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Subject: Re: [HOLDER-DNA] John Holder, indentured servant
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It sound like a good theory to me. Just track him to Prince William. That
is where one of the Davis Holders was before Fauquier was formed.

I saved an email from Maxine in 2002 that said,
"Can't find my notes on the William Holder who had a land patent ca. 1688 in
Doeg's Island. Have found out where Doeg's Island is and it may be
pertinent to our research.

The area called Doeg's Island is in Prince William Co. VA. Prince William
was divided into Fauquier and Loudon where our Luke Holder was. Portions
were once Stafford Co. VA and parts of that were earlier Northhampton

And Bill responded with "Thomas Holder, transported -1657 Doeg's Island,

More tidbits from assorted sources

Tithables in Lancaster Co., 1716
William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine (c) 1912 Omohundro
Institute of Early American History and Culture
page 112
Maj. Wm Ball's List of Tithables
John Holder 1

Records of Indentured Servants & Certificates for Land
Northumberland County, Virginia 1650-1795
Compiled by W. Preston Haynie, Heritage Books, Inc. 1996
page 62
249. 8 March 1663, Inventory of Capt. Richard Wright—
. . . five servants (vizt.) . . . Edmund Holder, an Apothecary, two yeares
to serve;. . .
RB1658-66, 117

page 131
727. 22 Oct. 1679—Certificate is granted Thomas Hopper for taking up a
Servant of Mr. Thomas Wilks of Rappa. named John Holder.
OB 1678-98, Part 1, 49

Edm. Holder was witness in a couple of cases in Northumberland Co., one in
1664 and the other in 1671

Then I have these notes without the source:
April 1665
George Gill and Robert Weekes are security for Thomas Holder, his being
accountable to the children of John Davis, dec'd.
Division of estate of John Davis, dec'd:
To Mary, the relict,
To William Davis,
To Thomas Davis,
To Benjamin Davis
Signed: John (JT) Thomas, Ralph Graves, Henry (H) White
John Baskervyle to be paid by Thomas Holder, who married the relict of John

[Another Holder-Davis link, but I don't know if he had any children.]

24 Aug 1665
Bond of Thomas Holder and George Gill of Maston (Marston?) Parish, York Co.,
and Robert Weekes of Middletown Parish, York Co. 3 May 1665. Condition is
that said Holder married Mary, the relict of John Davis, dec'd, and shall
cause estates to be delivered to the children:
To Thomas Davis; to Benjamin Davis; to William Davis. . .

9 Jan 1670
I, Thomas Holder, now of Maston Parish in Yourk Co., Planter, appoint living
friend Benjamin Lillingston my attorney, 9 Jan 1670.
Wit: William Woorll, Will Wetherford

24 Oct 1671
Order that debts of estate of Thomas Holder be paid
Source: York Co., VA Records 1665-1672 by Weisiger, 212

19 June 1750
Will of John Holder of Essex Co., VA, 2nd husband to the widow Margaret
Griffing, was probated 19 June 1750 naming a brother William "if he comes to
this colony" and sisters Mary Hudgen and Elizabeth Holder.

Can anybody use any of these to piece together anything?


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