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Subject: Re: [HOWELL] Nathan Howell 1825 Oh
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2007 00:10:02 -0500
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Ruth, Gladys & Sherry
I also have Howells that lived in OH in the early 1800s.

They are as follows;
James Howell born I think in OH, NJ or MD between 1760-70, he moved to
Harrison Township, Gallia Co, OH in 1800, he is shown on land records for
1814 in Gallia Co, OH, listed on the 1820 census for Harrison Township,
Gallia Co, OH. In 1825 he moves to Oakley Township, Macon Co, IL, he is
shown there on land records, again on the 1830 census he is shown in Macon
Co, IL, he is shown of land records for Macon Co, IL in 1831, in 1834 he
writes his will in Macon Co, IL.

I THINK, but have not proven that my James Howell may have been the son of
William Howell of Sussex Co, NJ that died in Allegheny Co, MD in 1811.
According to the will of William Howell he had the following sons; Peter,
Sampson, James, David, Levi & Elijah.....he also had 5 daughters. This
William gained the land in MD for the REV WAR service of his eldest son and
it is believed that this son was Sampson. All of the other sons are named
in the Will of their father.

Could this be your David Howell??? I have this David Howell listed as
married to a Susannah Johnson, but do not remember just where I got the info
as this family is NOT a proven part of my James' family yet.

Everything back through and including my James Howell is proven by a number
of our family members in independent family research and family records. I
hope that maybe you recognize some of what I have told you about my James
and there may be a connection.

The family of my James Howell is as follows;
His wife was Sarah No Maiden name
William 1795-1849 Oakley Township, Macon Co, IL (Amanda Hocomb)
Elijah Howell, 1797-1841, Gallia Co, OH (Rebecca Roadarmour)
James Howell Jr 1802 OH - 1871, Oakley, Macon Co, IL (Jane Alesbury)
John Howell 1805 OH - ? (Elizabeth Jones)
Nancy Howell 1806 OH 0 1834, never married
Daniel Howell 1811 OH - aft 1880 MO? (Elizabeth Abrams) her family was from
Fairfield Co, OH
Sarah Howell 1812, OH - ? (John Miller)
Joseph Howell 1816 OH - 1899 Piatt Co, IL (Mary McCawley & Anna Maria Zinn)
Isaac Howell 1820 OH - 1895, died in IN but was living in Piatt Co, IL
Mary Howell 1825 OH - 1872 Macon Co, IL (William REA)

So those are my OHIO Howells, do they look familiar?

Thanks for reading, hope to hear from some of you soon.


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Subject: [HOWELL] Nathan Howell 1825 Oh

Hi, Gladys. Ruth here.
Several things:
1. These don't SOUND like our Howells, but one never knows!
2. Those people travelled around a lot more than most of us would EVER
have dreamed! I know I was dumbfounded when I decided that!
3. So many of the Ohio Howells are people's loose ends. I would truly like
see a web site simply for them. Nobody knows much, seemingly, about
MOST of them! But if we had a site devoted to them, and all of us
the information we DO have, I'd be willing to bet some strides could be
4. No, I'm the wrong person, I think, to host such a site---I don't use a
you see. It needs someone who does, so that person would have quick,
access to not only what they have of their own, but also what other
post. This would keep a group cooperating and focused on the task at
hand. I share lots of information I find, but I don't always KEEP it or

able to FIND it later! This is fine on an individual basis, but for an
like Ohio, it sometimes seems as if half the world traipsed through
in the 1800s. Many came in, may/may not have been censused, and left
for literally greener pastures. To solve these problems, it seems to me

focused effort needs to be made.

For instance: our forbear seems to be David Howell, b~1777 Md,
to the 1850-1840 Shelby Co, Oh census. The children we know about are
a marriage to Sarah Unknown. In 1815 Licking Co, Oh, a David Howell
a Sarah (Sally) Sherr. Was this our David? Maybe. Maybe not.
information. Some neighbors and children's marriages are to descendants
who may have come through the counties around Licking, as your Perry

CO is.
1777-1815 is 38 years. Given the lifespan of the time, IF this is the
David Howell, he could well have had an earlier marriage. W/o more
information, it's impossible to know. The sudden influx of a Howell
family later seems to indicate a relationship between the Licking

Co David Howell
and the family that is there later, but so soon they may well have been
lated to each other. Census doesn't tell one that, nor has online

Howells in Allen Co, Oh prior to 1850 seem to be different families: one
w/o a patriarch. These Howells LOOK like they mostly left for 1850, and
went to Oregon. The other family is from Samuel Howell (~1780Va-1839
Oh)---it consists of his widow and children, who prior lived in Turtle
Creek tp, Shelby, Oh. Other than Va, no other origins are known. Ditto
for my own David ~1777 Md. No obvious ancestors for either, and w/o
the patriarch, the origin of the other Howell family are stymied.

I think everyone can see some of the problems, and you've run into them
yourselves. 1777-2007 is 230 years. Surely someone is looking for the
people we are, yet we've had no response from our online queries for
to 10 years. So---a smaller venue devoted to Ohio Howells is, imho,
for. Perhaps someone would be willing to take that on. For that
person, it
would have the distinct advantage of receiving ALL information as soon
as its
5. Meanwhile, back on the farm, I will surely send you anything I run into,
Gladys. Hopefully others will do the same. I wish you all happy
Merry Christmas, and a prosperous New Year. It goes w/o saying, we'd
all welcome any comments or infomation anyone may have. Thanks!

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Subject: [HOWELL] Family in Ohio

> Ruth:
> I do not know where some of the Howells I am searching for ended up or
> what State.
> Nathan A. Howell b. 1825 Ohio has a son by first wife only known as
> Sarah. That son was Stephen E. Howell 6 mo old in 1850 and in
> Tuscarawas, Perry County, Ohio.
> When his father Nathan A. died in Oct 1880 the will stated Stephen was
> not in Fulton Co., Illinois (That is where his father died.) One of
> Stephen' s half brothers was not either.
> Nathan A. 's and second wife Priscilla had two sons I have not been able

> to trace. One William T. Howell b. 1858 in Ohio. In 1860 Nathan and
> Priscilla and family were in Franklin Co., Ohio. I do not know how close
> to Allen Co., or Shelby Co.,Ohio they would have lived.
> Another son Thomas G. Howell b. 1870 Fulton County, Illinois Nothing
> more is known of the above 3 children mentioned..
> I do have a little more information on Nathan Howell's other children and

> also his 3rd wife.
> Maybe they went to Kansas or Oregon I have not found a trace.
> Thanks
> Gladys
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