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Subject: Re: [HUMPHREYS-L] Gedcom files
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 09:55:00 EDT

Hi Folks,
There are two widlely used genealogy programs.
Each a bit different as two cars are different but get you to same place
Personal Ancestral File or PAF by LDS church maybe downloaded from the
internet along with a manual that you go to for help or print out sections of
it to paper.
FTW Ver X is a program Family Tree Make fro Windows.
Many like it and it does work nicely in Windows 95 or W "98 for sending data
to another person or paersons. The newest file will import a Gedcom from and
older version of FTW. However the latest version will NOT export a useful
gedcom or FTW file to the older versions, or so I have been told.
I have PAF Ver 4.0 and FTW version 5.0b. I can transfer data back and
forth between them. Both to me are easy to use. Merely you like A or B after
you work with tem a while.
I have several thousand ..Brotherton, Thrasher and Linton names in my
files. The Lintons tie into the Humphreys of Va/WV border country in the late
Hope these comments are useful to some one.

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