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Hi Audrey,
Thanks for this information. I am sure you are aware that Woodford County, Kentucky was once a part of Virginia.

When my g g grandparents, John and Sarah Massey Holloway died of cholera near Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1849. Their 7 children were scattered. The oldest, John, Jr. and my g grandfather, William (age 8), came down the Ohio River on a flatboat to Virginia where some Holloway family lived. Later Kentucky was carved from Virginia. I have not found which families living in Virginia/Kentucky were kin. (This story was told to me by Gilbert Holloway, one of William's g grandsons.) William married in Carrol County, KY and brought a flatboat down the Ohio River to Louisville, KY. He anchored the boat and fished. Each day he walked into town and sold his catch. When he had enough to purchase a farm in Meade County, KY he settled there and raised his family.

My William had a son named George, who died as a child. I am curious, did the George in your story flee for his life and come to America?

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Here is one family of KY...just in case someone hasn't seen this. Audrey

Source: Woodford County, KY History: HOLLOWAY

Note: Please pay close attention to this source, taken directly from a book in my library, Woodford County, Kentucky History. (Audrey)

"George HOLLOWAY was born, reared and died in Scotland. His wife was a Scotch lassie and also lived and died in the land of her nativity. They had several children, one of whom was George-the eldest. The laws of Scotland recognized the eldest child as heir-apparent, so George, Jr, was heir to his father's estate in the event that he survived his father.

Tradition says that when George, Jr, arrived at the age of sixteen his father died, and two younger bothers so envied him that they conceived the idea of eliminating him as a recipient of parental favor or endowment, so they arranged a coup by which they would themselves get the estate if the master stroke worked successfully....

Upon reaching the shores of VA he found himself without means of transportation, etc...made the best of the situation and located at Culpeper Court House, where he ingratiated himself into the esteem of the BLACKBURN family, so after that he joined the Revolutionary forces and served through the war, coming out a full-fledged Captain, which title he ever afterward bore.

When the BLACKBURNS came to Woodford County, KY, he accompanied them, having married Mary BLACKBURN, a daughter of George BLACKBURN, of Spring Station, and his wife Prudence BERRY. Captain George HOLLOWAY and his wife, Mary (BLACKBURN) HOLLOWAY built a home in which...etc.

The names of Captain George HOLLOWAY and Mary BLACKBURN:

1. Frank P. HOLLOWAY m. (1) Mary BLANTON (2) cousin, Henrietta BARTLETT, widowed daughter of Gov William Berry BLACKBURN and Martha WATKINS

2. Mary Ann HOLLOWAY m. Dr. Leonard HODGES and the STALLINGS family intermarried with their descendants.

3. George HOLLOWAY, Jr or III m. (1) Mary HODGES and (2) Mary SNODGRASS

4. Mildred HOLLOWAY

5. Georgianna HOLLOWAY

6. Martha HOLLOWAY

Children of Frank P. HOLLOWAY and Mary BLANTON:

1. Betsy Blanton HOLLOWAY m. W. F. SHERLOCK

2. Georgianna HOLLOWAY

3. Churchill Blackburn HOLLOWAY

5. Betsy Blanton HOLLOWAY

Children of Betsy Blanton HOLLOWAY and W. F. SHERLOCK:

1. George SHERLOCK

2. Bennie SHERLOCK m. Grant WILLIS, residents of Versailles.

3. Charles SHERLOCK

"There was another HOLLOWAY family in the county that I always thought was closely related to the family of Capt George HOLLOWAY, but I am informed that they were not related, unless so remotely that the present generation isn't aware of it. The head of this HOLLOWAY house was William Barry HOLLOWAY. In 1820 he purchased the home of John FARRA and Ezra HAMMON (HAMMOND?), on the Nicholasville road, not far from Versailles-several miles out...

Dau Irene m. John Berryman MONTGOMERY, owns the home and they are residing there now.

William Barry HOLLOWAY was a son of Spencer HOLLOWAY and Sarah READ, of Virginia, who located in Jessimine County (KY), who practiced law at Nicholasville for many years;

1. Dr. W. G. HOLLOWAY, who is now a resident of Troy; Dr. Walter Watkins HOLLOWAY, who died recently in Fayette County;

2. Mattie HOLLOWAY m. ______GORDON

3. Ida HOLLOWAY m. Judge Charles A. HARDIN

4. Irene HOLLOWAY m. John Berryman MONTGOMERY

"Spencer HOLLOWAY, the pioneer of Jessamine County, was one of the sons of Captain James HOLLOWAY, of the Revolution, and his wife, Martha SPENCER, and Capt James HOLLOWAY was a son of Sir James HOLLOWAY and Elizabeth ROWLAND, who emigrated to Virginia during the early years of the 18th century.

Captain James HOLLOWAY died at his home near Keene, and his son, Spencer, died there at the advanced age of 93 years."

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