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From: Deanna Baumgardner <>
Subject: [Hooper] History of Shelby County, Texas
Date: Fri, 01 Mar 2002 21:02:48 -0800

We are coming down to the deadline March 20 for submitting the stories
to the Shelby County for the History Book. Have you made a decision
about whom you would like to submit?
In case you don't have the guidelines here they are:
1. Keep your stories in chronological order and TITLE your story, i.e.
2. Your narrative may be up to 500 words DOUBLE SPACED AND TYPED.
3. You may write a history of both sides (mogther and father) of your
4. UNDERLINE all names, places and events to be indexed.
5.Include all MAIDEN names, MARRIAGES and check spellings
6. Note nicknames in (parentheses) along with full birth names.
7. Include any known locations along with time periods.
8. Be as exact as possible on dates, month/day/year or time periods such
as "in the spring of 1922"
Marriage, Birth, Death, Divorce, Adoption, Event
9. Like names individuals need to be idenfified by Jr., Sr. or I, II,
10. Limit photograph to topic
11. Extra photos will be gladly accepted if they convey a message about
Shelby County history, but the SCHS book Committee will decide whether
or not to use the photo in the book.
12. IF AT ALL POSSIBLE send a copy or high quality scan of the
photograph so the society may retain it for their archives. If an
original is sent, it will be copied or scanned and returned to owner.
13. Mark all photos on the back with your name, address, phoe number and
who, what, when and where
14. Submit articles to SCHS, ATTN: History Book, PO Box 1542, Center, TX

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