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Subject: Re: [HOLT-L] John and Isabella Holt
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No, Jack is not descended from John and Isabel Holt.

By Marriage he is in the John Holt and Frances Jackson Line.

My husband, Jack, is descended from Jacob Holt who is his Great Great
Jacob Holt is a very interesting man.

Jacob Holt is Jack's Great Great Grandfather.
He was known as "Creek Daddy" and was probably from North Carolina.
We know nothing going backwards on him.
Jacob was born in 1799 and died 12/29/1874 and is buried in the
Jacob Holt Family Cemetery in Franklin County, TN.
He had four wives and twenty-seven children.

His first wife was Elizabeth Byrom - Jack's Great Great Grandmother
married cir. 1817
Her parents were Henry Byrom and Mary Stampier Cooke
b. 10/7/1808 in Mecklenburg County, NC
d. 1837 Rock Creek Community in Franklin County, TN
Buried at Jacob Holt Family Cemetery in Franklin County, TN.

Their ten children were:

(1) Mary Catherine Holt b. 1818 or 1819 Married John Henry Ivey
d. 1870

(2) Nancy Holt likely daughter.
b. 1820

(3) Elizabeth (Betsy) Holt Married William Jack Curl Bef. 1838
b. 1/24/1822 d. 8/20/1893

(4) William Byrom Holt b. 1/15/1824 d. 11/13/1898
Married Sarah (Sallie) Holt (Sarah was not thought to be a relative
but it makes you wonder) b. 9/17/1827 d. 3/10/1880
She is buried in Jacob Holt Cemetery in Franklin County, TN (former Muse
They were married 10/20/1846 in Bedford County, TN
He also married Kate Harrison on 3/31/1881.
He is buried in Estill Springs Cemetery, Estill Springs, TN.

(5) John Henry Holt Married Unknown Mays
b. 1827 or 1828 d. 1862 or 1863
He is buried in Estill Springs Cemetery, Estill Springs, TN
Second wife was Matilda Caroline Muse

(6) Rebecca S. Holt Married Jonathan Smotherman
Second marriage to John M. Anderton
Third marriage to John Henry Ivey on 6/17/1878
b. 9/23/1828 d. 9/18/1889

(7) Thomas W. Holt
b. 7/25/1830 d. 6/13, 1904
Buried in Estill Springs Cemetery, Estill Springs, TN
He married Mary Welsh first.
Probably buried in Buried at Jacob Holt Family Cemetery in Franklin County,
He married Sarah C. Kimbro second

(8) Patsy Holt Married Allen C. Ray
b. 1832 d. 1854

(9) James Lafayette Holt
James married Matilda Angeline Davis on 9/14/1854.
b. 2/19/1834 d. 3/18/1903
He was buried in Smith Chapel Cemetery in Moore County, TN

(10) Jane Holt Married William R. Prince on 10/30/1851.
b. 4/1/1836 d. 3/10/1920
She is buried in Poe Prairie Cemetery, Parker County,
Milsaps, Texas.

His second wife was Lucinda Holder
marriage license issued on September 26, 1838
b. 1810-1820 d. 8/10/1857

Their children are:

(1) Sarah Ann Holt married John Henry Ivey on 5/27/1853
b. 8/27/1839

(2) Maranda Holt
b. 12/10/1841 d. Before 1850

(3) Obllen Holt
b. 3/5/1843 d. 3/15/1843

(4) Lucinda Frances Holt married James H. Holder on 9/14/1871
b. 5/27/1844

(5) Mitchell Blanton Holt
b. 1/23/1846

[He went in the Civil War at age 15, have not found marriage or death for
him. He was wounded in Battle of Murfreesboro. If you find anything on
him would appreciate information. If he didn't die, it is possible that he
went to Texas.]

(6) Morenday Catherine Holt
b. 9/23/1847 d. 8/1853

(7) Dennis William Holt married Elizabeth Cobb on 9/2/1873
b. 3/1/1849

(8) Jasper N. Holt
b. 10/31/1854 d. Before 1860

His third wife was Rosannah Raney
b. About 1836 d. Before April 19, 1866

Their children are:

(1) Tazewell N. Holt
b. 7/19/1858 d. 10/10/1860

(2) Cynthia Ellen Holt
b. 7/29/1860

(3) Eve C. Holt
b. 7/6/1862

(4) Marilda Caroline Holt
b. 7/7/1864

(5) Rosetta Holt
b. About 1865

His fourth wife was Mary Jane Deerin
b. 1/20/1844 d. 4/28/1934 in San Antonio, Texas

