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Andrea asked that I post information about the above society and also a
brief resume of Walloon immigration to Sweden. I apologise for the length
of this e-mail. If, in your research, you find a branch of your Walloon
family seemingly disappears without trace, they may have immigrated to

This is the URL for the Society:

They have an on-line forum where people can post questions regarding Walloon
genealogy. The postings up to now are only in Swedish but almost all Swedes
read and write English so anyone can post to the list. Following is an
extract from their home pages:

Society of the Descendants of the Walloons of Sweden

Summary of the activity of the society:

The society was founded in 1938. Its purpose is to spread knowledge of the
Walloons contribution to the economic and cultural history and to support
research in this area. The society should also gather the descendants of the
original Walloon immigrants for different events, participate in
preservation and maintenance of the parts of walloon culture still left in
Sweden. It should also establish and maintain an active contact with people,
organisations and institutions in Sweden and in the Wallonie.

Anyone with some heritage of the Walloons or interest in the area for other
reasons or with a wish to support the society can become a member. The
society has members in all parts of Sweden and also a few outside the
country. The board is located in Stockholm. The total number of members is
approximately 1100 and it is showing a healthy growth.

The society arranges different activities for its members. In the yearly
schedule we normally have excursions to interesting places, lectures or
seminars on topics related to the walloon history and also, of course, a
late autumn party. Genealogical research is an important area with periodic
meetings for research on specific families or more general on Walloons.
Several reports have been published. Journeys to Belgium, mainly the walloon
part, have taken place several times, lately in May 1997.

The society issues a journal, "Vallonttlingen" for its members four times a
year. It contains articles about Walloon history, genealogy, culture,
activities, etc.


The Walloon immigration to Sweden has been covered in several books and
articles. Perhaps the most well known is "Vallonerna" by Karl Kilbom. Erik
Appelgren and Kjell Lindblom have written books about the early immigrant
families. Berndt Douhan has written a thesis on the subject for his doctors
degree. Many shorter papers have been published over the years.

In the 1400-1500 the Walloons had already developed a sophisticated method
of processing iron and had established thriving smelters in the area around
Meuse, Liege and Namur. The Walloon method reduced the sulphur content and
other impurities, making the iron much more malleable than the iron
produced elsewhere.

Sweden is/was very rich in iron ore. As early as the 1580's Walloons
immigrated to Sweden to work in the smelters and to introduce the Walloon
method. This early immigration was the initiative of noblemen Karl and
Welam de Besche. At this time there was a lot of unemployment in the areas
of the Wallonie smelters and the high wages offered in Sweden encouraged
many to immigrate. There was also the persecution, in their homeland, of
those Walloons who belonged to the reformed churches.

The earliest of the Walloon smelters in Sweden were at Finspng and
Godegrd. Louis de Geer financed smelters in Uppland at sterby, Gimo and
Lvsta. Eventually many more smelters were opened in various parts of the
country. There was a large movement of Walloons to Sweden in the 1620's.
This continued through to the end of the 1600's.


