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From: Carol Holt <>
Subject: [HOLT-L] John and Isabella Holt
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 22:32:34 -0600


You asked in your message from 1/27-28/99 about a book written by Dr.
Albert L. Cooper. This book is called "ANCESTORS AND DESCENDANTS OF JOHN
AND ISABEL HOLT, Williamson County, Tennessee" copyright 1971 written by
Dr. Albert L. Cooper, M.D. Shelbyville, Tennessee.

The book is in the Bedford County Library in Shelbyville, Tennessee.

My husband, Jack Holt, made copies of some of the pages of this book. He
was looking for his Holts. There are three different Holt families in
Tennessee. The one you are interested in are from Williamson County,

John Holt 1-1 b. 1761 d. December 19, 1841

Isabel Holt 1-2 b. October 22, 1769 - C 1770 - died Aug. 2, 1852


Harden Perkins Holt 2-1 b. October 22, 1789 - died February 27, 1816

Mary P. Holt 2-2 b. Census 1790 - died about 1866

William N. Holt 2-3 b. Census 1794 - died (listed as 56 - 1850 census)

Edith P. Holt 2-4 b. Census 1795 died (listed as 55 - 1850 census)

Elizabeth Holt 2-5 b. Census 1798 - died (living in 1870 - Holt papers)

John Hardeman Holt 2-6 b. Census 1800 died 1861 settlement of estate

Thomas Holt 2-7 b. Census 1802 - died 1871? Holt papers

Christopher Holt 2-8 - born Sept. 17, 1804 - died June 8, 1822

Dorothy Holt 2-9 - b. Census 1806 died (54 years in 1850 census)

Nancy S. Holt 2-10 - Census 1810 - died (40 years in 1850 census)

Nicholas P. Holt 2-11 b. October 11, 1810 - died Aug. 1840

Lewis Francis Holt 2-12 b. July 9, 1812 - died May 27, 1859

When you say John are you talking about John Holt 1-1 above?

We live about 20 miles from the Shelbyville Library in Bedford County, TN.

John and Isabella Holt had twenty six grandsons in the Civil War.

John Holt 1-1 is the son of Christopher Holt.

Christopher Holt is the son of Michael Holt, Sr.

Michael Holt, Sr. b. 1697 married Elizabeth Scheible ? ca 1719.
d. 1765-1767

Their children were:

Nicholas Holt b. bef. 1755 d. aft. 7-5-1787 Married Eva Willheit on ?
Eva Willheit b. ? d. 4-16-1807

John Holt b. 1721 d. 6-1802 Married Mary ?

Michael Holt, Jr. b. 5-6-1723 ? d. 7-20 or 26-1799
Married Margaret O'Neill ?
Remarried 1767
Jean C. Lockhart b. 1745 or bapt. 8-10-1746 of Augusta Co., VA d. 3-18-1813.

Christopher Holt b. ? d. ? Married: 11-2-1755 Elizabeth ?

Peter Holt b. ? d. ? Married 12-4-1777 Rachel ? (Orange Co., NC,
Deed Bk. 2) Peter & Wife of Orange Co., sold to John Holt of Orange Co.,
NC, track of land, water of Little Alamance. First tax list available this
county 1783 did not show Peter Holt.

Jacob Holt Feb. 1764
page 77 to Michael Holt to Jacob Holt
300 acres. 1779 Orange Co. tax
value 7530 pounds 1780 same co.,
No Jacob Holt
1782 640 acres
1783 Orange Co. Catham district
640 acres
1790 Orange Co. census p. 1294
Jacob Holt 640 acres
2 poles
p. 1294 Isreal Holt
0 acres - 1 pole
1790 Burke Co., NC Census by clerk
Jacob Holt - 1 slave
2 males over 16
2 females
No proven children

George Holt b. ? d. ? Married: Mary Magdalene _________
Cisse ____________

John Holt 1-1 is the Grandson of Michael Holt Sr. John Holt came to
America when a boy, he was Ducth (sic_ and English decent, he fought
through the Revolutionary War, was on Washington's staff. Washington gave
him a pair of silver knee buckles for loyalty and bravery. After the war
was over, he came to Tennessee. John and Isabella settled in Williamson
Co., Tennessee. They built their home and lived to raise twelve children,
seven sons and five daughters, ten of these children married and raised
families. The names of their sons who married were William Holt, Nicholas
Holt, Hardeman Holt, Thomas Holt and Lewis Francis Holt. The two sons who
died in the bloom of manhood without issue were Perkins Holt and
Christopher Holt. The five daughters all married: Rebeckia Holt Hill had
five daughters; Isabella married a Betty; Elizabeth married a Brown; Mary
married her cousin Holt; Amer(?) married Spear. Two sons Tom and John were
killed in the Civil War.

Michael Holt, Sr. came from West German community of Alsace, the Platinate,
or Hesse and neighboring vicinity. Came from Germany to State of Virginia.
Then to North Carolina (Orange County).

Michael Holt, Sr. arrived in Virginia in 1717 with a group of families
known in history and genealogy as the Second German Colony or the Colony of

Twenty German Lutheran families sought to escape from the persecutions of
the French, secured passage on a boat bound for America. They had a hard
journey and were indendentured servants. They labored eight years to gain
their freedom.

Carol Holt
Franklin County, Tennessee
Middle Tennessee

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