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Subject: RE: [HONAKER] Abraham Honaker-Sarah Ann Cline
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The book "Honaker Family in America" by Freida Patrick Davison, ED, contains
the following on page 895.

1. Abraham(1) Honaker was born circa 1774 in Dunsmore Co., Va., in the area
of present day Waterlick, Warren Co., Va.

He married Sarah Ann Cline, daughter of Peter Cline (sometimes seen as
Klein) and Elizabeth Rife (sometimes seen as Riffe), circa 1803 in Virginia.
Born circa 1784 in Montgomery Co., Va., in the part that is now either Wythe
or Bland Co., Va. Died after 1870 in Bland Co., Va., as she was listed in
the 1870 census for Bland Co., Va., living with her son, Andrew Jackson
Honaker. He lived about three miles below Rock Gap, Va. Buried in Honaker
Cemetery, Wolf Creek, Bland Co., Va. They settled in Pulaski, Co., Va.,
near Page's Meeting House. Family tradition is that Abraham was a large
man, but that Sarah was small, weighing less than 100 pounds.
Sarah Cline's nephew Perry Cline was a principal figure in the
Hatfield-McCoy feud. A story about his involvement in it appeared in the
"The Honaker Family Newsletter", Spring 1996, and is an appendix in this
Abraham was a fine gunmaker. In that pre-industrial day, rural eastern
gunsmiths turned out sturdy, dependable pieces which were purchased as
everyday working tools. Some of them still exist today in private and
museum collections. A number of Honakers, including a good many of
Abraham's descendants, made suck rifles, as perhaps he did himself. The
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Williamsburg, Va., exhibits a rifle at the
DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Gallery which it believes was made by Abraham
because it bears the maker's AH, and is of manufacture that dates it to the
period and place where he worked. Photographs of the rifle appear in "Hans
Jacob Honaker: From Switzerland to America" by Nadine Larson. An article
about gunsmithing and Abraham's work, written by Honaker family genealogist
Keith J. Honaker, appeared in the "The Honaker Family Newsletter", Summer,
1993, and is an appendix of this book. A second major appendix, "The
Honaker Riflemakers: Abraham Descendants", addresses itself to the work of
his son James A., and other descendants.
A survey for 155 acres of land in Montgomery Co., Va., was made for
Abraham. This survey was probably completed by a commonwealth grant or
patent. According to the survey description, this land lay on the northwest
side of New River at Pepper's Ferry, just three poles north of the Pepper's
Ferry Road on New River. He bought several other tracts of land as shown in
other survey books in Montgomery County. He owned a total of 510 acres.
On 6 Sep 1866 Abraham Honaker wrote the following will recorded in "Bland
Co., [Va.], Will Book 1," page 178. (transcribed as written):

I Abraham Honaker being possess of a sound mind and feeling sure that at my
time of life I can scarcely hope for any protracted period of existence and
wishing to compensate my son Andrew Honaker for his kind care of his mother,
as well as activated by love and affection for my son Andrew J. Honaker, I
hereby make this my last will and testament.
First any will I may have heretofore made is hereby annulled and made void
from this date. Second, I give and bequeath to my son Andrew J. Honaker the
remainder of the amount due me on account of land purchased of me and which
beares upon its face the sum of two hundred dollars. Third -- I give and
bequeath to my son Andrew Jackson Honaker whatever else of property of any
kind and all discriptions of which I may die seized and possessed of.
Lastly I appoint G. W. Brown my executor given under my hand and seal this
sixth day of September one thousand eight hundred and sixty six.

Abraham's will was witnessed by G. W. Brown, James H. Sharp, and John C.
Carpenter. It was probated 26 Jul 1869 in Bland Co., Va., so it is assumed
that Abraham died at least a few months before in that county. Abraham
would have been about 95 years old. It has been told over the years that
Abraham and Sarah Honaker were both over 100 years old when they died.
Exact dates are unknown. Buried in Honaker Cemetery, Wolf Creek, Bland Co.,
According to Larson's "Hans Jacob Honaker", Abraham and Sarah had 15
children but other Honaker researchers have given them 16. Children:
i.Elizabeth[2] (called Betsy). Born in either 1804 or 1805 in Montgomery
Co., Va. She married James Johnson 13 Nov 1821 in Montgomery Co., Va. The
marriage bond is dated 12 Nov 1821 and is signed by Abraham Honaker.
ii.Samuel C. Born 20 Aug 1806 in Montgomery Co., Va.
iii.Margaret J. (called Peggy) Born 29 Apr 1808
iv.Jacob. Born 1810. "California DAR Records say he was born 6 Feb.
v.Peter Cline. According to "California DAR Records" he was born 10 Oct
1813 in Montgomery Co., Va.
vi.Mary (called Polly). According to "California DAR Records", she was
born 6 Jun 1813 in Montgomery Co., Va. She married Claibourn Bradshaw 28
Mar 1833 in Montgomery Co., Va.
vii.Henry. Born 15 Mar 1815 in Montgomery Co., Va.
viii.John M. Born 20 Nov 1816 in Wythe Co., Va.
ixJames A. Born 6 Jul 1818 in Montgomery Co., Va.
x.Sarah E. (called Sally). According to "California DAR Records", she was
born 13 Jul 1822 in Montgomery Co., Va. She married, first Andrew J.
Breeding (seen in some records as Breedlove) 8 Dec 1847 in Pulaski Co., Va.
They were married by A. B. Walthall, minister. She married, second, John S.
Ewart 25 May 1852 in Pulaski Co., Va.
xi.Edith (called Eady or Edie). According to "California DAR Records", she
was born 13 Jul 1822 in Montgomery Co., Va. One researcher has 18 Jul 1822
as her birthdate. She married, first William Bradshaw on either 6 Jan 1841
or 6 Jan 1842 in Pulaski Co., Va. They were married by J. G. Cecil,
Methodist minister. She married, second, Joseph Shaffer 13 Oct 1850 in
Pulaski Co., Va. They were also married by J. G. Cecil, Methodist minister.
xii.Andrew Jackson. Born 1 Feb 1824 in Montgomery C., Va.
xiii. William Crockett. (called Billy). Born 22 Sep 1825
xiv.Abraham, Jr. (also seen as Abram). Born 16 Apr 1827 according to
"California DAR Records".
xv.Eliza Jane. Born 16 Mar 1828 in Montgomery Co., Va. One researcher
submitted 23 May 1827 as her birthdate. If her brother Abraham, Jr. was
born in Apr 1827 as the "California DAR Records" indicate, she could not
have been born in May 1827. If, however, other researchers are correct with
Abraham's birth year as 1829, then she could have been born in May 1827.
Died 10 Dec 1852. She married John N. French 6 May 1847 in Tazewell Co.,
Va. One researcher submitted 16 Mar Unknown as the marriage date.

There is much more information about each of the children if you are
interested. If so, I'll try to scan or copy and provide.

I have the book because at one time I thought my GG Grandmother was a
Honaker, but it turned out she wasn't so I kept the book, because my GG
Grandmother's sister married a Honake.

Billy McMenamy

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I am trying to research this line. I had found they had a son Jacobb who
married Jane Bradshaw. They had a son Benjamin who married Louise Abbott.
They had a son Fred. Does this match anyone elses records?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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