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From: "Hanne Thorup Koudal" <>
Subject: Re: [HWE] Offer to do look ups
Date: Sat, 8 May 2004 13:35:19 +0200
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Hi Tony

I am interested in look ups in Register of the French Church, Thorney.

According to Peet von Henry (1902): "Genealogical Memoranda. Huguenotfamily
of De Vantier, in English Wanty page17 in the chapter "The Wanty Family of
Thorney" is said, that this family once again fled from The Spanish
Netherlands to Palatinate in 1661.

I have Pierre Devantier (b. 1637 in Gorgue, Pays de l'Alleu, France, d. dec.
1692 in Woddow, Battin, Brandenburg, Preussen) and his wife Marie Labove (b.
1641 in Calais, d. 01.10.1715 in Woddow, Battin, Brandenburg, Preussen).
They had ad least 8 children, who married into other hugenotfamilies:
Desjardins, Desmarets, CoppƩ, Desmarets, Duvinage, Destouches, le Clercq,
Desmarets, Toucoi/Collie, Gombert, Pau and Fanesch.

Do you find Information to the Wanty/Wanty/Devantier/DevantiƩ/de Vantier or
la Bove/Labove/la Bauve/Labauve or Desmarets in French Church, Thorney?

Other questions, for you and everyone else looking here:
Do you know any persons, who are researching in Thorney, I would like to
find someone, who can tell about surnames present in the French Church of
Thourney. Perhaps some of the Huguenots, who came to Denmark in 1721, were
in England at some time before.
I am also interested in knowing surnames of the families, who traveled in a
ship with Johannes a Lasco from England to Germany (Emden), and who were not
allowed to came into Elsinore or Copenhagen, because they had the reformed

Thank you for doing this research for us.

Hanne Thorup Koudal

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