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From: "Michael G. McManness" <>
Subject: [Hofmann] [admin] Message Board gateway to Mailing List reminder
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 21:39:35 -0600

Hi Everyone,

The Message Board is set up so that any messages posted will be forwarded to
this Maillist. You will know that it is a Message Board posting because it
will start with this line:

"This is a Message Board Post that is gatewayed to this mailing list."

Later in the message it will give you a URL to click on for seeing the
original post and where you can post a reply.

Posting a reply to the Maillist will *not* benefit the original author of
the Message Board post as chances are, they may not be subscribed to this
Maillist. Also by posting your response to the Message Board, a copy of
your answer will be sent to the Maillist (so you don't have to do it
yourself). In addition, your reply is posted to the Message Board so that
other people may contact you in regard to your reply. This provides maximum
exposure to make connections and simply enhances the Maillist.

The Message Boards are designed to work in conjunction with this Mailing
List. As a Maillist subscriber I can share my personal circumstances with
you. My time is limited as are other peoples. I have obtained a great deal
of information on my family history and like to share it with others. If I
have to choose between one medium or the other the Message Boards are
going to win because your post gets greater exposure for a longer period of
time. My goal is to make one post that goes to the Message Boards that is
gatewayed to the Maillist that gets archived. You've heard the old
expression of killing two birds with one stone. This provides maximum
exposure to make connections and simply enhances the Maillist. My goal is
to assist researchers by making their online research as easy as possible.

I hope this information helps. If you have problems or further questions
please let me know by contacting me at . Since I
Admin several Message Boards and Maillists, please identify which Message
Board or Maillist that you are referring to so that I can give you a
specific answer (with URLs if necessary). Thank you.
:-) Thanks again, Mike


Michael G. McManness, a Jayhawk through and through, eating, sleeping, and
bleeding Crimson and Blue near the University of Kansas. Family genealogist
and research historian. "Character may be manifested in the great moments,
but it is made in
the small ones."
--- Phillip Brooks


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