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This should be

Holder, Armstead
County/State: Fauquier Co., VA
Page #: 421
Year: 1830

Armistead Holder. Armistead was an overseer or slave master and shows up
in both Fauquier and Culpeper Counties, Virginia, as does William.

1810 Culpeper Co., VA pg# 98
HOLDER, ARMIS 2 0 0 1 0 - 2 1 0 1 0 - 0 2

I believe his step mother to be Margaret Routt, Peggy. I believe she
was the Niece of Col John Holder, of Daniel Boone Fame. This is also
one of my key pieces of evidence that Col John Holder was related to
Davis, and most of us non Moravian Holders.

Descendants of William Holder

1 William Holder b: 1752 Prince William (Fauquier) Co., VA d:
12/30/1832 near Brown's Ford, Allen Co., KY
..+Susanna ? Holder b: Bet. 1751 - 1755 m: Abt. 1770 d: Abt.
2 Davis Holder b: Abt. 1769 Fauquier Co., VA d: 1845 Allen
Co., KY
..+Nancy Berry b: Abt. 1800 m: 3/25/1817 Barren Co., KY d: Abt.
2 Mary L. Holder b: Bet. 1770 - 1804
2 Armistead Holder, Armis b: Abt. 1774 d: Culpeper Co.,
VA ?
..+Mary Newgent, Polly b: Abt. 1780 m: 12/16/1797 Fauquier Co., VA
2 Fielding F. Holder, Sr b: Abt. 1775 Fauquier, Co, Va
d: 1824 near
Stovall, Barren Co., KY
..+Jaley Newgent, Jaby b: Abt. 1785
m: 9/22/1803 Warrenton, Fauquier Co., VA : witness Armstead
Holder d:
Bet. 1850 - 1860 Monroe Co., MO
2 William Holder b: Abt. 1780
2 Abigail Holder b: 1783 Warren Co., Ky d: 1883
..+Lewis Milligan b: 1794 NC d: 1870 Warren Co., Ky
2 Jean Holder, Jinny b: Abt. 1794
2 Sarah Holder, Sally b: Abt. 1795
..+James Thornton b: Abt. 1792 m: 1/20/1813 Warren Co., KY
2 Daniel Holder b: Abt. 1796 d: Barren, Warren Co.,
KY or Austin,
Allen Co., KY
..+Sarah Marsh, Sally b: Bet. 1796 - 1804 m: 1820 Glasgow, Barren
d: Barren, Warren Co., KY or Austin, Allen Co., KY
2 Taliaferro Holder b: Bef. 1804
..+Jane Ball b: Abt. 1808 Fauquier Co. VA m: 5/15/1829 Fauquier
Co., VA
- by George Lemmon
*2nd Wife of William Holder:
..+Margaret Routt, Peggy b: 1772 m: 12/30/1805 Fauquier Co., VA :
d: 3/4/1850 near Brown's Ford, Allen Co., KY
2 Emeline Holder b: 5/4/1808 Barren or Allen Co. KY
d: 3/17/1865
Barren or Allen Co. KY
..+[1] Herman Whitney b: 3/15/1808 Barren or Allen Co. KY m: Abt.
d: 3/12/1865 Barren or Allen Co. KY
2 Cynthia Holder b: 3/8/1810 d: 8/18/1838
..+[1] Herman Whitney b: 3/15/1808 Barren or Allen Co. KY m: Abt.
d: 3/12/1865 Barren or Allen Co. KY
2 John Holder b: 7/23/1811 d: 8/20/1864 near Brown's Ford,
Allen Co.,
..+Agnes A. Whitney b: 8/9/1813 d: 6/14/1890 near
Brown's Ford, Allen
Co., KY
2 Edward Holder b: 10/10/1813 d: Aft. 1860 Barren
River, Barren Co.,
..+Cynthia Ann Whitney b: Bet. 1813 - 1823 m: 1839
2 Elizabeth Holder b: 5/23/1816
..+Joshua Davis b: Bef. 1817 m: Warren Co., KY - consent of father,
William Holder
2 Bradley Holder b: Bef. 1825

Notes on William:
(from the Holder Book)
" Our William Holder was born about 1752. Very little is known
his early life including the name of his first wife and the children by
that wife. Of only one are we certain, and we have no written proof
of that, only family tradition. We are descended. from William's son,
Davis Holder, of whom we will have more later. Fielding Holder, born cir
1775 in Virginia, could well have been a son of William Holder and this
unknown first wife. Fielding Holder was the ancestor of the late John
0. Holder of Tulsa, Oklahoma., who contributed so much to Holder
research. Another possible son of William was Armstead Holder. However,
I think they were more likely to have been nephews of our William
Holder. Whatever the relationship, and there most definitely was one,
and as the Fielding Holder family settled in Barren Co., KY., it will be
included in this history.

William Holder bought land on Barren River either prior to 1798., the
time Barren Co., Ky. was formed or after the formation of Allen Co., Ky.
in 1815. He bought land on Barren River July 2, 1811, His home place is
now known as the Hilious Pitchford farm. Billy Holder bought by deed, a
tract of land from Hugh Brown in 1830. He certainly came before 1817,
for his son Davis married Nancy Berry that year. Of this there is
record. at Glasgow, Barren Co., Kentucky. He lived and is buried near
Tracy, KY

Complete record of William HolderÂ’s family including his wife and
some of the family has been lost. However, we do know about these sons:
Davis, Edward and John.

