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From: Deanna Baumgardner <>
Subject: [HOOPER] Searching for Obadiah Hooper's Father - William Hooper #1Final
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2011 08:08:07 -0800

Magazine of Virginia Genealogy, Vol. 36, No. 4
1744 Mr. William Hooper
Nov. 10 To balance frm Folio 73
/8/ Dec 26 Shoe thread, 1 quart bottle, powder shott
1745 Contra Oct. 1 By Balance/8/

A Merchants Handbook, Hanover County 1744-45 (Folio 170) Sundries Dr. to Balance being a complete list of all the debts due to the cargo HB under the management of Francis Jerdone belonging to the Executor of Neill Buchanan, Esq. Deceased this first day of October 1745.
William Hooper.

William Hooper was not listed as processioning land or named in The Vestry Book of St. Paul's Parish, Hanover County, Virginia 1706-1786.

A list of Tithables taken by William Clement, Gent. Between Flatt Creek & Appamattox River for the year 1743-44 William Hooper 1 UV-GensoC Vol. 38, Pg. 248.

There are numerous land deeds for a William Hooper in Albemarle County 1745/1758 which names wife, Martha and a listing for Jury Duty July 5, 1747.

Albemarle Order Book 144-48, from reports made by Surveyor Joshua Fry. Period is June
1747-48. p. 17 Albemarle deeds l, page 208 Wm Hooper and wife Martha to Hardin Burnley of St. Paul's Parish, Hanover Co. for 20,280 acres N. side ofJames, E branches Hardware adj. Capt. Hudson's former line.
Page 41, page 206 28 May 1759 Wm. Hooper to Robt and Jas Donald & Co. 50 acres where Hooper not lives; deed of trust.

If anyone can assist with information on William Hooper, it will be appreciated.

Deanna (Hooper) Baumgardner

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