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Subject: [HOOVER-L] Hoover's on Ship Edinburgh, 1751
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1999 11:02:44 EDT


It appears that there was a German community in southern New Jersey in the
mid 18th century. What piqued my interest was this:

In the book "Early Records of Cumberland Co. New Jersey" is the following:

Names of some immigrants, time of arrival at Philadelphia, Pa, name of ship.
These immigrants from Germany settled in Old Greenwich Twp.

HOOVER, Jacob, Sept. 16, 1751, ship Edinburgh, Capt. James Russel.

Here are the Males over 16 years of age on that ship:


(LIST 167 C) At the courthouse in Philadelphia, on Monday, the 16th September
Present: The Worshipful, the Mayor, Joshua Maddox, Esqr.

The Foreigners whose names are underwritten, impoerted in the Edinburgh,
james Russell, Master, did this day take the usual Qualifications &
subscribed them. 10 Catholicks. Whole Freights 345. No. 160.

Lorence (+) Kuntzman
Jacob Baur
Petter Maurer
Johann Adam Allan
Conrad (+) Zinck
Johannes Gottgen
Philipus Jacob Wagner
Gotlieb Wagman
Willhelm Oerdter
Johan Jacob Huser
Conrad (KB) Bachman
Hans Adam Miller
Hans Mich. Gerber
Henrich Ratz
Casper Wisser
Johann Henrich Guterman
Johann Hentrich Volckner
Johan Jacob Volckner
Johan Peter Zeb
Adam Karl Knes
Frantz Wilhelm Jorholtz
Henrich Stumpf
Joh. Peter Mengen
Johann Henrich Stein
Johann Phieliepps Christ
Johan Henrich Lang
Johan Peter Endt
Johann Heinrich Holtzel
Johann Philipp Senft
Johannes Dorn (?)
Joseph Zombro
Peter (+) Fleck
Willm (+) Saltzman
Heinrich Pfeiffer
Wilhelm Kupferschmid
Hans Adam Matter
Hans Hendrech Noll
George Matter
Jacob Keiser
Jacob Matter
Ands (x) Keyser
Johann Adam Walthorn
Hans Matter
Johann Peter Schuch
Michel Hardman
Johann Wilhelm Heintz
Philipp Friedrich Meyer
Hans Adam Ferber
Georg Justavus Noll
Balthasar Jung
Wilhelm Adam Wolf
Georg Christophel Brem
Johann Gottfried Kroh
Johan Wilm Ferber
Lorentz Schweissguth
Peter ( ) Prim, sick on bd.
Andreas ( ) Wier, lame on bd.
Henrich Wilhelm Kohler
Johann Nickel Eberth
Johann Philip Eberth
Johann Nicolaus Ebert
Nicolaus Schoppert
Hieronimus (T) Textur
Johann Sigmund Stantze
Johan Goreg Schnell
Abraham (+) Schnell
Nicholas (X) Lindeman
Peter Pfeifer
Heinrich Pfeifer
Christian Luther
Christian Scheib
Michel Weber
Nickel Weber
Johann Michael Stamler
Johann Nickel Weber
Johann Nickel Weber, Senr.
Johann Peter Fitting
Johann Abraham Dauber
Johan Friedrich Conrad
Johannes (X) Henrich
Johan Nickel Henrich
Michael (B) Burger
Johannes (O) Ort
Peter Schlosser
Peter Schlosser
Wilhelm Weyerich
Frantz Hihgert
Martin Schuch
Fredrick (X) Grunewald
Johann Jorg Reinheimmer
Johann Friedrich Graf
Carl (O) Smith
Joh. Nicklaus Weyerbacher
Isaac Weyerbacher
Johannes Weyerbacher
Johann Andreas Wagner
Peter Lang
Carl Schell
Joh. Wilhelm Graf
Johann Friedterich Fuchs
Henrich Adam Scherer
Peter Rhein
David Rhein
Jacob (X) Zilchart
Johann Henrich Rhein
Adam (KO) Kober
Christian (+) Kober
Hans Adam Kober
Michel Bauerman
Johann Jacob Muller
Johanes Schlater
Johan Nickelas Kern
Christiahn Hahn
Peter Dolpster
Nicholas (X) Mathias
Martin Mateis
Johannes (+) Mathias
Johann Vallentin Benighoff
Johan Philipp Bennighoff
Ehrenfried Bennighoff
Johann Nicklaus Mehl
Friedrich Mehl
Jacob (X) Inder
Johan Willhelm Nagel
Johan Conrad Jost
Simon (HSB) Burchart
Abraham Urjenbacher
Johannes Arbengast
Jacob (HW) Fredrich
Hans Jerg Kast
Johann Phillibes Kuster

