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Strangely enough I have maps spread around me today trying to map a route from Beauchamps ( which seems to be near Paris), to Walcheron Island in the Netherlands and Mannheim, Germany. This seems to be a difficult journey. I may have missed something about this exodus. Peter, it seems your questions could also apply to the land journey. What help did they have along the way? Would their helpers be punished etc? Carol Spurbeck

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Subject: [HWE] Huguenot Transport

I have a question and beleive it or not I don't
actually know the answer so hopefully someone on the
list will know ?

First a scenario and hypothetical...

Jean "Smith" and family are followers of the Huguenot
faith and it is known that they are in their local
community of lets say Champeaux.

They get word that the Catholic army is on its way over
to give them a hard time and so Jean decides that they
need to escape to England.

So they head down to the wharf and chat to a boat
captain about passage.

And here come my questions :-

a) Would the boat captain, if caught, be prosecuted by
the "law" for smuggling Huguenots across the channel
and if so what would have been the penalty.

b) Is there a "list" of boats, ships that took
Huguenots across the channel

c) What would have been the average "fair" for such a
channel crossing ?

d) It is assumed that Jean and family could not speak
English. Who would have met them on arrival in England
and to which ports would they have landed

e) All of the above could apply to the Walloons and so
how did they get from say Rotterdam to England (see all
above questions)

In our research we often read about how our ancestors
fled France to begin a new life in England. As yet we
are unable to discover any documentation, fact or
fiction, with regard to how these escapes were actually
carried out and what were the penalties if caught.

It is a side of the Huguenot story that we know little
about and so I ask in this list, if anyone has some
factual information I, as I am sure many others, would
like to hear about it.

Saying that they just stole a boat or jumped on a ship
is not sufficient.

We are talking about over 200,000 people moving house.
Surely there must be some documentation or credible
history written on this part of the Huguenot story?

Kind Regards,
Peter Leroy

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