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Subject: Re: [HOLDER-DNA] John Holder, indentured servant
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Thanks George, Glad to know someone else is checking all the immigrants.
I've been trying to follow this John Holder forward with a little bit of

1. He was first indentured to Robert Beckingham of Lancaster, VA. He is
listed in the inventory of said Beckingham 4 June 1677 as having "foure
yeres six months to serve". Mrs. Elizabeth Wilke was the relict of Robert
Beckingham and married Thomas Wilke. (found in

2. "A Complainte beinge made by Mr. THOMAS WILKE that JOHN HOLDER, his
Servt. hath imbezzled twelve bushells of Indian Corne belonginge to Mr.
RICHARD MERRIMAN which hee, the saide WILKE is forced to satisfie; the saide
HOLDER p:misseing in Court to allowe his saide Master out of his Freedome
Corne, the said twelve bushell. It is ordered that the saide bee recorded."
(Lancaster County Court 10th of September 1679) [Lancaster County Orders

3. "It appeareing to the Cort: that JOHN HOLDER, servt. to Mr. THOMAS WILKE,
did runn away from his saide Masters service to the greate losse, charge and
damage of his saide Master as did this day appeare to this Cort: by an Acct.
thereof exhibited to this Cort: and acknowledged by the saide HOLDER. It is
therefore ordered accordinge to Acte that the saide HOLDER doe serve his
saide Master six moneths after the expiracon of the tyme hee came in for and
pay costs."
(Lancaster County Court 11th of September 1678) [Lancaster County Orders
1666-1680, VA]

4. "JOHN HOLDER, Servt. to Mr. THOMAS WILKE, doth acknowledge in Court that
hee hath to serve his said Master from this tyme to the laste of October
nexte and from that tyme two yeares more." (Lancaster County Court 12th
November 1679) [Lancaster County Orders 1666-1680]
I calculate his service would be finished, provided he didn't pull any
more shennigans, 31 Oct 1682.

The next mention of a JOHN HOLDER in the material available to me is in the
Lancaster County, VA 1716 Tithables in St. Mary's White Chapel Parish with 1
tithe (levy) of five pounds and three quarters of a pound of tobacco to be
collected by Capt. Richard Ball, Sheriff.
Other names of interest on the list are Jno. COX 2, Tho. DAVIS 2, John COX
on ye hills 1, Samll DAVIS 1, Jno DAVIS 1,
John DAVIS 2, Richd DAVIS 2, and a Jno KILLGORE 1.
The Killgore name is associated with JOSEPH HOLDER in the 1750s in Johnston
Co., NC.

A PARTIAL List of Tithables for November of 1700 for persons living in
Christ Church Parish , Lancaster County, VA. Names of interest here are
Peter KILLGORE-2, Thomas COX-1, John DAVIS-2, John COX-2, John DAVIS-2.
In St. Mary's White Chappel Parish are William DAVIS-1, Thomas CATTLETT-3,
Richard DAVIS-2, and Corderoy DAVIS,1. JOHN HOLDER is not listed but this is
called a partial list.

I found all of this interesting in that I've always wondered where the name
of DAVIS HOLDER came from and it's possible that this JOHN HOLDER married
one of these DAVISES daughters.
Also, IF the Joseph Holder who married a daughter of James COX were to be a
son of this JOHN HOLDER and had brothers, Davis, Luke(Lucas),and William,
(probably more), it would explain why all of our DNA is so closely matched.
At least it would to me, because I THINK the Joseph Holder who married the
Cox daughter is the same one we find in Johnston Co., NC in the 1750s and
had a son Joseph who I THINK is the Father of Solomon.

Okay, you can all stop laughing now! In fact, there is another theory
floating around in my head, but I've rambled enough for tonight.
Sometimes it just needs to be put out there for others to munch on---

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Subject: [HOLDER-DNA] John Holder, indentured servant

>I stumbled across this information at http://
> www.immigrantservants.com/ which may help someone. Unfortunately, I
> have no further details.
> A male named John Holder was an indentured servant in 1679 in
> Rappahannock County, Virginia for Thomas Wilkes. Source: Ruth
> Sparacio and Sam Sparacio, Order Book Abstracts of Northumberland
> County, Virginia 1677-1679 (McLean, Virginia: The Antient Press,
> 1998), [90], quoting Northumberland County, Virginia Orders 1678-1698,
> [49].
> A male named John Holder was an indentured servant in 1678 in
> Lancaster County, Virginia for an unnamed person. Source: Ruth
> Sparacio & Sam Sparacio, Order Book Abstracts of Lancaster County,
> Virginia 1678-1681 (McLean, Virginia: The Antient Press, 1993), 2,
> quoting Lancaster County, Virginia Order Book 1666-1680, 433.
> A male named John Holder was an indentured servant in 1679 in
> Lancaster County, Virginia, for Thomas Wilke. Source: Ruth Sparacio
> & Sam Sparacio, Order Book Abstracts of Lancaster County, Virginia
> 1678-1681 (McLean, Virginia: The Antient Press, 1993), 34, 41, quoting
> Lancaster County, Virginia Order Book 1666-1680, 490, 502.
> Regards,
> George
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