Jacob (+) Hoover
Frans (+) Hoover
Johann Michell Huber

Philipes Hasselbacher
Thommas Schmid
Johannes Klein
Johannes Schnider
Johann Jacob Bitter
Johanes Scheidt
Jacob Junck
Jacob (X) Schnoudy
Johan Niclaus Marheffen
Anthoni Blum
George (+) Segman
Nicklas (X) Zeglar
Christian Steyerwald
Johan (X) Reys
Zachary (X) Reys
Blasius Beckh
Gorg Walker
Daniel Lehmbacher
Henrich Daniel Deill
Christoph Mez
Phillipp Henrich Weis
Johannes Schleich
Johann Nickel Schmidt
Israel (+) Burchart

Here is a list of other ships with passengers that went to Cumberland county.
Perhaps your Hoover/Huber's were on some of these ships?


Names of some immigrants, time of arrival at Philadelphia, Pa., name of
ship. These immigrants from Germany settled in Old Greenwich twp.

Christian, Sept 13, 1749
Samuel, Aug 27, 1739
Polly, Sept 19, 1764
Duke of Bedford, Sept 14, 1751
Bennet, aug 13, 1750
Loyal Judith, Nov 25, 1740
Samuel, Apr 17,1731
Robert and alice, sept 24, 1742
Robert and Alice, Dec. 3,1740
" " , Sept 5, 1748
Sally, Oct 31, 1774
Neptune, Oct 7, 1755
Adventurer, sept 23, 1732
Lesbie, Oct 7, 1749
Loyal Judith, sept 2, 1743
Samuel, aug 27, 1739
Two sisters, Sept 9, 1738
Adventurer, Sept 25, 1754
Patience, Sept 19, 1749
Halifax, sept 28, 1753
Salley, Oct 5, 1767
Richmond and Eliz, Sept 28, 1733
Charming Nancy, Nov 9, 1738
Richard and Mary, Sept 17, 1753
Marle, Sept 1, 1736
Marlborugh, sept 23, 1741
Princess augusta, sept 16, 1736
Europa, Nov 20, 1741
Louisa, Nov 8, 1752
Lydia, sept 27, 1740
Tyger, Nov 19, 1771
Betsy, aug 27, 1739
Adventurer, Sept 23, 1732
Lesbie, Oct 7, 1749
Sarah, Sept 20, 1764
Brittania, sept 26, 1764
Neptune, Oct 7, 1753
Rosannah, Sept 26, 1743
Molly, Sept 10, 1737
Pink Molly, Oct 29, 1733
Polly, Oct 18, 1766

It is at the begining of the chapter titled "German Presbyterian Church
"This is a Record of Births & Baptisms of a Church erected in the year
1760, by the German settlers in Upper Hopewell Township near Cohansey
formerly called New Boston in Cumberland County, NJ. It appears by the deed
was called the German Presbyterian Church, built on the lot where the old
graveyard now stands, standing until the year about 1840."

"The Friesburg records says on May 28, 1836 communed with members of
sister church at Cohansey by Rev. William Reynolds. Again communed with
several members of sister Church, making 50 members in all. The families
had their children baptized at both Churches."

"Translated in 1936 from old Teutonic German by Chas C D Baker or
Dazenbaker, GGGrandson of Johann Ludwig Dantzebecher who came with Dr. Bodo
Otto in the ship Neptune arrived Philadelphia, Pa. Oct. 6, 1755."

On page 87 of "Sunbonnets and Shoofly Pies" by John Joseph Stoudt is this:

"In 1763, Heinrich Muller gave a (second) list of agents who sold his paper
Der Wochentliche Staatsbote. It is described as a newspaper that welded
liberal Germans behind Scotch-Irish Presbyterians. One of the Agents was Bodo
Otto of Cohanse, New Jersey, later to become surgeon in the Continental Army."

Hope this helps someone, let me know if you can add anything!

Joseph Hoover, MI

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