The following men came to Barren Co., KY., Kentucky, before 1810 on
horseback, probably through. the Cumberland Gap, for the purpose of
staking out land they wished to file claim to and purchase: Samuel
Carpenter, John Whitney, Sr., William "Uncle Billy" Fitzpatrick, Daniel
Pitchford, Elias Pitchford, and William (Billy) Holder These men are
reported to have carried their equipment on pack horses, because the
passage through Cumberland Gap was too narrow to permit passage of
wagons. When they arrived in Barren Co., KY., Kentucky (later part of
Allen Co., KY.), they proceeded to blaze the bark on designated trees to
form an outline or boundary of the land they proposed to lay claim to
and purchase from the state of Kentucky."
ALLEN CO., KY - JULY 2. 1831

In the name of God Amen I William Holder of the county of Allen and
state of Kentucky calling to mind the mortality of man And as it is
ordered for all man kind to Die and considering it to be request and so
necessary for man to set his house in order I here-fore do make my last
will and testament finding myself in perfect
soundness of my reason capable of disposing of my worldly goods for
which it has pleased Almighty God to bless me with in this life I do
therefore appoint my well beloved wife my executor to do with my
property after my decease agreeable to my last will and. testament which
is to be disposed of in the following manner (viz) I do give and
bequeath unto my beloved wife after paying all my just debts all my
estate both real and personal, except seven Negroes during her
widowhood, it is my will that the seven above accepted Negroes should.
be disposed of in the following manner I give unto my three oldest
children, namely
Emeline Wade,
Senthey or Sintha Whitney
and John Holder one Negro each and to son
Edward Holder I give two, one of which is now called by the name of
Allen and to daughter
Elizabeth Holder I give two Negroes, one of which is to be her choice of
all that I now Own. It is my will that my wife shall dispose of any
property among my children as she may deem proper while she lives and at
her death it is to be divided among all my beloved children except my
land and the foregoing negroes namely the boy Allen which I give to my
son Edward and the choice Negro which I give to my daughter Elizabeth
and the land to be equally divided between my two sons namely John and
Edward Holder, moreover it is my will
that in case my daughters Emeline Wade and Senthey or Sintha Whitney
should die without children from their own bodies then and in that case
all that I give unto them to return unto those of my children which are
left to be equally divided among them and further more I do appoint my
beloved wife my Executor and that she act without security to the court
and that the court permit and so authorize her to act without requiring
security of her. This I do declare to be my last will and testament
revoking all others where unto I signing hand. and seal this 2nd day
of July in the year of our Lord 1831
/s/ William Holder
Signed sealed published and declared.. as and for the last will and
testament of the within named William Holder
in the presence of us.
/s/ Samuel E. Carpenter
/s/ John Fishburn Jr. January Term 1832
The last will and testament of William Holder this day filed by Margaret
Peggy Routt Holder the executor named. signed on the 2nd day of July
1831 and proved by Samuel F. Carpenter and John Fishburn witnesses
thereto and as the will requires no security she took the oath required.
A Copy Test /s/ David. Walker

Allen Co., KY. Kentucky January Term 1832
Ordered that Acquilla King, Fletcher Gatewood Thomas Sears and Peter
Fishburn or any three after being first sworn do inventory and appraise
the personal estate and slaves if any of William Holder deceased and
report to
the court.
A Copy Test /s/ David Walker
THE HOLDER FAMILY CEMETERY : Located near Brown's Ford in Allen Co.,

Herman Whitney, b. March 15, 1808, d. March 12, 1865
Cynthia ( Holder ) Whitney, b. March 8, 1810, d. August 18, 1838 1st
Emaline( Holder ) Whitney,b. 5/4/1808 2nd wife of Herman Whitney

William Holder, d. December 30, 1832 , age 80 years
Peggy Routt Holder, d. March 4. 1850 or March 2, 1850 age 78 years
William Holder and Peggy Routt Holder, married 1804 in VA

William Holder b. July 26, 1861, d. June 3, 1862
Seaborn H. Austin, (Child no dates)

Salley B. ( Foster) Pitchford, b. April 11, 1842, d. September 25, 1872
wife of Theodore D. Pitchford , b. May 16, 1832, d. October 8 1920

???Theodore D. Pitchford, b. July 16, 1852, d. October 8, 1920 ????

John Holder , b. July 23, 1811 , d. August 20, 1864
Agnes A. Holder, b. August 9, 1813, d. June 14, 1890

1782 Census of Pittsylvania County, Virginia
name, # in household
Holder, Davis 4
Holder, William 10

The American Revolution in Pittsylvania County, VA by Frances Hallam
Holder, Jessee Soldier Continental Line
Holder, William Soldier Continental Line

Court Minutes Pittsylvania Co., VA
1777 Davis Holder Jr and John Henry Sr
? Jessee Holder against Elizabeth Brooks
Davis Holder Constable 1783 Pitt. Co. VA

1787 Tax list Pitt. VA
Henry Hardin
Laney Holder
Wilim Holder Sr.
William Holder Jr.

Cousin Bill

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