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Subject: Re: [HUDSON] Hudson Family Association
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 15:18:59 -0500
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Has anyone familiar with the Virginia Hudsons run across the name Miles W.
(William??) Hudson. Miles was born June 4, 1819 in Virginia (that is
according to his tombstone and the 1850 KY census records). Miles died May
24, 1893 at his home in Rocky Hill, Barren County, KY.

Early history records for Barren County, KY indicate there was a John Hudson
and some records indicate that he was from Virginia OR possibly South
Carolina. I don't know if this John Hudson was the father of Miles. Miles
did name one of his sons John. In 1850, Miles lived in Barren County, KY
and his age was listed in the census records as 31. He lived next to a
widow, Polly Hudson, age 49. This may have been his mother, but I have no
information to tell me her maiden name or whether she was the widow of John.
The 1850 census said that Polly was born in Virginia.

Any help on Miles would be appreciated. One son of Miles, J. Gran Hudson
moved to Smiths Grove, Warren County, KY. Other children remained in Barren
County, but I have not been able to track descendants.

Don Winn

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The HFA is for *all* HUDSON lines. I have been a member for several years.
It is a good group, and they even have a mailing list. BTW, you are not
required to belong to the HFA to be subscribed to their mailing list (which
is also through Rootsweb).


---- Karen K <> wrote:
Is the Hudson Family Association mostly just for the
Amelia families? It seems that at one time I got that
impression. I may have just been a newbie and
misunderstood things.
I am from the Hudsons that were in Stanley Co.,North
Carolina. Elijah S. Hudson and Joshua Hudson. Our
ancestor had 21 children that survived. He had several
wives and outlived all but the last one. Sometimes it
has been difficult to find info on all of them.
However, I have found 4 other descendents, and each of
them has done quite a bit of research.
Are there any others on this list whose ancestors
hail from NC?
Karen Moore Kerr

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