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From: "Richard A. Smallwood" <>
Subject: [HOOVER-L] A PA/MD Hoover Family update
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 18:55:08 -0600

I submitted the following information on the Hoover list on two occasions
- July 15 & 22, 2002 in the hopes of locating my g-g-grandmother Mary M.
Hoover the wife of Ephraim Stansbury of Carroll Co. MD. Either one of
these e-mails will identify her children and who they married.

Two members of this list (Ms. Joyce Wright <> & Dennis
Ford <>) offered two proposed families and parents in
answer to my inquiries. While I was/am very grateful for the help, the
fact that neither had a record of his/her source(s) and their information
did not exactly match each other, was a matter of great concern to me
because information without annotation of sources is rootless and subject
to the whims and errors of hope and memory.

As it happens, I had a chance to go to Baltimore County MD and York and
Adams Counties PA and research this information. As it turned out, the
information offered by both Ms. Wright was and Mr. Ford was more correct
than what I thought.

The remainder of this e-mail will list what I found and will include what
documentation I used and where that documentation can be found. This
information is being submitted as a thanks to everyone who has attempted
to help someone on this list and specifically to Ms. Wright and Mr. Ford
who supplied me with enough information so I could verify it (a huge time
saver) rather than having to flounder around and attempt to find my
ancestors from "scratch."

It is also offered to those persons on the list whose Hoover ancestors
were in America before 1846. Before 1846, the colonies/states where,
statistically, the most Germanic people entered America were Pennsylvania
and Maryland. There were two main reasons for this.
1.) Before 1846, the three largest American ports were Philadelphia,
Boston and Baltimore. New York was, at best, a poor 4th when it was even
that busy. After1846, New York had filled in its long shallow shelf
harbor so that deep-draft trans-Atlantic ships could off-load directly
onto docks and wharves without having to first off-load onto shallow
draft boats. By 1850 New York was the number one busiest port in America.
2.) From the earliest colonial days, the Penn family, the proprietors of
the Colony of Pennsylvania encouraged Germanic peoples to immigrate to
Pennsylvania. They actually went on "missionary" trips to the Continent
to enlist Germanic immigrants. The Colony of Maryland also had a policy,
for most of its life, which was the same sort of religious tolerance to
continental Europeans. That mean that Germanic peoples were accorded the
same rights as Englishmen. The liberal attitude of these two colonies was
in marked contrast to the that exhibited by most of the other colonies.
So for the ancestors of pre-1846 Hoover immigrants look to Maryland and
especially, Pennsylvania, as the first American home of your mid-Western

Mary M. Stansbury's parents were Henry Hoover and Susannah Dubbs. Henry
died intestate (no Will) and his estate listed all his children and most
of their mates. Henry's estate appears on pages 290 through 292 of the
Baltimore County MD, Administrative Accounts, 1852-1857, Book J. L. R.-
1, MD Archives File # CR #9059. Note: The original documents are no
longer at the Baltimore County courthouse in Towson, they have been
shipped to the State Archives in Annapolis.

Henry and his wife, Susannah, are buried (along with two of their
children) in St. Abraham's Lutheran Church Cemetery at 4029 Upper
Beckleyville Road in Northwestern Baltimore Co. The children named in
Henry's estate are listed, in the order as they appear in the estate
settlement, with those buried at St. Abraham's specifically noted:
1.) David HOOVER b. 7 Apr 1807 PA, m. Ann CURTIS - source: John & Donna
2.) John HOOVER b. 1822 MD m. Malinda W. 27 Aug 1873. 57 years old. She
is buried at St. Abraham's, her information from tombstone.
3.) Henry HOOVER b. 1820 MD (Administrator of his father's estate)
4.) Peter HOOVER b. 29 Oct1823 MD, d. 12 Nov 1900 MD; 1st wife was Susan
HOFACKER b. 1817, d. 1861, 2nd wife was Elizabeth A. b. 1825, d. 1910.
All buried at St. Abraham's, information from tombstones.
5.) Lydia HOOVER b. 3 Oct 1808 PA; d 9 Jan 1902 IL m. May 26,1827 MD
Micajah COOPER- source: Groveland Twp, LaSalle Co., IL newspaper obit
6.) Sarah HOOVER b. 1813 MD, d. Jan 24, 1902 OH m. 1837 Christopher M.
ARMACOST of Darke Co, OH - source: Richard and Jean ALLREAD of NC
7.) Catherine HOOVER b. 1824 MD m. Jacob Rash
8.) Mary M. HOOVER b. 1810 MD, d. 1885 buried St. John's Leister's Church
in Carroll Co. MD m. Ephraim Stansbury burial place unknown.
9.) Margaret HOOVER b .1826 MD m. David Wilhelm
10.) Susannah HOOVER b. 12 May 1828, d. 1 Jul 1916 MD m. Wm Curtis
SPARKS b. 3 Mar 1827, d. 12 Oct 1911. both buried St. Abraham's Cemetery,
information from tombstone.

