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From: Colleen Pustola <>
Subject: [HOWELL] FIRST IMMIGRANTS: Re: Early Howell Families
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2000 22:01:33 -0700

Last summer, when visiting the Manning Library at the Williamston
Community College in Williamston, NC, I came across a book titled, Some
Colonial and Revolutionary Families of North Carolina, Vol. III, by
Marilu Burch Smallwood of Eastman, GA. The book had been published in
1976. I was delighted to find an entire chapter about the Howells ...
representing tedious compiling of public records within the area. It is
long, will start with this section, send more tomorrow.
Take care, Margaret
Beginning on p. 205, I will quote the following excerpts:
...................................Howell (Howel) Family of Wales,
Penna, NJ and NC

....The following records which begin as early as 900 A.D. in Wales and
continue with the emigrant to America, John Howell, and his decendants,
are taken from the book: "A Memorial History and Genealogical Record of
the John Howell and Jacob Stutzman Families," by Jonathan S. Howell of
Rushville, Illinois. >< "Page 9: 'John Howell, the progenitor and
founder of one of the prominent branches of the Howell family under
consideration in America whose names are mentioned in the genealogical
record of this volume, was a native of the ancient walled city of
Aberysthwyth, Cardiganshire, a province of Wales. He emigrated to
America in 1697, accompanied by his three children, two sons and a
daughter, Jacob, Evan, and Sarah Howell, and settled near the center of
Philadelphia in the Province of Pennsylvania, where he continued to
reside until his death, Jan. 26, 1721. His remains were interred in the
Quaker's Burial Ground in the southeast corner of Fourth and Arch
Streets, Philadelphia. Both the father and children having been
identified with the society of friends, prior to their removal to
Pennsylvania, and throughout their residence there. He left no will,
and letters of administration were granted on his estate June 21, 1721,
to his son Evan Howell of Chester County, Pennsylvania. The name of
John Howell's wife has not come down to us. As far as we know, she died
prior to the emigration of her husband to America as we find no mention
of her in the records of the family."
1st generation: John Howell, wife unknown; issue: (1) Jacob
Howell, born March 18, 1687; died March 17, 1768. (2) Evan Howell, born
1689; died January 1734. (3) Sarah Howell, born 1691-2; died ____.
Page 21: "Jacob Howell of Family #1 was born in Aberysthwyth,
Cardiganshire, Wales. He was therefore a lad of ten years of age when
he accompanied his father, broher, and sister to the Quaker setlement on
the Delaware, established fifthteen or sixteen years previously by the
most celebrated of George Fox's disciples, William Penn. When still a
young man, he removed from Philadelphia to the adjoining county of
Chester, settling in the town of the same name, his certificate of
removal being dated 12 mo. 23, 1707. ............. Jacob Howell
married first, August 17, 1709, Sarah Vernon, daughter of Randall and
Sarah Vernon, of Cheshire, England, who came to PA in 1682. Mrs.
Howell, nee Vernon, died January 13, 1759, aged 70 yrs. and 11 months,
and her husband Jacob Howell, married secondly, Aug. 13, 1763, Deborah
Freed, widow of Benjamin Freed. To Jacob and Sarah (Vernon) Howell
eleven children were born, as follows: (Chart 2, Second Generation) (1)
Benjamin Howell born August 19, 1710; died August 24, 1710. (2) Hannah
Howell, born December 23, 1711,; died Jan. 10. 1712. (2) John Howell,
born Feb. 12, 1712, died October 15, 1765. (4) Jacob Howell born May 13,
1715. (5) Sarah Howell born February 5, 1716, (6) Joseph Howell (twin)
born Dec. 6, 1718, (8) Isaac Howell born March 7, 1722, died Dec. 1797,
(9) Joshua Howell born June 7, 1726; died 1797 (10) Mary (twin) born
Dec. 5, 1728; died Dec. 12, 1728, (11) Martha Howell (twin) born Dec. 5,
1728, died Dec. 12, 1728."
"John Howell of family #2, was born in Chester PA, Feb. 12 1712.
....... learned the tanner's trade, he setled first at Woodbury, NJ,
where he carried on that industry.........In an indenture of 1739,
however he is styled 'of Philadelphia.' indicating his removal from that
city. .....prior to Sept 2, 1753, on which date he wrote his son from
Johnston County, NC.....1760 bears the caption of Charles Town SC ......
