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From: "Tony Fuller" <>
Subject: Offer to do look ups
Date: Fri, 7 May 2004 06:33:55 +0100

Hi Guys

Right folks, lots of responses to my message telling me that you're all still out there, still researching and wondering what's been going on - or not in the case of HWE actually.

Now I know that this will make you all sit up and pay attention!!!!!!!!!!

For this weekend, and this weekend only, I shall have a number of Hug Soc Quarto Series publications at home, waiting to be sent off to be digitized and released on CDRom.

Just to get everybody back using this great site (I promote it wherever I can in the Hug Soc and NOBODY'S USING IT FOR DAYS/WEEKS very much) here's what I have and the offer is one name in one book of your choice (if I find derivations I'll post them, don't ask for them) from the following:

The Walloons and their Church at Norwich, their History and Register, 1565-1832
Register de I'Eglise Wallonne de Southampton

Registers of the Walloon Church in Canterbury, Parts 1-3.

History of the Walloon and Huguenot Church at Canterbury.

Register of the Dutch Church, Colchester.

Register of the French Church, Thorney.

Registers of the French Churches, Bristol, Plymouth, Stonehouse and Thorpe-le- Soken

If there are` masses of them, you'll get the references.

That's it folks, I'll start doing them Saturday so GET POSTING

And where's young Leroy lately, he's been preternaturally quiet, off on his travels again or hibernating in the Rockies somewhere!

Regards as ever

Tony Fuller.

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