Henry Huber was born 26 Sep 1780 and died 07 June 1852. His tombstone
states -In memory of/ HENRY HOOVER/ who departed this life/ June 7th
1852/ Aged/ 71 years & 8 months. [Using these dates, he would have been
born 26 Sep 1780. At the York County PA Historical Society; York PA there
is a transcribed copy of the St. Jacob's (Stone) Union Church, Codorus
Twp., York Co. PA (near Brodbecks) Parish Registers, 1756-1884. For 26
Oct 1780 there is a record of a Baptism for an unnamed child who was born
on 26 Sep 1780 to Ulrich Huber and his wife Eva. (St. Jacobs or Stone
Church is located on an unbelievable hill on Stone Church Rd.) The
transcriber's name is Rev. Frederick S. Weiser. The York Co. Historical
Society also has the original church record (written in German) on

Henry's name appears as a heir in the 1807 -1810 estate record of Ulrich
Hoover of Reading Township, Adams Co. PA. The original documents are on
file at the Adams County PA Historical Society at the Lutheran Seminary
in Gettysburg PA, on microfiche at the Adams County Courthouse;
Gettysburg PA and on microfilm at the York County PA Historical Society;
York PA.

On 3 Sep 1808, a Henry Hoover, of York County PA, bought land in
Baltimore County MD from Mordecai Cole. This land is situated close to
St. Abraham's Church. Baltimore County MD, Deed Book W. G. 99, pages 297
through 299 at MD State Archives, Annapolis MD.

Henry married Susanna Dubbs the daughter of Oswald Dubbs and Margaret
Thoman. (The Dubbs surname is spelled many ways Dups, Dupps, Dub, Dubs,
etc.) The 6 Jan 1848 Will of Oswald Dubs named as one of his heirs, his
daughter Susanna intermarried with Henry Huber. York County PA, Will Book
"S", pages 297 and 298. Oswald Dubs was not named as Margaret Thoman
husband in the 23 Sep 1805 York County PA Will of Johann Jacob Thoman,
York County Will Book "L", page 278 -284, but in the sale of Jacob's
property as recorded in York County PA Deed Book "2-T", pages 67 through
69. (Oswald is identified as Margaret's husband on page 68.) These
documents are on microfilm at York County Historical Society; York PA.
The original bound books are at the York County Archives, York PA. The
Dubbs are buried at the Wildasin Meeting (or School) House in Codorus
State Park southwest of Hanover in York Co. PA, not at St. Jacob's
(Stone) Union Church in Codorus Twp. Their tombstone inscriptions are
written in English. I do not know where Johann Jacob Thoman or his wife
are buried.

Susanna Dubbs's St Abraham's Cemetery's tombstone states: In memory of/
SUSANNAH/ wife of Henry Hoover/ born June 27 1783/died Feb. 27 1865/ aged
81 years & 8 months.
At the York County PA Historical Society; York PA there is a transcribed
copy of the Emmanuel's Reformed Curch, Hanover, York County PA, Vol. I,
1770-1856 church records. The transcriber was William J. Hinke. On page
13 of the transcribed record, page 25 of the original record (written in
German) there is a entry of Susanna born 26 Jun 1783, baptized 5 Oct,
parents Oswald Dupps and wife Margaret, sponsors Jacob Thoman and wife
Susanna. (Emanuel Reformed Church, is now called Emmanuel Church of
Christ. It is located in downtown Hanover.)The original church on
microfilm at York County Historical Society; York PA.

As stated previously Henry's name appears as a heir in the 1807 -1810
estate record of Ulrich Hoover of Reading Township, Adams Co. PA. The
original documents which are on file at the Adams County Historical
Society at the Lutheran Seminary in Gettysburg PA are filed under two
names Alrich (which is an error) and Ulrich.

Ulrick and his 3rd wife, Eva, the daughter of Johann Jacob Lingenfelter
(or Lingafelter) are buried at the Emmauel Christ of Christ Cemetery just
South of the traffic circle at Abbotstown,
Hamilton Township, Adams Co. PA. (The surname was spelled Lingafelter in
Jacob's Will and Lingenfelter on two of his deeds.)

