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Subject: [HOPP] A possible murder...
Date: 1 Aug 2001 16:37:07 -0600

Years ago, my grandmother used to tell me what I assumed to be a made-up story about her aunt, Anna Burkowitz Mitterhausen Hopp. Since no one else in the family ever mentioned this aunt, I thought my grandmother was telling tales. She said that her aunt had originally married a man named Carl Mitterhausen in Manistique, MI before the turn of the century. They had had three daughters, but argued constantly and often violently. During one such discourse in the early 1900's, Carl had thrown a cast iron pan at Anna's head, and she had simply left the house and her small daughters, walked to the train station, and taken the first train west. Her actions were disapproved of by her family, and so there had been little contact with them. My grandmother said that she has later married a young man out west named Billy Hopp, but that marriage was also a disaster. One day, in an arguement, again in the kitchen, my great great-aunt was stabbed to death by her young husband. The fa!
mily was contacted in Michigan, and my grandmother would continue, a male relative went out to bring the body home. The one way trip took three days, so I believe that she was in North Dakota, South Dakota, or Iowa, but am not sure. "West" and "three days" are our only clue. I felt the story was untrue, frankly, until a sister found a grave in the cemetary in Manistique that had been purchased by my great grandfather. When we went to the courthouse, we were told that "Anna Hopp" had been buried there in 1926. Still in disgrace, she had been placed in an unmarked grave. I want to find out what happened to this lost aunt. Other than the clear indication that you would not want to live with her (any woman who can drive to men to murder must indeed have been an impossible wife!), I know nothing about the Hopp family she married into or where she was in her lost years. Please help me find Anna Burkowitz Mitterhausen Hopp one last time. Thank you.

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