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From: Bill Holder <>
Subject: Gloucestershire, England & Gloucester,VA Holder families
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 15:24:08 -0500


More food for thought

I just ran across this web page showing marriage records from
:Gloucestershire, England

Transcript taken from :GLOUCESTERSHIRE NOTES AND QUERIES, VOL. VI, 1894-5.
Edited by W.P.W.Phillimore. M.A., B.C.L.. Published in 1896. London,


I have never seen such a large percentage of the surname HOLDER, or
HOULDER in any group of records. I also see other surnames that fit
such as CAVE, BALL, BIRD

Take special note of:

John Holder who married Sarah Selwyn 24 Apr 1720

I have a Thomas Holder, Esq Born Bef. 1705 also married to a Sarah
Selwyn (same lady ???)

What then gets more interesting is I show this Thomas Holder's parents
as Humphrey (Houlder) Holder & Mary Shakespeare (great grand niece of
Sir William Shakespeare)

I also show this Mary Shakespeare being married to a Robert Holder, and
they had a daughter Mary Holder that married William Thomas Hudgins.
They lived at Kingston Parish, Gloucester,VA (now Mathews Co., VA)

Then I have:

Descendants of Henry Holder

1 Henry Holder 1610 -

.. +Maude Selwyn 1615 -

2 John Holder 1630 - 1670

... +Elizabeth ? 1635 -

2 Thomas Holder 1630 -



The Holder family has long been associated with British expansion during
the Colonial Era. They were, and still are, shipbuilders and operators
of fleets of ships that have sailed every ocean.

The family origins date back to the Norman Conquest, when-as a reward
for his services in the Battle of Hastings in 1066-Sir Christopher
Holder was knighted and granted a large domain in Lancastershire by
William I, The Conqueror. He built his castle, 'Holderness,' there and
the estate has remained in the Holder family throughout history.
Even as late as the 1970's, it was the estate of Lord Thomas Holder, a
former Governor of Australia.

During the middle of the 17th century, one of the Holders received a
grant of 12,000 acres in what became Gloucester County, Virginia.

A John Holder and wife Elizabeth patented lands in Elizabeth City and
Gloucester Counties in 1650 and a grandson, Thomas Holder of Gloucester,
frequently appears in parish records.

John Holder, son of Henry and Maud Selwyn Holder, settled first in
Gloucester and later moved to Barbados where he died in 1670.

Today, part of the family continues to operate under the name of Holder
Brothers, Ltd. They are among the largest shipping merchants in the
world and founded the original Peninsula and Oriental Lines.

They were part of the founding of the Cunard Line and today act as
agents for that company in most South American Countries, Australia and
New Zealand.

William and Mary Holder Hudgins moved to Liverpool, the home of
William's father, and had two sons, Houlder in 1738 and William II in
1740. An astute businessman, William I formed a group consisting of
himself and his three brothers for the purpose of establishing a trading
business. All four brothers



Based on piecing information together and combined with the fact that
the only Hudgen/Hudgins family in Kingston Parish stemmed from the four
brothers who finally settled there in the mid 1740's, my assumptions are
that he is the child of John Hudgins (born 1705 in England).

The majority of the Hudgins family stayed in Mathews, VA (Kingston
Parish). Kingston was one of the 4 colonial parishes of GLoucester, VA
but in 1791 it split apart and becamse Mathews County, VA. The parish is
still an active parish but after the Revoluation and the birth of the
Episcopal Church, the "old" parishes were only religious congregations
and didn't serve in the same capacity as before.

John's elder brother William Thomas was already married to Mary Houlder
when he arrived, though his wife died back in England and he remarried
Johanna Degge.

John's two other younger brothers Robert and Lewis were apparently also
married. My assumptions are that several other Hudgen/Hudgins family
members mentioned for marriage in the KP Register (Aaron, Gabriel, etc.)
were sons of John. Bottom line is that Aaron would have had to have been
son of one of the 4 Hudgins brothers.

I will tell you that the father Robert Humphrey Hudgins (father of the 4
brothers) was a very wealthy owner of ships who traded in the Carribean
and Atlantic and unfortunately had a big role in the slave trade
business as well as cargo.

His first son William Thomas Hudgins was initially married to Mary
Houlder, daughter of Sir Robert Houlder and Mary Shakespeare (great
grand niece of Sir William Shakespeare). Because of this, William Thomas
Hudgins' first marriage and heirs inherited the greatest amount of money
and his eldest son was Houlder (Holder) Hudgen (Hudgins).

Mary Houlder died back in England after the 4 brothers finally stayed
here in the mid 1700's, and William Thomas Hudgins married 2nd Johanna
Degge, daughter of Anthony Degge of Christchurch Parish (Lancaster, VA).
Christchurch in Lancaster is still there and is one of the most
beautiful of colonial churches.

This info was provided to me by Paul Hudgins in Va

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