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From: Joan Burr <>
Subject: HHH
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 11:56:14 -0600

Deana, I really enjoyed reading the first two pages-it printed out to
three plus on my printer. I intend to put it in my HUMPHREY file. A very
learned treatise actually! Makes me proud that my line touched the "H"
line even for only such a brief moment. A question arose when reading
the traits-could "not having a head for business" enter into them? My
grandfather (his maternal grgrandfather was Charles Churchill HUMPHREY
[ 28 Jun? 1781 PA - 28 Jan? 1842 IL]) was a highly educated and
intelligent man who had absolutely no "business" sense. He was a writer
and poet who cared about the environment long before others were even
aware of damage being done. But for his very practical wife, the family
would have hit the skids after two business ventures failed. Just
wondering!?? Joan in TX

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