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From: "Michael G. McManness" <>
Subject: [Hofmann] RootsWeb's SPAM-L is back in operation
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 13:58:37 -0500

Hi Everyone,

I have been asked to post this information to the list(s). Thought you
might have an interest in this information. It is being posted to the
maillist for Colleen Pustola the SPAM-L maillist admin. Please direct your
questions to Colleen, .


Hi all,

Please forgive if you receive this message more than once. I'm trying
to reach as many people as possible.

Effective yesterday, I am now discussion coordinator for the SPAM list
at Rootsweb. This will be my primary list now to discuss Family
Discovery and their associate domains and any other of their ilk that
comes along to plague us! :) Also, any SPAM-related issue is
permitted for discussion.

Since many of you send my Family Discovery messages out to your
friends, relatives and lists, you might also want to let them know I'm
cranking this group up. It's one that's been on Rootsweb's books but
hasn't been used for years. I hope to make this list one that nobody
wants to miss out on.

To join, simply address a new email form to:

(for individual messages) OR
(for the digest)

Put the word subscribe in the top line of the body and mail it.

This list may be super quiet until Family Discovery (or anyone else)
decides to begin their onslaughts, or it may be high-trafficked. We
won't know until we all come together and see who's been receiving

I hope this finds each of you having a WONDERFUL week! :)



In response to the prime question newbies seem to have, Spam is your
e-mail inbox equivalent of junk mail. It can range from credit lines
being granted to you to the latest porn site to a supposed-genealogy
enterprise. In any case, they want your money ~ either by cash, check
or credit card.

We family historians are prime targets for some unscrupulous vendors who
like nothing more than to take our money and in return, give us shoddy
materials/services or none at all. They know we're desperate for
information and use all sorts of ploys against us. Newbies to genealogy
and computers are especially prone to fall into these people's traps,
though I have to tell you, with some of the come-ons we get in our
inboxes, even some experienced researchers fall into their traps.
Realize that you're not alone in this and shouldn't feel embarrassed if
you happened to be one of the unfortunates who fall/fell for a scam.

With this list, and working together, perhaps we can protect ourselves
and our friends, relatives and listmembers from being scammed through

I hope this has answered some of your questions.



I hope this information helps. If you have problems or further questions
please let me know. :-) Thanks, Mike


Michael G. McManness, a Jayhawk through and through, eating, sleeping, and
bleeding Crimson and Blue near the University of Kansas. Family genealogist
and research historian. "Character may be manifested in the great moments,
but it is made in
the small ones."
--- Phillip Brooks


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