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From: "Howard Swain" <>
Subject: Re: [HWE] Monfoort's - Walloons
Date: Sat, 22 May 2004 11:48:47 -0700
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Hi Elva and all,

From: "Elva Craig" <>
Sent: Saturday, May 22, 2004 10:11 AM

> I'm seeking more info on Pieter MONFOORT (1616-1661) &
> Sarah DePLancken, and his parents Jan MONFOORT and
> Jacqueline Moreau. Were they from France or Belgium?
> I heard they were Walloons. Does anyone know about that
> church in the Netherlands? Do they still have Walloon churches today?
> Anything about the MONFOORT family would be helpful.

This family was one of only 4 that are known to have been on the
first two ships of settlers going to New Amsterdam in 1624.

As you can see from the web page above they were from
Valenciennes. (I assume this was determined from the marriage
intentions of Pierre in Amsterdam or maybe from their removal
certificate mentioned.) Today Valenciennes is in France.
As borders were being moved in the 17th century, you will
have to do some study to find what region and country
Valenciennes was in when Pierre was bp. there.
"Belgium" was not used as a country name in the 17th C.

I believe that Valenciennes was in the region where Walloons lived.

Records of the Walloon Reformed Church in Amsterdam are here:

But you would have to be able to read 17th C. handwriting in Dutch.

Your best place to continue your research would be the 1998
article by Harry Macy in the NYGBR. It will probably give you
citations to earlier articles as well as to primary records.

Although questions as to their European ancestry are on-topic
here, questions and discussion about their life in New Netherland
and their Amercian descendants are better done on the
Dutch-Colonies email list.


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