Aug. 18, 1760 at 'Savannah Town," Georgia where he engaged in business
with Wm. Francis. The last of these letters was dated Sept. 16, 1764
... he died the next year...."
....Page 42: Joseph Howell, born Feb 6, 1718, died Nov. 6, 1790,
married first on May 19, 1741 Hannah Hudson. He married second, Sidney
Evans. Children by firs marriage: (1) Elizabeth Howell born Feb. 19,
1742, died April 29, 1807, married April 14, 1763 John Armalt. (2)
Jacob Howell (3) Sarah. (4) Samuel born Dec. 6, 1746 died Oct. 8, 1791.
(5) Arthur Howell born Oct. 20, 1748, died June 26, 1816 married Dec.
10, 1778 Mary Mott, who died March 5, 1820. They had eight children (7)
Joseph Howell born Aug. 31, 1750, died Aug. 8, 1798 (7) William Howell
(8) Rachel HOwell (9) Israel Howell. Children by secon marriage: (10)
Sidney Evans Howell (1) Rebecca Howell.
......"Samuel Howell of Family number 2 died Nov. 25, 1762 aged 80 yrs.
(twin brother of Joseph) was one of the leaders of the Commerircial
world of Philadelphia..... He married in 1745 Ann Evans, daughter of
Hugh and Lowry Evans of Chester Co, PA and had eight children: (1)
Abigail Howell, born Dec. 23, 1745, died May 12, 1774. (2) Hugh Howell,
born April 2, 1747 died June 11, 178. (3) Jacob Samuel Howell born May
14, 1749 and died Sept 26, 1793, married Mary Carmalt (4) Sarah Howell
born March 1, 1750, (5) Ann Howell born Feb. 1753, married Aaron
Ashbridge (6) Samuel Howell born Jan. 1, 1755. (it is said that he
married in 1781 Susannah Hanson of Little Creek Neck, Delaware). (7)
Deborah born March 28, 1757 married Daniel Mifflin.
......Page 47: Jacob Samuel Howell aforesaid and wife Mary Carmalt
(born May 30, 1752, die Aug. 25, 1830) had children, viz: (1) James
Howell born April 8, 1779 married Sarah Parry (2) Caleb Howell born Oct.
8, 1785. ...Descendants of Samuel and wife Susannah Hanson (who were
married in 1781) intermarried with the Newbolds, Gillinghams, Jessops,
Mifflins, Comlys, Cadwalladers, and other PA and DE families. The name
Caleb in this family indicateds a relationship to Caleb Howell of NC and
later of GA."
....Page 51: Evan Howell of Family #1 was the younger of two sons of
John the emigrant. Evan was born in 1689 in Aberythwyth. He was 8 or 9
yrs. of age when he accompanied his father to America in 1697. He
learned the Tailor trade in Philadelphia, and followed this occupation
after removing to Chester. He married Sept 31, 1711, Sarah Ogden
(daughter of David Ogden who was born in England, died in Middletown
township, Chester Co and his wife, Martha Houlslon.) Evan died 1734 in
Chester leaving wife Sarah and six children: (1) Israel born 1712 (2)
Ester (3) Abraham born Sept 19, 1716 (4) Jonathan (5) Isaac born 1721
(6) Mary. Of these, Israel Howell married first Elizabeth Swayne
(daughter of William Swayne); and second Mary Hall, Nov. 12 1761. (We
have no record of their descendants).
.....Jonathan Howell (34 above) was born June 5, 1719 died Aug 19, 1790
maried Sept 28, 1750, Elizabeth Thomas of Whiteland Township, Chester PA
(daughter of Richard Thomas and wife ______). They had 6 children:
Sarah, Alice, Thomas, John, Hannah and Mary. They were all born in PA
and all except Alice who died young, accompanied their paretns to
Guilford Co. NX in 1767. Mary the youngest was abt. a yr. old at the
time. Johathan died Aug. 15, 1790 and was buried in the Friends burial
ground at Dep River.
......Isaac Howell, born Sept 19, 1721, was the youngest son of Evan and
Sarah . He married Sept 11, 1745 Mary Bartram (born Sept 12, 1727, died
Oct. 16, 1756, only daughter of James and Elizabeth MOris Bartram of
Delaware Co. PA; and a niece of John Bartram, the celebrated naturalist
and founder of Bartram's Garden). Their children were: (1) James, born
Aug 9, 1746, died Sept. 12, 1748 (2) Elizabeth, born Jan 9 1748, married
Isaac Moris of Delaware Co, PA (3) Eliza born July 3, 1751, died Dec.
15, 1848, married May 9, 1771, John Bartram Jr. (her cousin) born Aug
24, 1743 died 1812, son of the great botanist by his second wife Ann
Mendenhall. Their children were: (1) Mary Bartram born 1772, married
Sept. 14, 1794 Nathan Jones (2) Ann Mendenhall Bartram born 1774, (3)
Elizabeth Bartram born 1776 (4) Ann Bartram born 1778, married in 1819
Col. Robert Car (5) John Bartram born 1804 (6) James H. Bartram born
1801. Members of this Bartram family were in Bladen Co. NC prior to

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