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Subject: [HILL-L] James HILL/Margaret MIDDLETON (Rutherford Co. NC 1790)
Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 07:37:36 EDT

Seeking help on the lineage of James HILL (below). There are several strong
opinions on this line, but I am seeking the advice of anyone who believes
they have the nearest to proven lineage. Possibly I have two lines
co-mingled. There seems to be questionable relationships between the
children as listed below and the parents. Can anyone comment on this for me?
If the lineage is wrong, I am baffled by the fact that a child of John HILL2
is named Burrell HILL, and a child of Burrell HILL2 is named Middleton HILL
(obviously pointing back to the Margaret Middleton), yet there are so many
conflicting opinions among the researchers of this line, including data that
conflicts with DAR records (not unusual I know). Can anyone lead me to the
person who is the most knowledgeable of the line?

Generation One

1. James1 Hill; born Jun 1, 1743 at Surry Co., VA; married Margaret
Jane Middleton circa 1762 at Anson Co., NC; died circa 1833 at Rutherford
Co., NC.
He lived before 1761 at Sussex Co., VA. He appeared on the census of
between 1790 and 1830 at Rutherford Co., NC.

Children of James1 Hill and Margaret Jane Middleton may have been as
+ 2 i.George2 Hill, born circa 1762 at NC; married (--?--)
Waggoner; married Alice Ashworth.
+ 3 ii.Abel Hill, born circa 1762 at NC; married Elizabeth
+ 4 iii.Reuben Hill, born 1764 at York Dist., SC; married
Margaret Brien.
+ 5 iv.John Hill, born circa 1766 at York Co., SC; married
Rebecca Cooper.
+ 6 v.James Hill II, born circa 1768 at NC; married Jean
(Jane) Robinson; married Priscilla Ryals.
+ 7 vi.Burrell Hill, born circa 1770 at NC; married Rachel
8 vii.Elizabeth Hill; married Robert Hill, son of Charles
Hill; born circa 1772 at NC.
9viii.Richard Hill; born 1774; married Margaret Irvine
10 ix.Henry Hill; born 1776 at NC; married Susanna Rich
Dec 1, 1801.
11 x.Mary Hill; born circa 1781 at NC; married John Rich
Nov 10, 1801.

Generation Two

2. George2 Hill (James1); born circa 1762 at NC; married (--?--)
Waggoner, daughter of John Waggoner I, before 1784; Questionable marriage;
married Alice Ashworth, daughter of John Ashworth and Ann (--?--), 1784;
died 1838 at Pickens Co., SC; Note that will was dated May 13, 1824, proven
July 23, 1834.
He was said to have had all children listed by one source, yet will
abstract only lists four. Will was witnessed by Roswell Hill (no further
info). ,

There were no children of George2 Hill and (--?--) Waggoner.

Children of George2 Hill and Alice Ashworth were as follows:
12 i.Mary3 Hill; born 1785.
13 ii.Margaret Hill; born 1787.
14 iii.Elizabeth Hill; born 1789.
15 iv.Susan Hill; born 1791.
16 v.Malinda Hill; married Moses Hendricks; born 1793.
17 vi.Abel Hill; born 1795.
18 vii.John Hill; born 1797; died 1814.
19viii.Asaph Hill; born 1797.
20 ix.Lewis Hill; born 1799.
21 x.Rachel Hill; born 1804.
22 xi.James Hill; born 1807.
23 xii.(--?--) Hill.
24xiii.(--?--) Hill.
25 xiv.(--?--) Hill.

3. Abel2 Hill (James1); born circa 1762 at NC; married Elizabeth
Waggoner, daughter of John Waggoner and Margaret McLain, 1782; died 1803 at
Pendleton Dist., SC.
He left a will on Jul 18, 1799 at Pendleton Co., SC; WILL OF ABEL HILL -
pp 33-35
Pendleton, a farmer, Every one of my living children. Sons and
daughters of my loving wife Elizabeth to have 5 shillings. To
son James lands and negroes. Son Ruben (?) Hill and Wife
Elizabeth Hill executors.
Dated 18 July 1799.
Wit.: Thomas Cureton (Signed) Abel (X) Hill
Mary (X) Cureton
Rachel (X) Harkens
Proven 15 Mar. 1803. Elizabeth qualified as executor 26 Mar. 1803.