Their children are:

(1) Joseph Asbery Holt married Sarah Clardy on 12/3/1890 in
Lincoln County, TN
b. 4/22/1867 d. 9/2/1937
Joseph is buried in New Grove Cemetery in Lincoln County,
Blanche, TN

(2) Martha Lester Holt married Zachariah Limbaugh on 12/8/1886
in Franklin County, TN
b. 7/15/1869 d. 10/29/1949
Martha is buried in Lexie Crossroads Cemetery, Franklin County, Belvidere, TN

(3) Mary Mandana Holt married James Kelly
b. 3/25/1871 d. 5/29/1957 in San Antonio, Texas

(4) Lizzy Lue Della Holt married James Benjamin Riddle
b. 2/14/1873

William Byrom Holt is my husband Jack's Great Grandfather
b. 1/15/1824 in Bedford County, Tennessee
d. 11/13/1898 buried in Estill Springs Cemetery in Estill Springs, TN
Married first time Sarah Sallie Holt
b. 9/17/1827 d. 3/10/1880
She is buried in Jacob Holt Cemetery in Franklin County, TN (former Muse
Married second time Kate Harrison on 3/31/1881.

Their children are:

(1) Eva Elizabeth Holt married John A. Hudgins 11/7/1867
b. 12/20/1847 d. 1881
She is buried in Jacob Holt Family Cemetery, Franklin County, TN

(2) Turley Catherine Holt married W. Rufus Daniel 9/23/1869
b. 1/24/1852
Buried in Estill Springs Cemetery, Estill Springs, TN

(3) James Henry Holt married Gracey Elizabeth Brown 11/20/1873
in Franklin County, TN
b. 1/5/1853 d. 7/31/1927
James is buried in Estill Springs Cemetery, Estill Springs, TN

(4) William Jacob Holt married Elizabeth Daniel 3/1/1878
b. 9/1/1854 d. 1941

(5) John Allen Holt
b. 11/19/1856 d. 8/15/1933
John is buried in Estill Springs Cemetery, Estill Springs, TN
John married Sallie Caroline Corn 11/27/1878
John married Lucy A. Gilbert 9/28/1896

(6) Thomas Marion Holt married Mollie Hudgens 3/22/1881
b. 4/15/1858 d. 6/12/1907
Thomas is buried in Estill Springs Cemetery, Estill Springs, TN

(7) Joseph Lane Holt [My husband Jack's Grandfather]
b. 10/7/1860 d. 11/12/1949
Joseph married Julia Francis Rogers 2/8/1883
Joseph was buried at Estill Springs Cemetery, Estill Springs, TN

(8) Mary Jane Holt married Henry Ferguson 9/12/1883
b. 4/21/1863 d. 9/9/1917 in Birmingham, Alabama

(9) Martha Angeline Holt married James T. Chilton 3/8/1883
b. 7/1/1866 d. 1924

Sarah Sallie Holt is Jack's Great Grandmother.
Her parents were: William "Bill" Holt and Eva Shofner

William "Bill" Holt is Jack's Great Great Maternal Grandfather
He was a farmer and lived on Thompson's Creek.
He was born abt. 1791
He died prior to 1839

William "Bill" Holt married Eva Shofner.
"Bill's" father was John A. Holt and his mother was Frances (Jackson).
John A. Holt b. prior to 1740 is the son of John Holt, Sr.
John Holt, Sr. b. ? d. ? is the son of Michael Holt
Michael Holt b. ? d. ? is the son of Randolph Holt and Mary Baily
Randolph Holt b. 1620 in Warwickshire, England, coming to America in 1620
"The George." d. ? (1st Holt's in the USA - year 1620)
He married Mary Baily of Hog Island, North Carolina in 1626.

Michael Holt is the nephew of Sir John Holt, Lord chief Justice of Great
Britian and
belonged to the Hazelhurst family in England (according to family tradition)
Many branches of the family have used the Reggrave Hall coat of arms which
to that house.

William "Bill" wife, Eva was the daughter of Martin Shofner and Katherine
Cook (Roundtree) of Bedford County, Tennessee. (Martin Shofner was in the
American Revolutionary War.)
After William's death, Evie Shofner Holt married a John Muse sometime
between 1840 and 1850.

We are still looking for information on the above listed people.

Carol and Jack Holt
Franklin County, Tennessee

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