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Subject: RE: [HODGES-L] Hodges-DuBose
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003 19:10:38 -0500
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Hi Graham:

While I'm not familiar with the JONES families of your inquiry, we DO,
however, have a JONES family connection. There is no doubt the
connection is either thru the HODGES or the DuBOSE line as we know, from
our research, it isn't our Flemming line.

In one of the letters, dated 1839, Laird B. Flemming wrote to his
daughter Jane B. Flemming Buchanan he mentions that Uncle Abram Jones
died. Well I have placed Abram Jones in Conecuh County in 1830. There
is another Abram Jones residing in Greene County, AL, near the DuBose
cousins, children Isaac DuBose, son of Peter DuBose II and his wife
Sarah. In 1840 Abram Jones is no longer there, but there is, I seem to
recall, a Thomas Jones, which is most probably a son of Abram Jones.

An, thus far, the only HODGES line that I have seen that comes close to
matching the time and names is that of Henry Hodges (the one associated
with the Manner House), brother of Elias Hodges, d. 1767. Henry had
both a son named William Hodges that reportedly died in 1808 (although I
haven't seen any proof) and a daughter Elizabeth.

Peter Dubose II left a will in Baldwin County, GA, which is where his
son James DuBose lived. James DuBose m. 1783 Elizabeth Hodge(s). Peter
DuBose II (son of Peter I and Magdalene) identifies his daughter
Elizabeth as Elizabeth Hodges. The will is a most important piece of
documentation. It, together with the fact that James DuBose moved to
Conecuh County to reside very near Elias Hodges. He then married Dorcas
Redd and had two daughters. We know from one of Laird B. Fleming's
letter to daughter Jane that Aunt Darkiss DuBose married secondly, about
1838, Archibald Glidewell. That in February of 1839, Aunt Darkiss
DuBose gave birth to twins, on dead at birth, and the other shortly
thereafter. Archibald Glidewell was first married 6 October, 1808
Elizabeth Jones in Greene County, GA.

We also know that Elizabeth DuBose Hodges, wife of William ELIAS Hodges,
died in 1835. This bit of information is contained in two separate
letters to Wilson G. Buchanan. In a letter, dated 1835, Jane B.
Flemming wrote to Wilson G. Buchanan, before their marriage, she says"
Grandma Hodges is dead."

We also know from a letter that Jane received from a Miss Hodges (can't
recall her name off the top of my head and will have to dig it out) who
lived in Washington County, GA, that the Hodges of Washington County, GA
are related to the family of Elias Hodges I Conecuh County, AL who had
migrated from Jefferson County, GA.

Now, after looking back at my notes, Abel H. Hodges was born in 1773;
our Elias Hodges between 1760-1770. So it would appear that they are
either brothers or cousins. Something is rattling around in the back of
my head that Abel H. Hodges of Washington County, GA is connected to
Henry Hodges.

So, if we keep sharing information and peeling the layers we might find
the threads that tie our folks together.

Happy days to all.

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