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From: "Mumford" <>
Subject: [HOPKINS-L] The Book: Hopkins of Virginia and Related Families by Walter Lee Hopkins pub. 1931
Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2000 17:17:56 -0400

To the Hopkins-List:

I joined the list a few weeks ago when I began searching out my Hopkins line and have tried to refrain from posting until I absolutely needed to... well, I need help here and I apologize if this email is too long, but!...there are too many William Hopkins born in Virginia to look at, much less make sense of as to who they belong to! And, on top of that confusion, from what I've been told by my various Hopkins relatives, back at the turn of the century, after Mark Hopkins died and his estate went into ligation, every Hopkins family in America was "determined" to be related to the man in one way shape or form...I believe Ms. Latta when she states in her book (I have the book, by the way) there was a vast conspiracy to alter records, etc--not only to prove who Mark wasn't related to, but also, in a very real way, to prove who he was related to! That really muddies the waters of the past as every family bible then becomes suspect, etc ...so, I'm desperate. And, of course, if any of this sounds familar in the least to anyone, please let me know!

My direct line is as follows with pertinent facts taken from actual documentation:

(1)William Riley md Rosan Philips Jan 11, 1852 in Ashe Co., NC. Rosan was his second wife--his first was Ellenor Elizabeth Sherwood who he married *I think* April 24, 1827 in Davidson County, NC--info gotten from the Hopkins Clearinghouse!-- And by whom he had Sarah A. Hopkins who married Joseph Sand Norris and George Washington Hopkins who married Elizabeth Ellen Setser--both these children stayed in North Carolina when he and Rosan moved to KY--

He also had a third child, Phillip Hopkins, born in 1850, in NC. I am presuming Ellenor is Phillips' mother even though his descendants claim Rosan as his mother and that Elllenor died from childbirth. I base this assumption on Phillips birthdate-1850- and the marriage date of Rosan Philips and William Riley- 1852-perhaps he had hired Rosan to take care of Phillip as her family and his family did live "nearby" each other and she was one of many, many children belonging to Rebecca Philips in that household in 1850 --also the 1850 Ashe County census image shows only Sarah A. and Geo. W. living with William R. (age 47) and Ellenor (age 38) and both children were in their twenties--(another interesting point is Rosan was 27 when she married W.R. and he was 49)(and he owned property valued at 2000 dollars in 1850)...W. R. and Rosan left Ashe County and are then found in the Pike County, KY land grants, purchasing land in 1858 practically next door to Cornelius Hopkins (who is from VA, who married Darcus Thacker, and who lived in KY since 1822 (from the KY land grant records)). I do believe there is a connection there. It doesn't make sense to me that William would up and leave a wealthy property like that in NC with his new wife and a bunch of babies at HIS AGE to go and settle in Floyd/Pike County in the 1850's unless he had "other considerations" or family links to the area. They stayed long enough in NC to have Nathan Thomas and John (b. 1852 and 1854 respectively). Thus, Phillip Hopkins would be a step-son to Rosan. By the way, I found Rosan Philips Hopkins in the 1880 Pike County KY census images, a widow, as the head of the house and with her is living William Riley Jr.-her son- and his wife, Millie Hall Hopkins. So she died sometime during the 1880's. Nathan Thomas and John are living on either side of her in the 1880 census. She and William Riley are buried in the Hopkins, Johnson, and Jones Cemetery in Melvin, Ky (Floyd County). There are other Philips related to Rosan buried there in the cemetery, too, and perhaps William left with Rosan when her family moved...that is also another possibility.

So, Cornelius Hopkins was born in 1778 and was age 72 according to the 1850 KY census image at Genealogylibrary.com. Darcus, his wife, was 52 years old in the 1850 census. Which means she was 14 or thereabouts when she married Cornelius in 1812 if Truman Adkins info is correct, which I think it is as their marriage is recorded in various databases--being married at 14 is not as far-fetched as it seems either. The point is Cornelius was 34 years old when he married Darcus! There is a strong possibility that Cornelius may have been married before given their ages. William was born in 1803 or 1804 in Va...this is speculation, of course. Cornelius may have been an uncle or a cousin to William...which is what I think actually given what my grandmother told me. HIS father Richard, must have been related to Benjamin Hopkins as well...