The above published in the book "Pendleton District and Anderson County,
South Carolina Wills, Estates, and Legal Records" by
Alexander, Elliott, Willie. Published by Southern Historical Press,
Inc., PO Box 1267, Greenville, SC 29602. Second Printing: 1994.

This should establish the relationship of Ruben as the son of
Abel Hill as well as other documentation.

Children of Abel2 Hill and Elizabeth Waggoner were as follows:
26 i.Margaret3 Hill; born 1782.
27 ii.Morning (Mona) Hill; born 1784; died 1861.
28 iii.James Hill; born 1786.
29 iv.Richard Hill; born 1788.
30 v.George Hill; born 1790.
31 vi.Asaph Hill; born 1792.
32 vii.John Hill; born 1796.
33viii.Reuben Hill; born 1798.
34 ix.Charles Hill; born 1800.

4. Reuben2 Hill (James1); born 1764 at York Dist., SC; married
Margaret Brien Feb 7, 1791 at Rutherford Co., NC; died 1858 at Dawson Co.,
He was Baptist. He lived in 1790 at Rutherford Co., NC.

Children of Reuben2 Hill and Margaret Brien were as follows:
35 i.William3 Hill; born 1792; died 1860.
36 ii.Abel Hill; born 1793; died 1883.
37 iii.David Hill; born 1795; died 1885.
38 iv.James Hill; born 1797.
39 v.Arabella Hill; born 1798; died 1879.
40 vi.John Hill; born 1800.
41 vii.Margaret Hill; born 1802.
42viii.Asaph Hill; born 1803; died 1859.
43 ix.Reuben Hill II; born 1805.
44 x.Belariah Hill; born 1807.
45 xi.Patricia Hill; born 1809.
46 xii.Scotland Hill; born 1811.
47xiii.Delilah Hill; born 1812.
48 xiv.Martha Hill; born 1814.
49 xv.Richard Hill; born 1816.

5. John2 Hill (James1); born circa 1766 at York Co., SC; married
Rebecca Cooper circa 1788; Questionable marriage. Unproven; died 1795 at
Rutherford Co., NC.
He appeared on the census of 1790 at Morgan District, Rutherford Co.,
NC. He was said to have had several brothers in the area, but they moved to
SC after 1794. It is thought that John's own family was wiped out by an
epidemic except for infant Burrell, who was taken to KY by the Waggoner
family before 1794 at Rutherford Co., NC.

Children of John2 Hill and Rebecca Cooper were as follows:
50 i.(--?--)3 Hill.
51 ii.Burrell Hill; born 1793.

6. James2 Hill II (James1); born circa 1768 at NC; married Jean (Jane)
Robinson Jul 6, 1789 at Lincoln Co., NC; married Priscilla Ryals 1790 at
Rutherford Co., NC; died circa 1800 at Rutherford Co., NC.

There were no children of James2 Hill II and Jean (Jane) Robinson.

Children of James2 Hill II and Priscilla Ryals were as follows:
52 i.Alexander3 Hill; born 1790.
53 ii.John Hill; born 1792.
54 iii.Ryall Hill; born 1794.
55 iv.Charles Hill; born circa 1796.
56 v.Sarah Hill; born 1798.
57 vi.James Hill III; born circa 1800; died 1867.
58 vii.Jeremiah Hill; born 1809.

7. Burrell2 Hill (James1); born circa 1770 at NC; married Rachel Hill,
daughter of Charles Hill, Oct 2, 1788; died circa 1840 at IL.

Children of Burrell2 Hill and Rachel Hill were as follows:
59 i.John3 Hill.
60 ii.Nathan Hill.
61 iii.William H. Hill.
62 iv.Middleton Hill.
63 v.Green Hill.
64 vi.James Hill.
65 vii.Joseph Hill.
66viii.Ephrain Hill.
67 ix.Robert Hill.

Printed on: May 13, 1999
Prepared by: Byron HILL


Ancestral File. unknown repository, unknown repository address, 1947.

unknown author. The Family and Descendants of Burrell Hill and Sarah Pruitt,
Western Kentucky Pioneers.. Houston, TX: Jerry D. Hill and T.R. Howard,
November 1993.

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