Allard, Ambroise Chevais de Montigny, Andry, Anjou (Anceau, Hanseau,
Hanson, le Choux), Ansillon, Anthoine (Tounon, Thon), Asser le Ganieu,
Auber (Obey), Bailli (Bai, Bille), Ballet, de Barchon, Bary, Baselier,
Bastin, Baudet, Baudou, Baudouin (Bodin), Bayard, Beguin, Beliere, la
Bende (Laban), Beneux (Benoit), Bernail (Barnay), Bernard, le Bert,
Bertheau (Bartou), Bertholet, Bertrand (Bertram),
de Besche, Bevy (Boivie, Baivi etc), de Biesme, Billet (Billard),
Bilock, le Blanc (Blank), Blavier, Blay, Bodechon, Body (Bonton), le
Boghou (Bock), Bombl, Bonnevier, Bossard, Boudry, de Bourg (de Pourq),
Bourgeois (Bergi, Brusy), Bourguignon, le Bovi (Bouvier), Bovin, de
Brabant, Braham, Brassart (Brasar), Breuse (Bruce), Breyer, Brosch
(probably Bourgeois), le Brun (Bernon), Buisset, de Buisson, Butin, de
Calqui, Cabaret, Cambou, Canon, Cardon, Carlier (Cayet), de Carte (de
Quartes), le Celt, Cerfon (Henrot), de Chaines, Chanchet, Chaperon,
Charlet, Charpentier, le Charton, le Chat, Chenon, Chesne, Chevais
(Ambroise), Chevet, Chollet, le Chotton (Cotton), Clement Breda, le
Clerc (de Clair), Clergeon, Cliquet, Close, du Clou (Glaude), Cochard,
Cochois (Cosswa), Cocqun, de Coeur, Colart, Collet, Collin (de
Saive), Collinet, Colvin, Constant (see de Flon), le Compte (Kunt),
Cornillio, Cotibi, Courtehou, Coutur, Couvreau, Couvrel, de Creppe
(Kropp, Krppe, Grape), Cret, Crochet (Krke), Cudriaux (Codriot),
Dagneau, Dandenel, Darbe, Dausin, David, Day, Deloneau, le Dent,
Derheu, Deuglin, Didier, de Dinant, Docquier, Doctier(de Coeur),
ombret, Donay (see No Donay), Doneur, Dotel, Doublet, Douhan, Doya,
Dress, Drougge, Dubois (du Boy, de Bou), Dulock, Durant, Durieu,
de l'Espeche, Evrard, Fadot, Fagot, de Fala (Fallan), Farke, Fassin,
Faver, le Febure, de Fer, la Feuille (poss. la Fleur), Ficqu,
Fineman, Flament, Flatr, de Flon, Floncar, Florin, Florquin,
Fochet, Forthomme, du Foss, Fosti, du Four, Franois, Frangati (van
Gardy), Frumerie, Gagot, Gaillard, Galan, Gall, le Ganieu (see Asser),
De Geer, Gelotte, Genot, George (Gregoire, Joris, Jouhrez), Gerard,
Gerquin, Gessus, Giel, Giers (Herceau, Jrs), Gille, Gippon, Godet
(Gohde), Godfrin, Godou, Goffart, Goffin (Gauffin, Goffeng), Gouge, de
Gouie, le Gouverneur, de Grais, le Grand (de Grade), Grandpr
(Grandpere, Gamprey), Gransier, Gregoire (see George), Grell, Gremeur
(Krimur), le Grenadeur (see Fassin), Grenier (Garney), Grignart, le
Gros, Grosset, Guidoine, Guillaume (Gilljam), Gustin, Hachar, Hakin,
de Hameaux, Hane, Hannoset, Hanus (poss. Hannoset), Hape, Hardi,
Hasar, de Haucourt, Havrenne,
de Haye, Henin (Henning), Henrot, Henvart, Hermel, Herou (see Henrot),
de Hoddiege, Hosselet, Hubert, Hubinet, Huvin, Istace,
Jacqueau, Jacquet, Jadon, le Jardinier, Jedeur, Jonneau, Jopin,
Jouven, Kock, Lagrell le Jalhay, Lalleman, Lalouette, Lambert,
Lambinon, Lamblot, Lamborion, Lancereau, de la Lanne, de Larok (see de
la Roche), Laurent (see Thierry), Leleu, Lemoine(le Maigre),
Lespoyer, Libotte, de Ligne, Linot (Linn), Lochette, de Loignon,
Loreau, Louis, Lucas, Lusset, Magnette(Maniette), Magon, Magotteau,
Mahy, le Maigre, Maillard (Malliar), Maillot, le Maire, Malchair,
Malezieu, Malsi, de Malsi, de Manhey (see Melchior), de Mantin,
Marchand, Marechal, Mariot, Marlier, Marlot, Marquet, Marquis, de
Marte (Marck), Martelleur, Martin (Mathieu), Martinel, Massar, le
Masson, Mathieu, Matoy (Metaier, see de la Montagne), le May, Meaux,
Melchior de Manhey, Melot, Merien, Mesir, Meunsy, Michel de Jalhay,
Michelet, Michot, le Mignon, Mineur, itre, de Mombilart, de Molin
(Moulin), Monier, de la Montagne, de Montigny (see Ambroise), Moreau, de
Morgny, Motte, de la Motte, Moysel, Muskin, de Musson, de My (de Mieux,
du Meit), Neufieu, Ninin, de Nis (Dennis), de Nisme, de Nivarlet
(Viverlot), No Donay, Nonnet, Notel, Obey (see Auber), Olivier de Pois,
Oudart(Audart, Sodar), Oudinet, Ouzeaux, Pacquay, Pagard (Bagard), le
Page, Paillardel de Terniaux (Terneau), Paradis, Parment, Parpaistre,
Pasar (Poussar), Patte, Pecheur, Pepin, Personne, Petrus, Philip,
Picard (see Pecheur), Pielard, Pierrou, Piet, Pinson, Pira (Spira,
Pirard, Birath), Piron, Pistorius d'Eproez, de Plain, Plaingui, de Pois
(see Olivier), Poncelet, de Pont, Poraux, de Porle, le Port, Potvin,
Pouillon, Poulain, Poulet, Pourel de Hatrize, Pousette (Pouse), de Pr,
Prvost, Prophy, de Province, Privet, Quintin, Radou, Rafflier (see
Vincent), Ragget, Raquette, Ravet, Renet, de Reniboy, de Renievel,
Revelart, de Revin (Dervin), Rifay, de Rivet, de Riveto, Rivot,
Robert, Robillar, Robinet, de la Roche, de Roi, Rolant, Roquette,
Rousseau, le Roux, de Ruar, Rugh, Sacr, de Saive, Salmon, Sandrin
(Cochois), Sassar (see Hasar), du Sausoy, Savar, Scovaux, le Scrivy,
Servais, Simon (see Philip), Sirki, Spite, Sporon (Sporrong), Suchet,
Sureau, Terreur, le Thaillard (le Theatre), le Telleur, Thiery Lorain
(Laurent), le Thoor, Tilman, Tissier, Tollet, Touffar, Tounon (see
Anthoine), de la Tour, Tourneur de Moirmon (Tournj), Touron (Torion),
Toursie, Toussaint (see Touffar), Trocquet, Tronpet, Trovet, de Try (de
Sur-le-Try), Turin, de la Va, Vach, Vaincre, de Val, Warnier, Waron,
Waroquin (Rochie), Wati, Vattrin, Verlaine (Verlin), Vervier, Willmot,
Vincent Rafflier, Voisin, de Voyen.
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