William and Rosan had:

(2)son: John Hopkins b. Dec 27, 1854 md. Hannah Osborne (dau of Cornelius Osborne and Rhoda Hammonds) Feb. 20, 1873 in Pike Co., KY -- Hannah died 11/8/1924. "Preacher" John Hopkins was a well-respected man of the community and a smart businessman as well. He bought each of his adult children property outright so that they could have a permanent home (per my grandmother who told me this). The 1900 Pike County census shows John and Hannah had nine children and eight were living at the time of the 1900 census. John Hopkins married three more times before he died in 11/8/1934. I've tracked two of his wives through their obituaries--mainly the Old Regular Baptist Minutes...the one I'm having trouble with is Rebecca Turner who he married shortly after Hannah died. Rebecca died in Jan 25, 1926. According to my grandmother, all of the wives after Hannah were widows and that Rebecca had been married twice before she married John Hopkins (and he performed both ceremonies for Rebecca to her other two husbands). My grandmother says that John Hopkins was in "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" magazine in the early 1930's, with a picture of him, because of his marriages (am still checking this one out, too!). One other thing she told me was that the other three wives were originally John's housekeepers! I suspect Rebecca had been married first to a Newsome, then to a Turner, but I have no facts to back this up (am still looking).

John and Hannah had as one of their eight living children:

(3) dau. Mary Jane "Mollie" Hopkins b. March 29, 1891 md Robert Lee Baker, Dec. 31, 1906. Robert Lee Baker was the
son of Richard Augustus Baker and Mary Riggs and was b. May 18, 1883 and d. May 7, 1947 in Wise, Va. Richard Augustus Baker was also a well-known preacher of the Old Regular Baptist church and Mary Riggs, his wife, was known for her knowledge of the Scriptures. Gus Baker's sons were many, were intelligent, and most went into the ministry in some form as well. Robert Lee became a minister as well as a union organizer at the coal mines. My grandmother told me he nearly died in a coal mining accident in the early forties and that a black man saved his life (named Johnnie, she thinks, but isn't sure)...Robert tried to sue the coal mining company and lost his suit. The injuries he received from the accident were severe and I was told those injuries eventually lead to his death. They lived in a cabin that Robert Lee built himself for his wife Mollie on land given to them by John Hopkins in Wise, Va. I remember that cabin well as I spent a few summers there myself. A couple of miles away lived Mollie's brothers, Joseph Hopkins and John Melvin Hopkins. John owned a profitable apple orchard and had many children by Eliza Johnson. As did Joseph Hopkins who married "Janey Newsome". Mollie Hopkins Baker eventually d. May of 1983 in Kingsport, TN.

(4) Bonnie Mae Baker (my grandmother and the source of alot of my information that I've proven with documentation) (dau of Mollie and Robert Lee Baker) b. May 14, 1913 in Wise, Va. md 1st Raymond Franklin Lowery b. April 15, 1907 d. Mar 26,1965 in Pinson Fork, KY (Pike County). She was divorced from Frank Lowery in the forties and married Eckley Jesse. (I know nothing of the Lowery family or the Jesse family. If anyone has a connection, I'd appreciate hearing from you!)

(5) Betty Lou Lowery (dau of Bonnie Mae and Frank Lowery) b. November 22, 1933 in Hysplint, KY and d. April 8, 1999 in Florida. Married James Donald Wright June 5, 1953.

(6) dau. Bonnie Sue Wright, b. Aug 23, 1954 in Wilmington, Delaware (that's me).

According to my grandmother, Bonnie Mae, she said she was told by her grandfather, John Hopkins, that our Hopkins were related to the famous Mark Hopkins of Cal. through William Riley. Apparently she was told that William Riley was A FIRST COUSIN of said Mark Hopkins (William Riley's father was a brother to Edward "Ned" Hopkins) and that there was a family bible that proved this--said bible was sent out West with a lawyer during the big Hoopla and both disappeared, the lawyer presumed murdered, and the bible was never seen since. According to Peggy, Nathan Thomas's descendant, the family had been approached by a lawyer during this Hoopla... which gives a certain amount of truth to what my grandmother told me.

