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Date: Mon, 17 Aug 1998 16:11:49 EDT

Searching for parentage of James Holland b. 1799, supposedly in Montgomery Co.
NC, with no proof. His sister Pherabie whom married Joshua Ammons was supposed
to have been from Cabarrus Co. NC. In the 1820's James and his wife Phoebe
moved to Macon Co. NC. It is said that their mother was Ann Waldroop and that
their father "may" have been John Holland Sr. With no other information
given. Any help would be appreciated.

1. ? Holland. He married Ann(?) Waldroop./Waldrup

Children of ? and Ann Waldroop are:
+ 2 i. James Holland, born 1799.
3 ii. Pherabie Holland. She married Rev. Joshua Ammons.

2. James Holland (?) was born 1799. He married Phoebe Peek, daughter of David
Peek and Polly Henderson.They moved to Macon County North Carolina in the

Children of James Holland and Phoebe Peek are:
+ 4 i. William Montgomery Holland, born March 25, 1828 in NC; died May 21,
1907 in Roane county Spencer, West Virginia.
5 ii. Bertha Holland. She married John Setzer.
6 iii. Benjamin Holland. He married Phoebe Burrell.
7 iv. Anthony Holland. He married Elizabeth Corbin.
8 v. Elizabeth Holland. She married William Rogers.
9 vi. James Holland. He married Mary Rogers.
10 vii. Caroline Holland. She married Robert Rogers.
11 viii. Edith Holland. She married Newton Rogers.
12 ix. David Holland. He married Sallie Gregory.
13 x. Richard Holland.
14 xi. Joshua Holland.
15 xii. Leander Holland. He married (1) Susan Franks. He married (2) Harriett

4. William Montgomery Holland (James, ?) was born March 25, 1828 in NC, and
died May 21, 1907 in Roane county Spencer, West Virginia. He married Nancy
Catherine Burns.

Children of William Holland and Nancy Burns are:
16 i. James Richard Holland.
17 ii. David Jackson Holland.
18 iii. Phoebe Elizabeth Holland.
19 iv. Mary Ann Holland.
20 v. Joshua Holland.
21 vi. Asa Lonzo Holland.
22 vii. Charles Edwin Holland.
23 viii. Ross Virena Holland.
+ 24 ix. Robert Asbury Holland, born July 1857 in NC.
+ 25 x. William Lee Holland, born 1859 in NC; died March 29, 1885 in Roane
county WVa.
26 xi. Edith Caroline Holland, born October 1860. She married Samuel Starcher
January 30, 1884.
27 xii. Catherine Belle Holland, born April 17, 1869.
+ 28 xiii. Anthony Columbus Holland, born May 24, 1871 in roane county WVa;
died January 27, 1955.

24. Robert Asbury Holland (William Montgomery, James, ?) was born July 1857 in
NC. He married Martha A Willard April 1881 in Roane county WVa.

Children of Robert Holland and Martha Willard are:
29 i. Flora E Holland, born June 1882.
30 ii. Artie M Holland, born November 1884.
31 iii. John W. Holland, born January 1890.
32 iv. Mattie E Holland, born June 1893.
33 v. Stella B Holland, born April 1894.
+ 34 vi. Retta Catherine Holland, born June 29, 1888 in west Virginia; died
July 27, 1967 in west Virginia.

25. William Lee Holland (William Montgomery, James, ?) was born 1859 in NC,
and died March 29, 1885 in Roane county WVa. He married Salina Starcher
September 18, 1881, daughter of William Starcher and Nancy Mucklewain.

Child of William Holland and Salina Starcher is:
35 i. Effie Holland.

28. Anthony Columbus Holland (William Montgomery, James, ?) was born May 24,
1871 in roane county WVa, and died January 27, 1955. He married Arletta Boggs
December 02, 1900, daughter of Isaiah Boggs and Mary Cox.

Children of Anthony Holland and Arletta Boggs are:
36 i. Virgil A Holland.
37 ii. Elsie May Holland.
38 iii. William Roy Holland.
39 iv. Icie Lena Holland.
40 v. Mildred Holland.
41 vi. Beulah Kathleen Holland.
42 vii. Mary Evelyn Holland.
43 viii. Martha Josephine Holland.
+ 44 ix. Charles Cecil Holland, born July 24, 1903 in roane county WVa; died
November 26, 1980 in roane county WVa.
+ 45 x. Holly Welch Holland, born 1907.
46 xi. Vernon Holland, born Stillborn.

34. Retta Catherine Holland (Robert Asbury, William Montgomery, James, ?) was
born June 29, 1888 in west Virginia, and died July 27, 1967 in west Virginia.
She married Willie Reynolds February 1909 in in roane county WVa, son of
William Reynolds and Mollie Daniels.

Children of Retta Holland and Willie Reynolds are:
47 i. Bonedelia Reynolds.
48 ii. Lorraine Reynolds.
49 iii. William R. (Buss) Reynolds, died 1976.
50 iv. Charles Reynolds, born June 19, 1911; died July 1980.
+ 51 v. Earl Reynolds, born September 07, 1913 in West Virginia; died October
23, 1989 in West Virginia.

Jennifer McDonald Bost
Fayetteville, NC


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