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From: "Bob Hodges" <>
Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2010 12:11:05 -0400

Having been researching the family and descendants of Charles & Anne (_____) Hodge(s) of CT for over a decade, I would like to contribute to the understanding about Isaac Hodges, Sr. (b. 7 Jun 1729 in Lyme, CT), widely reported to be a son of Abraham Hodges & Abigail (Russell) Hodges. Abraham is listed as a son of Charles & Anne. I refer to this Isaac as Isaac (I) because he had a son and grandson of the same name.

The issue concerns the name of the wife of this Isaac. In online postings and elsewhere she had been referred to a Mary/Molly/Freelove and quite frequently as Mary Pratt. Below is evidence that there was indeed a Mary Pratt who married an Isaac Hodges of a similar birth date, but the problem is that it was not Isaac Hodges (I), son of Abraham and Abigail. The evidence appears in a published book about the Hodges (and Hodge) families of old from New England and elsewhere.*

This source provides the following information, "Isaac Hodges [son of Joseph, who was son of Henry, who was son of William] b. 1728/9 Feb. 4, Norton, Mass; d. 1807 March ___, Norton; m. 1750/1 Jan'y 31, Norton, Mary Pratt, dau. of Benjamin & Mary (Turner) Pratt of Norton, b. 1729 or 1730; d. 1814, Norton, aged 84." Their 10 children, all born in Norton, MA were listed as Isaac, Mary, Jesse, Isaac (the surviving one), Lucilda, Ranah, Anna, Darius, Rachel and Seth. It also provides the Rev. War service of this Isaac, in which he served as a Captain in the Bristol Co., MA Regiment in breaking the siege of Boston, and later in RI. He was subsequently promoted to a Lt. Col. There is no evidence that this family ever lived in NY State.

What we probably have here is that someone read somewhere that an Isaac Hodges of about the right age had married a Mary Pratt, and then presented it as fact without checking the accuracy. Subsequently, others then repeated the assertion without seeking evidence. Unless someone can present evidence to the contrary, we can conclude that Isaac Hodges (I), son of Abraham & Abigail was not married to Mary Pratt.

In a subsequent posting I plan to address the question of what was the name of the wife of our Isaac.

Bob Hodges


* Hodges, Almon D., Jr.; Genealogical Record of The Hodges Family of New England, Ending December 31, 1894. Third Ed., Printed by Frank H. Hodges, Boston, 1896, pp. 130 - 131. Book is shelved at the New England Historic Genealogical Society Library, Boston, MA. It or its earlier editions is reported to be available in e-Book files.

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