In my search for the parents of William Riley Hopkins I've found a few books published on the Hopkins family. The major one is the one I've titled in my email--published in 1931. I just had to post this as I've seen a few lineages listed in here concerning the Mark Hopkins line...this only adds a new wrinkle, though, not an answer. But I thought it was interesting. This is what I found:





Stephen Hopkins, b. cir. 1750, d. at Anderson, S. C., subsequent to 1813. By a deed of gift, dated Feb. 4, 1813, and recorded Mar. 24, 1813, in Anderson Co., S. C., he provides in part: "I, Stephen Hopkins, of S. C., Pendleton District, for and in consideration of the love, good will and affection which I have and do bear toward my loving children, viz, David Hudson Hopkins, do give unto him all that plantation or tract of land containing 100 A. situate in said district on the North Side of Little River--also I do give and grant unto the said David Hudson Hopkins and Benjamin F. Hopkins, five sheep, etc.--also I do give and grant unto John Hubbard Hopkins, one cow, etc.--also to Rhoda Peoples Hopkins, certain furniture, etc.--also do give and grant to Nancy A. Hopkins certain furniture, etc., to Patsey Taylor, one chest and tables," etc. It appears from the deed that those named in the deed were his children. It seems well established that Benjamin F. Hopkins was his son. A number of people have contended that Stephen Hopkins was a brother of Col. David and John Hopkins of S. C., who were the sons of John Hopkins of Hanover Co., Va., but the writer has seen no proof of this, and all the indications are that he was not a son, for, it seems, among other things, if he were a son of John Hopkins of Hanover Co., Va., he would have been mentioned in his will.

(1) Benjamin F. Hopkins (Stephen). According to an old Bible now (1929) in possession of E. J. Hopkins, of Chester, S. C., he was b. Jan. 14, 1770, and his wife Nancy, probably Nancy Crow, was b. May 14, 1775. Issue, according to the Family Bible and other records:


David H. Hopkins, b. Jan. 18, 1800. (See III-1).
(2) John Holston Hopkins, b. Nov. 25, 1803, d. May 25, 1885. (See III-2).
(3) Nancy Hopkins, b. Feb. 16, 1806, d. Nov. 20, 1911 (aged 105 years), m.
Mr. Wilson, d. s. p.
(4) Mark Hopkins, b. Mar. 8, 1808, d. 1878, probably without issue. This
is supposed to be the Mark Hopkins who left a large estate in California
and whose estate is now in litigation.
(5) Rhoda Hopkins, b. May 14, 1810, d. 1875, m. Mr. Martin.
(6) Moses Hopkins, b. Dec. 10, 1812, d. subsequent to 1878, probably without


This is supposed to be the Moses Hopkins who also left a large
estate in California.
(7) Bandy Hopkins, b. June 8, 1814.

It also has this chapter:



David Hopkins (parents unknown), York Co., Va., b. Jan. 18, 1800, d. 1864, m. Mrs. Sarah Mary Manning, probably of Mathews Co., Va.

Mr. Garland Evans Hopkins(*) of Cumberland, Va., sent the hereinafter data to the writer. None of this data has been verified by him, however, from the records of Mr. Garland E. Hopkins, it is fairly well determined that David Hopkins who died in 1864 and Henry Hopkins who died in 1823 were brothers. Mr. Garland E. Hopkins gives the parents of David and Henry Hopkins as Benjamin F. and Nancy (Crow) Hopkins, of South Carolina, and states that they were also the parents of John Holston, Nancy, Rhoda, Bandy Hopkins, and Mark and Moses Hopkins, the railroad magnates of Calif. The writer doubts that Benjamin F. and Nancy (Crow) Hopkins, of South Carolina, were the parents of David and Henry Hopkins, the subjects of these sketches. Issue:

(1) Edward Hopkins, b. June 16, 1821, d. June 26, 1874. (See II-1).
(2) James Hopkins, m. (2nd) Emma Shackelford.
(3) Harriet Hopkins, m. John Topping.
(4) Margaret Hopkins, unm.
(5) David Hopkins, Jr., m. Mary Frances Topping.
(6) Julia Hopkins, m. a Mr. Drummond.

