Barksdale Hightower, 1818, SC & Cassandra Francis, 1810, NC 13 Kids. Note 1 and Note 2

4. William Hightower, 1841, Jefferson Co, TN & (1) Rachel Holt(z), 1842? TN? (2) Nancy Johnson, 0 kids, (3) Mary Johnson, 0 kids

5. William Hightower, 1870, Anderson Co, TN & (1) Martha Herrell, 1877, TN, 6 kids, (2) Dora Dove, 3 kids. Note 3

6. Cassie Mae Hightower, 1895, Campbell Co, TN & (l) Frank Rodgers, 1893, KY, 4 kids (2) Monroe Farrow? (3) Edgar Peters, 4 kids

7. Edith Geneve Rodgers, 1918 WV and Noble Herman Jackson, 1915, AR 3 kids

Darrell H. Jackson

Note 1: Barksdale Hightower was the father of the heads of all Hightower households that are listed in the 1880 Anderson Co, TN Census. Including his there were 6 households headed by Hightowers/Heightours; Barksdale, William, John, Lee (Leander), Tip (Tipton) and A. (Ananias). Also shown in this census in other households: Casey (Cassandra) and Susan in his household, William, living in the Wiley Smith house hold and finally, Jno (Jonathan living in the H. H. Wiley household.

Note 2: Barksdale Hightower’s great grandson John Murmann Hightower (son of James Edward Hightower and Mary Elizabeth Murmann) was the recipient of the 1952 Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting while working for the AP's Washington Bureau.

Note 3: William Hightower, my great grandfather was a mine union president, who was tried, convicted and imprisoned for 3 years for “conspiracy to murder” in 1n 1931. This was during the Harlan Co, KY mine wars and led to that county being known as “Bloody Harlan”. During my research I have found data that give birth dates ranging from 1854 to 1871. A preponderance of the evidence indicates that 1870 is the correct date.

Lakewood, Washington

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