Ulrich Huber's tombstone is slate and the inscription is written in very
fancy German script. It says that he was b. 24 Mar 1734, d. 5 Oct 1805.
His wife's tombstone is next to his, her inscription is written in
English. Eve Huber/Wife of Ulrich Huber/who departed this life June 16th,
1820/aged 65 years.

Ulrich was named as Eve's husband in Johann Jacob Lingafelter's18 Sep
1807, Berwick Township, Adams County PA Will in Will Book "A" pages 424
through 426. Like Ulrich's estate Jacob's original estate documents are
on file at the Adams County Historical Society at the Lutheran Seminary
in Gettysburg PA, on microfiche (where they are referred to as Case #282)
at the Adams County Courthouse; Gettysburg PA and on microfilm at the
York County Historical Society; York PA.

Ulrich Huber's estate named 13 living children. That is to say, the
number "13" was actually used to identify the number of living children
who were his heirs. His child, Magdalina Keller, was listed as deceased
with heirs of her own. It was in this family where I found the most
errors. I used original documents and checked the baptizms transcriptions
to see if 1.) Ulrich only had two wives and 2.) if he had a child named
George Henry.

At the York County Historical Society; York PA there is a transcribed
copy of the St. Jacob's (Stone) Union Church, Codorus Twp., York Co. PA
(near Brodbecks) Parish Registers, 1756-1884. The transcriber was Rev.
Frederick S. Weiser (a retired Lutheran minister) who has written over a
dozen books of German church record transcriptions.

I found that the 1760 baptism of Ulrich's first child, Susanna, listed
her mother's name as Anna Maria. So that means that Susanna Vogel the
daughter of Nicholas Vogel was his 2nd wife and Eve Lingafelter was his
3rd wife.

I reviewed all available information on Ulrich's estate. Nowhere is a
George Henry mentioned. The names of Ulrich's children are listed twice
and there is a George and there is a Henry, but the names are separated
by commas and there are fourteen children listed.

Children of Ulrich Huber and Anna Maria are:
1.) Susanna Huber, baptized 25 Mar 1760 m. John Rohrbach - mentioned
in Ulrich's estate.
2.) Magdalene Huber m. Phillip Keller - incomplete baptism date, -
mentioned in Ulrich's estate as deceased.
3.) Michael Huber, b. 1763 - incomplete baptism date, - mentioned in
Ulrich's estate.
4.) Maria Barbara Huber b. 1765 - incomplete baptism date, NOT
mentioned in Ulrich's estate.
Children of Ulrich Huber and 2nd wife, Susanna Vogel are:
5.) Anna Catharina Huber b. 02 August 1767 - mentioned in Ulrich's
6.) Johann Jacob Huber b. 04 August 1769 - mentioned in Ulrich's
Children of Ulrich Huber and 3rd wife, Eve Lingafelter are:
7.) Catherine Eva Huber b. 31 December 1773 m. George Werley -
mentioned in Ulrich's estate
8.) Johann George Huber b. 10 January 1776 - mentioned in Ulrich's
9.) Jacob Huber b. 20 August 1778 - NOT mentioned in Ulrich's estate.
10.) unnamed [Henry] Huber b. 26 September 1780 - mentioned in
Ulrich's estate
11.) [Christian Huber b. 28 October 1782 - this one is in question,
the baptism entry stated that his parents were Uli and Catharina Huber
and he was NOT mentioned in Ulrich's estate.]
12.) Peter Huber b. 03 October 1785 - mentioned in Ulrich's estate
1846 in Adams Co. PA. m. Christina. (Note: Peter Huber also shown b. 3
Nov 1785).
13.) Maria Elisabeth Huber b. 18 December 1788 - mentioned in
Ulrich's estate
14.) Anna Maria Huber b. 30 May 1791 - mentioned in Ulrich's estate
15.) Barbara Huber b. 12 March 1793 - mentioned in Ulrich's estate
16.) David Huber - there was no baptism record on him, but his mother
applied for his guardianship in 1807 and stated that he was 10 years old.
17.) Sarah Huber - there was no baptism record on her, but her mother
applied for her guardianship in 1807 and stated that she was 10 years old.

I offer this information for what it is worth and hope that it will be of
help to someone. If anyone finds an error or feels that I have used
inappropriate or untrustworthy sources, please let me know.
Richard Smallwood
Huntsville AL

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