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Robert William Hughes resides at Norfolk Va. and was born in Powhatan Co.,
VA,. June 6, 1821 He was educated at Caldwell Institute, Greensboro, N.C.;
tutor (1840-) in Bingham's High School, Hillsboro, N.C. practicing lawyer
in Richmond, Va., (1846-53; editor of Richmond (Va.) Examiner, 1850-57; and
Editor of Washington Union.

Robert W. Hughes was the second son of Jesse and Elizabeth Woodson (nee)
Morton. Jesse Hughes of Muddy Creek Plantation, Powhatan Co., VA was born
September 22, 1788 was married in 1812, and died in March 1822. He was a
lawyer and a captain in the war of 1812. His wife, Elizabeth Woodson Hughes,
was born September 25, 1793 and died July 12, 1822. One of the children of
these two, who lived to marry and have children , was John Morton Hughes,
born February 20, 1813, and died in Mobile Alabama, where he lived,
September 20, 1865, leaving one surviving child, William Morton Hughes, a
druggist in Baltimore Md.
Another child was Elizabeth Jesse Hughes, who married Saml.G. Hughes, of
Orange Co., N.C., leaving three children, Robert Agnes, and Anne. Another
and youngest son and child was Robert W. Hughes (the fifth Robert Hughes),
the subject of this sketch.
Elizabeth Woodson (Morton) wife of above Jesse Hughes, was daughter of Capt.
Hezekiah Morton of Prince Edward Co. Va., and of his wife Phobe, who was
Phobe Moseley.

David Hughes, of Muddy Creek Plantation, Powhatan Co., Va., she married
Judith Daniel, daughter of Chesley Daniel and Judith (Christian). David
Hughes was a captain in the Revolutionary war. His eldest son Robert (fourth
of the name) died unmarried. His second son was Jesse, above mentioned. His
third child was Anne Hartley, who died unmarried.

The second Robert Hughes, of Hughes Creek, Powhatan Co., Va., married Anne
Hartwell of New Kent Co., VA. They had three sons, Jesse, Robert and David;
and on daughter, Fanny. Jesse Hughes was a pioneer explorer of the mountains
in what is now (1889) West Virginia. He was a hunter and Indian fighter, and
was never married. See De Hass Indian Wars. Hughes River, a branch of Little
Kanawha was named after him. His brother, the third Robert Hughes inherited
the Hughes Creek Plantation (which was the original seat of the family), by
the law of primogeniture. This Robert Hughes had only daughters, on only of
who had surviving descendants. This one married Francis Goode, and thus the
family seat passed to the name of Goode. See. G. Brown Good's 'Virginia
Cousins', PP 115 and 128. The daughter, Fanny married Rev. John Williams and
went to North Carolina, where they left numerous offspring.

Robert Hughes, the first of the name, of Hughes Creek, Powhatan Co., Va.
married and left sons and daughters, but no list of them and of their
marriages is now extant, except as to Robert Hughes, the second of the name
above mentioned. By the death of Jesse Hughes first above named in early
manhood, leaving infant children, the family bible and records were lost.

David (some say Adam) Hughes, of Hughes Creek, Powhatan Co., Va. records
exist only of the facts respecting Robert Hughes (first) and of the family
of his descendants Robert Hughes (second) as already stated. the names Jesse
and David run together in the history of the family, and for this reason
David is preferred to Adam above.

Jesse Hughes, a Huguenot emigrant, who came to Virginia with his wife about
1675 to 1700, took up the plantation in Powhatan Co., VA. (then part of
Goochland Co.) on the south side of James River, called afterwards, and to
this day, the Hughes Creek Plantation, giving the family name to a bold
stream flowing into the James. The tradition concerning Jesse Hughes, the
emigrant, is that he escaped from Rochelle, France, at the age of 14, in an
open boats disguised and alone, and was fortunate enough to reach England.
After remaining there some ears and marrying there, the two came to
Virginia, and settled across the James river from Manakin Town where a large
company of Huguenots had settled on lands granted them by the English Crown.

One of his sons married Sallie Tarlton and had amongst other children, a
daughter Martha Hughes, who married George Walton the uncle and educator of
the Walton who signed the Declaration of Independence. This family of
Hughes's intermarried with another of Welsh blood, who were amongst the
colonizers of Powhatan Co., Va. the original emigrant of this Welsh family
was Stephen Hughes, who was born in Caernarmonshire, Wales some say
Glamorganshire, near the river Taafe, east of Cardiff. Stephen Hughes
married Elizabeth Talton, who was born in 1696 and lived until 1775, aged 89
No records are extent showing the intermarriages between the Welsh Hughes's
possessing the Tarlton blood name, and the Huguenot family of Hughes Creek;
but there were several of them in the two first generations of the offspring
of the emigrants. One of the offspring of the first of these intermarriages
was Major John Hughes, who married Ann or Nancy Meriwether, niece of
Valentine Wood, above mentioned, and went to Kentucky, where they are said
to have raised 24 children. Another descendant from an intermarriage is
Genl. Bela M. Hughes, of Denver Colorado, and so is his relation in the
Trans-Mississippi West.
In 1904 Judge Felix T. Hughes, of the Superior Court of Iowa, wrote: "My
maternal great grandfather was Josiah Hughes and his son's were John,
Josiah, Leander, Orlando and Anthony. Taking my father's birth in 1808,
presumably his grandfather, Josiah Hughes, was not born earlier that 1750.
Josiah and all his sons got to Tennessee from 1820 to 1840. My paternal
grandfather William Hughes, had two brothers, Rice and Nicholas.
"Orlando Hughes' wife, Elizabeth died in Cumberland, 1768. this Orlando
would be the grandfather of my paternal grandmother. You will note that
Orlando had a son Josiah and grandson Stephen and that Robert Hughes, June
19, 1733, conveyed to Isaac Hughes and his brother's son, Josiah, certain
lands. then Stephen married Elizabeth and so did Orlando. My grandmother,
daughter of Josiah, was named Judith Hughes and so was the daughter of
Stephen and Elizabeth. As I have said my grandfather William Hughes married
Judith. I notice Powell, as a son of Leander Hughes. One of my father's
brothers was named Powell and my grandfather's uncles were named Nicholas
and Rice.

Source: Virginia Historical magazine

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