(1) Rev. Edward Hopkins (David Hopkins), b. June 16, 1821, d. June 26, 1874, m. Amelia Ellen Freeman (b. June 29, 1825), dau. of John Freeman of Lower York Co., Va., Dec. 4, 1845, in York Co., Va. He served in the War Between the States in various battles, though after the first year he was over the age limit. His enlistment as recorded in the War Dept.: Pvt., Co. D., 115th Va. Militia, enl. June 24, 1861 at Yorktown. On last muster roll of this company on file. Name appears as enlisted for war in Captain Lee's company. An excerpt from the Richmond Christian Advocate shows the esteem in which the Rev. Edward Hopkins was held:

"Rev. Edward Hopkins, a local preacher on the York Circuit, died June 26, 1874, aged 53 years. He was converted when young and joined the M. E. Church, South, and was for many years an efficient class leader and Steward. He was licensed to preach in 1868 and elected to Deacon's orders in Petersburg

(*)Mr. Garland Evans Hopkins, of Cumberland, Va., is preparing a pamphlet on the Hopkins
Family of York and desires all members of that family to send their records to him.

The book also had this reference (which is Richard Hopkins, father to Cornelius Hopkins):

Patrick County

On April 22, 1808, William Keaton deeded Richard Hopkins 300 A. of land in Patrick County, Va. (D. B. 4, p. 183). The deed states that both the grantor and grantee were residents of Patrick Co. From the Court records of Patrick Co., and from an affidavit made by Mary Ann Gilley, age 82, and Richard Gilley, age 72, before J. S. Taylor, Clerk of Patrick Co., Oct. 3, 1928, it appears that Richard Hopkins had the following children: (1) Nancy Hopkins, (2) Frankie Hopkins, (3) James Hopkins, (4) Mark Hopkins; according to Richard and Mary Ann Gilley's affidavits, Mark Hopkins was the son of Richard Hopkins and he left the county when a young man and never returned, (5) William Hopkins.

>From an examination of the records of Patrick Co. one can see that Richard Hopkins left many descendants, some of whom still live in Patrick, Henry and in the Southern part of Franklin Co. The ancestors of Richard Hopkins have not been discovered, and, as above stated, the first record of him in Patrick Co. was a deed to him from William Keaton, April 22, 1808.

Anyone desiring more information on this line can secure same by examining the records of Patrick and the surrounding counties. ...end of transcription

Another conclusion I have reached is that Mary Ann Hopkins married to Sylvester Martin first, then who married Cornelius Osborne (father of Hannah Osborne) ISNOT a daughter of William Riley. For one, the census gives her parents as both being from VA. I have found another Hopkins family, unrelated so far, living in Floyd/Pike County whose lineage is through John Calvin Hopkins...Francis Alexander Hopkins, lawyer, is a son of this line and whose census data shows his parents from VA VA as well. John Calvin, F.A.'s father is descended through this line (from the book):

John Calvin Hopkins (John, Francis, William), b. Aug. 13, 1812, d. July 20, 1889. He moved to Tazewell County, Va., early in life, where he was a large land owner and merchant. He m. (1st) Maria M. Barnes in Bedford Co., Va., Sept. 22, 1839; m. (2nd) Louisa B. Gillespie, June 20, 1844; (3rd) Elizabeth Ann Tabler (b. Aug. 9, 1823, d. Feb. 23, 1891) at Jefferson, Frederick Co., Md., July 1, 1847. She was the dau. of Christian and Sallie Thrasher Tabler. Issue:

(1) John Calvin Hopkins, Jr., b. Jan. 25, 1849, Tazewell Co., Va., d. Catlettsburg,
Ky., Sept. 19, 1912. (See V-1).
(2) Martha Rosalinda Hopkins, b. May 1, 1850, in Tazewell Co., Va.,
living. (See V-2).
(3) Mary Grace Hopkins, b. Mar. 8, 1852, Tazewell Co., Va. (See V-3).
(4) Francis Alexander Hopkins, b. May 27, 1853, in Tazewell Co., Va., d.
June 5, 1918, Prestonburg, Ky. (See V-4).
(5) Otis Eugene Hopkins, b. May 29, 1855, Tazewell Co., Va. (See V-5).
(6) Jesse Turner Hopkins, b. June 6, 1857, Tazewell Co., Va., d. May, 1911,
m. Bessie Gilmer May.

This is what I've found so far...and I can't tie it into anything that I've found...I'm hoping maybe someone will recognize something and help me make a link...I'll be eager to hear from whomever!

I also posted this to show that what with the Mark Hopkins Hoopla, one has to be very careful before saying flat out "this is so..." just because there are a number of researchers who claim it, doesn't mean it is true. And given what I've been told by my grandmother, the conspiracy that happened back then was so far-reaching and was so diabolical that we Hopkins researchers may never really know the truth.


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