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From: Robert Lewis <>
Subject: Re: [HUMPHREYS-L] Gedcom files
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 04:27:48 -0700
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At 03:12 AM 7/24/00, you wrote:
>Thanks, Dennis. Very clear cut instructions. Would add that GEDCOM files
>may be downloaded from wherever you find them--including LDS, Ancestry and
>others. With access to being free for the rest of this
>month, I have really been taking advantage of this.
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A way to look at it for the "Non-Computer-Literate" - - -
Each and every Genealogy program has it's own "custom"
data storage / file design. Data files from PAF cannot
be "opened" in "Family Tree", etc. It's kinda like the
file is written in German and Family Tree only speaks
French. Same with essentially EVERY genealogy program -
the only exceptions are programs that have "interpreters"
built in.

To overcome this problem, the Mormons designed a "new
language" called "Genealogy Data Communications" -
"GEDCOM" for short - that serves as a "Pigeon English"
Go-Between - - to move data from one vendors program to
another. A GEDCOM file (xxxx.GED) must be "exported"
from the sending program and "imported" by the receiving
program - - which, by the way must "understand" the
GEDCOM EXACTLY for everything to move over properly.
Often, certain pieces of the GEDCOM have not been matched
properly so the unmatched data will be missing in the
receiving program.

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