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Subject: Hoover, 1798 - Current, Dauphin co, PA & Michigan
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006 17:02:29 -0800 (PST)

My Hoovers --

Descendants of ABRAM HOOVER (HUBER) - Feb 12 2006


1. ABRAM HOOVER (HUBER) was born on Apr 11 1798. He died on Dec 5 1848. He was buried in German Baptist Cemetery, Lower Paxton Twp., Dauphin Co., PA. Tombstone is "Abe Hoover"
Cemetery is along Union Deposit Rd. in Lower Paxton Twp., Dauphin Co., PA
Rebecca Hoover is buried there also.
The same cemetery also has George Hoover b. May 4, 1809, d. July 11, 1862; Elizabeth Hoover, wife of George Hoover b. May 1 1809, d. Feb 28, 1893; Sarah B. Hoover, b. Mar 10, 1820, d. Aug 3, 1883 wife. of Samuel Hoover b. May 1818, d. July 29. 1888; and Samuel E. Hoover d. Feb 1868 son of George and Elizabeth Hoover.

Abram b. 1798, George b. 1809, and Samuel b. 1818 could be brothers.

Three Abraham Hoovers are listed on the 1830 Census. (Pg. 34 and 35)

1. Abraham Hoover 30-40, female 30-40, Male-15, two females under 5, and two females 10-15. (pg. 34)

2. Abraham Hoover 30-40, female 30-40, male 10-15, female under 5, two females 5-10, and one female 10-15. (pg. 35) This one looks to fit the 1840 Census below the best. A daughter (age >20) is missing in 1840.

3. Abraham Hoover Sr. 50-60, female 50-60, two males 15-20. (pg. 35) Could be Abraham's parents.

Besides daughter Elizabeth and son Isaac, Abram had other children listed in the 1840 Census as follows: male 20-30 and female 5-10. The male 20-30 must be about 20-23 in 1840 assuming that Abram was married between age 18 and 20 (in 1816-1818). Abram was born in 1798 according to the tombstone. I'm looking for a male Hoover age 30-33 in the 1850 Census.
Could be -- John Hoover p. 250 1850 Census age 34, Lower Paxton Twp.
Could be -- John Hoover p. 251 1850 Census age 34, Lower Paxton Twp.

He was married to REBECCA (Anna Margreta) FERNSLER (daughter of JOHANNES FERNSLER and BARBARA EBY) on Aug 6 1818 in Jonestown, Lebanon Co., PA. REBECCA (Anna Margreta) FERNSLER was born on Nov 15 1795. She was christened on Aug 18 1796. She died on Mar 25 1854. She was buried in German Baptist Church Cemetery, Lower Paxton Twp. Dauphin Co., PA.

Rebecca Hoover is buried at the German Baptist Cemetery along Union Deposit Rd. in Lower Paxton Twp., Dauphin Co., PA. Tombstone lists her as Rebecca.
. ABRAM HOOVER (HUBER) and REBECCA (Anna Margreta) FERNSLER had the following children:

+3 ii. MARY HOOVER. (Not confirmed, but a possibility)


2. ELIZABETH HOOVER was born on Apr 8 1824 in Dauphin Co., PA. She died on Mar 30 1896 in Wakeshma Twp., Kalamazoo Co., MI. She was buried in North Cemetery, Wakeshma Twp..

She was married to GEORGE SNYDER (son of GEORGE SNYDER and ? ?) on Aug 15 1843 in Harrisburg, Dauphin Co., PA. Date may be 1844.

LDS records show a George Schneider, Elizabeth Haonce wedding, Aug 15, 1844 in Harrisburg. LDS 7505505. George and Elizabeth's household is listed in the 1850 Census of Dauphin Co. in So. Hanover Twp.

Moved from Dauphin Co., PA in the spring of 1854 to Ida Twp., Monroe Co., MI. In the spring of 1863 he, his wife, and oldest daughter (Rebecca) became members of the Neriah Reformed Church. There was a Neriah Evangelical (Reformed) Church on Rauch Rd., Ida Twp., Monroe Co. May be the site of the current Neriah Cemetery.

In 1864 they moved to Erie Twp., Monroe Co.

In the spring of 1866 George and Elizabeth moved to Wakeshma Twp., Kalamazoo Co.

3. MARY HOOVER was born on Jun 15 1827. She died on Nov 6 1883 in Highspire, PA.

She was married to GEORGE WASHINGTON PARTHEMORE on Feb 25 1847 in Highspire, PA. GEORGE WASHINGTON PARTHEMORE was born on Apr 20 1826. He died on Jan 26 1884 in Highspire, PA. MARY HOOVER and GEORGE WASHINGTON PARTHEMORE had the following children:

21 iv. EMMA MARY PARTHEMORE was born in 1861 in Highspire, PA.

4. ISAAC HOOVER was born on Mar 2 1834 in Dauphin Co., PA. 1850 Census, Dauphin Co., Pa lists Isaac at age 17 in the George and Elizabeth Snyder household. Isaac is Elizabeth's brother. He also came to Michigan and all of Isaac's children came to the Snyder reunions according to the "Reunion Record".

Isaac moved to Monroe Co., MI in 1850.

1860 Census has Isaac (age 25) in La Sale Twp., Monroe Co., living with James Elliott a carpenter and Isaac is listed as a carpenter.

1880 Census Isaac is in Ida Twp., Monroe Co., with a family and listed as a farmer. He is 2 farms away from Joseph and Rebecca Keifer (his cousin).

From "A Short History of Ida Twp.", Lucas Library, Toledo, OH
Isaac Hoover -- Born in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, March 2, 1834, has in the year 1880 secured a patent for a washing machine, which has been acknowledged, by competent judges, to be a perfect and labor-saving machine. He invites any wishing such an article to call and examine it. See patent number 299,610 dated July 6. 1880. Application date February 26, 1880. I have a copy.

Isaac removed to Monroe County in 1850, resides in Ida Township, is a farmer, dealing in patent rights. Address, Samaria, Monroe County, Michigan.

He was married to SARAH ANN RAUCH (daughter of SAMUEL RAUCH and SARAH LANDERMILD) on Apr 5 1865 in Erie Twp., Monroe Co., MI. SARAH ANN RAUCH was born on Sep 11 1845 in Dauphin Co., PA. 1910 Census has her (age 63) living with son Jacob and Lillian Hoover.

Her father, Samuel Rauch, resides in Erie Township; her mother, Sarah Landermild, died in that township. 1920 Census lists her (age 74) living with son Jacob and Lillian Hoover.

ISAAC HOOVER and SARAH ANN RAUCH had the following children:

+24 iii. SAMUEL C. HOOVER.

Bob in MI

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