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From: C Walker <>
Subject: Re: [HUGHES-L] Kentucky Station: Hughes of Jessamine Co KY and MO
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 10:25:45 -0500
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C Walker wrote:

> Ruth
> I enjoyed your email! Well, where do I start? I'll start from the beginning of my
> research -
> in the Snow Hill Remembered book by Stevens about the Maryland Harris family of
> which
> I am a direct descendent - it says that Jesse Hughes marred Elizabeth Drake in
> Bullitt
> Co., KY in 1790. Jesse Hughes was born in 1767 in Berkeley Co.,WV. At a young age
> his
> family went back to Chester Co.,PA to live with family.I find this out from the
> book and
> the Book on Clinton Co.,OH. Jesse Hughes was one of the first judges for Clinton
> Co.
> Jesse Hughes moved to Clinton Co.,OH in 1804/5 and became a Judge.
> It says that in 1784 at the age of 17 Jesse and his paternal uncle Morgan went to
> Hughes
> Station in Jefferson Co., KY. They traveled up the Salt River.It's not Jessamine
> Co.KY.
> The Hughes Station is by Abraham Lincoln's grandfather's land in 1786.
> In 1790 census of Jefferson Co.,KY there is listed
> Algar,John,Benjamin,Morgan,Jesse Hughes. In 1800 census of Jefferson Co.,KY only
> John,Robert,Jesse Hughes. In Shelby
> Co.,KY I see Benjamin Hughes.
> My Morgan drops off by 1810.
> I have found land owned by Benjamin and Morgan Huse (listed that way). Jesse
> Hughes
> land is right by it. I haven't found the John or Robert yet. It seems with I see
> Morgan I see
> Benjamin together.
> I went to a book on Berkely Co.,WV. In 1772 there is listed Benjamin,Isaac,Morgan
> Hughes.In 1777 I find Morgan and widow Isaac Hughes.I believe Isaac Hughes was
> Jesse's father. Isaac Hughes did not leave a will but there is an inventory. I
> just have to
> find it.
> I think widow Isaac Hughes went back to Chester Co.,PA. I believe they are from
> the
> line of Morgan,Benjamin,Owen,Edward. Yesterday I found in the will of Jesse
> Morgan
> a reference to his cousins Owen and Isaac Hughes.
> In PA Morgan Morgan married Dorothy Hughes (dau. of Morgan Hughes). Morgan
> Morgan's sister Sarah Morgan is Daniel Boone's mother.
> Well - to say the least the Hughes are an interesting group.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> I haven't found enough to put my Jesse Hughes group with the ones in Jessamine
> Co.KY.
> I have looked at the 10-mile book that lists the Hughes-Swan group. It doesn't
> fit there yet.
> What part of PA did the Swan's come from? The census of 1810 in Jessamine Co.,KY
> of
> Jesse Hughes is not my Jesse. My Jesse left KY to Ohio in 1804/5. My Jesse
> settled land
> with a land warrant in the military area of Ohio.They may be related though.
> This is all too confusing - hee I would like to find out about this John and
> Algar Hughes in
> 1790 Jefferson Co.,KY.
> There is another Hughes line to the Boone family but I haven't looked into it. It
> definitely looks
> like your Hughes were involved with the Boone family.
> If you like, send me your information on the Hughes in Missouri. Maybe I might
> stumble on
> more information on them?
> Well I hope I have helped..I'll post this to the Hughes-L mailing list. Maybe
> someone might
> have a clue.
> Thanks for your reply!
> Cindy
> wrote:
> > Dear Cindy.
> > Thank you so much for sharing the very interesting information about Hughes
> > Station in Kentucky. I am also very interested in your Jesse Hughes (not the
> > famous Indian fighter) whose uncle was a Morgan Hughes.
> > My John Hughes (and his wife Jane Ballew) had their first child, Stephen
> > Hughes (probably named after Jane's father) in Jessamine County Kentucky
> > about 1808. I believe the Hughes station you mention is in the same general
> > area. I have researched the Hughes who were in Jessamine Co KY in 1810 and
> > virtually all of them seem to be related to the household of William and
> > Joseph Hughes (married to sisters named Swan) who came from Pennsylvania.
> > And I believe they also had a brother named Morgan. However, also in
> > Jessamine Co in 1810, there is a Jesse Hughes, and there is my John Hughes.
> > And my John Hughes, after much deligent research, is almost certainly not one
> > of the Johns who is the offspring of William and Joseph. The descendents of
> > William and Joseph seem to be very well researched, and my John Hughes just
> > doesn't match. Yet he almost definitely was there. Family documents
> > indicate that he was there, and he is there on the census as best I can tell.
> > It seems there must be some connection with my John and the Hughes/Swan line
> > of Jessamine Co -- especially since family lore says that John's brothers
> > were named William, Joseph and Roland -- names that were common in that line
> > of Hughes. Also my John left Jessamine County and went to MIssouri at almost
> > the same time (about 1818) as most of the Jessamine Co Hughes went to
> > Missouri -- except my JOhn (along with brothers (?) William and Joseph)
> > settled in Gasconade County Missouri, whereas the Hughes/Swan line settled in
> > Howard County (basically just across the Missouri river). My JOhn's wife,
> > Jane Ballew, almost certainly came from Burke Co. North Carolina, and his
> > brother, William also married into the BAllew family; his wife was Priscilla.
> > So it seems almost certain that my branch of the Hughes were in North
> > Carolina for a while prior to coming to Kentucky (and apparently weren't in
> > Kentucky for very long). I believe that my John Hughes probably went to
> > Jessamine Co KY because of some family connection with the Hughes already
> > there!! To make a long story short, I am wondering if your Jesse Hughes may
> > be a missing link. Who is your JEsse's father?? Is the Morgan you refer to
> > the MOrgan who is the Pennsylvania brother of William and Joseph (husbands of
> > Martha and Sarah Swan??) Do you think possible that your Jesse Hughes and my
> > JOhn HUghes are related?
> > It should also be noted that newphews of Daniel Boone (who were basically
> > raised by Daniel while he still lived in N. Carolina) were neighbors of the
> > Hughes and BAllews who lived in Burke County N. Carolina in the early 1800's.
> > I think there may be some connection between my Hughes and this Boone line.
> > Notably these Boone newphews also ultimately immigrated to the same county of
> > MIssouri where my Hughes settled. I have Bible records, census etc.
> > documenting my line of Hughes in MIssouri if anyone is interested.
> > Cindy, I would be so appreciative if you or any other Hughes researcher has
> > any bit of information that might help me solve this puzzle. I started this
> > research as a gift to my father, and now I find myself in a race against
> > time. I would be very happy to share my extensive research with any who can
> > help me. Thank you !!! Ruth G.

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