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From: Kenneth Hodge <>
Subject: Re: [HODGES-L] Pike Co., Ms., Hodges
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2001 06:14:03 -0500
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Hi Jane,

Range and Township maps are available in almost every county Tax Assessor's
office for a nominal (free to $1.00) fee. As a general guide, Range and
Township lines are about 6 miles apart and the section is a square mile
(640 acres). This patent info shows that all these Hodges lived within 6
miles of each other and patented their land about the same time. It would
seem very odd if they weren't connected in some way. I agree that this is
not proof of their relationship but it gives enough info to trace the land
records. Land transfers within a family is considered proof.

Church members listed for Shady Grove, Pike Co., Ms. 1854-1860

Edmund Hodgesb. ca 1789 SC ? died 1/15/1857, committed suicide,
shooting himself in the side. [living alone in 1850 Pike Co.] [Edmund seems
to be a nephew of Drury and is probably a son of John Hodges of Greenville
Co., SC. Edmund had a brother, Isham, who lived in Covington Co., Ms. in
1820, Jones Co. in 1830, Jasper Co. in 1840 and again in Jones Co. in 1850.]
sp. Martha (Patsy) b. ca 1794 Ms. d. 1870 [living in 1860 Pike Co.
with Martha 31, Clarinda 23, Matilda 21, and Savilla (Lavilla?) 18, Next to
John C Hodges b. 1812 SC.
1Francisb. 1822
md. 12/1/1842
sp. Gabriel Nally Felder s/o John and Elizabeth (Sandell) Felder
John Smithb. 6/17/1845 d. 11/18/1932 [my notes indicate John was a son
of Wyatt Wesley?]
md. 12/24/1867
sp. Julia Huffman b. 6/26/1846 d. 10/5/1919 d/o John and Mary (Glass) Huffman
Ira L.b. 2/17/1847 d. 10/23/1925
sp. Mary Sophia Rollins b. 5/12/1851 d. 3/22/1870
sp. Virginia H. Kirk b. 5/28/1840 d. 5/9/1897
sp. Isabelle T. ? b. 8/28/1861 d. 2/7/1908

Murry G.b. 4/10/1856 d. 4//1932
sp. Mary C. Byrd 1859-1941
Ann F.b. ca 1867
Mary C.b. ca 1869

2SarahE. b. ca 1824
3Marthab. ca 1827 md. ? Warren
4Ishamb. ca 1831
5William W.b. ca 1833
6Corlinda (Clarinda) b. 9/4/1838 d. 7/20/1908 bur. Shady Grove
(McDonald Cem.)
sp. Ezekiel Busby s/o Ezekiel and Sarah Busby
7Matildab. 1839 d. ca 1881
8Lavillab. ca. 1841 d. 1883 bur. Shady Grove (McDonald Cem.)
sp. ? Coghlan
9??John Calloway.b. ca 1820?
sp. Martha Walker [ src. Magnolia, Ms. Cem. Record, Pike Co., Ms.]

1840 Pike census:
Edmond Hodges male 5-10=2, 50-60=1 female 0-5=2, 10-15=2, 15-20=1, 40-50=1

The 1820 census of Pike lists Drure (Drury) over 45, Edmund 26-45, Jesse
16-26, William 26-45 and Sidney (widow) 26-45.
The 1790 census of Greenville Co., SC lists John over 16, Drury over 16 and
Abel over 16.

Have you looked at the following Jesse? It seems he moved from Pike to
Copiah between 1820 and 1830.
Jesse N. Hodges b. 9/4/1797 S.C. Son of Drury Hodges ?
d. 7/21/1852 Dentville, Copiah Co., Ms.
m. ca 1822, S.C.
sp. Martha (Sullivan?) S.C. b. ? d. 4/24/1867 Dentville, Copiah Co., Ms.

Most of my notes on this family were written by an elderly gentleman many
years ago and they are difficult to decipher. If you can send me group
sheets for the ones you are tracing, I may be able to add to it.

Ken in Orlando

At 11:13 PM 03/16/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>WIlliam J. (Jackson) is the son of Amos. Delaney is Amos wife,
>presumably, though as yet unproven as far as I know, WJ's mother. Amos
>has a son John C., but he is too young to be this man, however the name
>similiarity, as well as the fact that Edmund, John C., Amos, and at least
>one of the Wiliam, and, I think, James, were all born in SC according to
>census records. If anyone can give more info to tie these men together I
>would be thrilled, we have been trying to place Amos with someone,
>(anyone!) for years. The 1820 census has a Drury Hodges, born SC, living
>nest door to Edmund, and a SIdney, who seems to vanish into thin air.
>Can anyone tell me where to get a map that would show how these land
>areas relate to each other?
>Jane (Hodges) Kuebler
>On Fri, 16 Mar 2001 19:06:28 -0500 Kenneth Hodge <> writes:
>> It seems that these Hodges were related since they patented land in
>> the
>> same proximity.
>> Land Patent Pike Co., Ms. [T5N is now in Lincoln Co.]
>> John F. Hodges - 5/25/1885 - T5N R8E [S25]
>> Edmund Hodges 11/19/1854
>> Edmund Hodges 2/1/1859 T4N R8E S1
>> Isham Russell Hodges 2/1/1859 T4N R8E S2
>> J.R. Hodges 10/18/1854 T4N R8E S2
>> Samuel J. Hodges 10/14/1854 T5N R6E
>> James W. Hodges 10/8/1854 T5N R7E
>> William R. Hodges 1/6/1854 T5N R7E
>> Amos Hodges 10/26/1854 T5N R8E [S28, S15]
>> William J. Hodges 2/23/1885 [1/23/1858, 12/14/1858] T5N R8E [S23,
>> S22, S15]
>> Delaney (Prestridge) Hodges 12/14/1858 T5N R8E S15
>> Edmond Hodges 11/18/1854 [3/2/1836] T5N R8E [S35, S36]
>> John C. (Calloway) Hodges 1/20/1845 [12/2/1853] T5N R9E S31 [R8E
>> S36]
>> Ken in Orlando
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