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From: Dennis Baer <>
Subject: [HUNGARY-L] Researching family in Munkacs
Date: Fri, 01 Jan 1999 12:26:05 -0500


Anyone here researching family born in Munkacs, Hungary? Or does anyone have
information as to what the archives in Uzhgorod, Ukraine, Berehove, Ukraine
and Mukachevo,Ukraine has? What years of records do they have for birth,
marriage, death and education and census records?
What information in each record do they have? Did the records get written in
Western script?

I recently obtained the birth certificate TRANSCRIPT of my great aunt Esther
Schantz, born in Munkacs, Hungary in 1891. This in itself appeared difficult
to do based upon experience and others opinions. They did not send the
original and the certificate came in Ukrainian with cyrillic letters so I do
not know the original way the surname Schantz got spelled and this surname
got spelled many ways over the years. So I would like to find out how I
might find out what the birth registers for Hungarians might contain if
anyone has information generally.

Lastly, as my family came from Munkacs, Hungary now in the Ukraine can I
continue to post here? I also post in Ukrainian newsgroups but I have not
seen and Ukrainian mailing list except for the small Volhynia mailing list
and that only covers a small area.

I originally wrote to the archives in Uzhgorod and asked for my grandfather
Max's birth certificate and they found his sister Esther's instead. I plan
on still getting my grandfather's birth certificate and also his parents and
his grandparents birth certificates, or I might see about getting a marriage
certificate for my great great grandparents. I need to know the reange of
years these archives cover. (Archives in Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Berehove) Also
the Ukrainian Embassy official here told me that they only found my great
aunt's birth certificate so perhaps the others of the family might appear in
another archive possibly or lost.

Does anyone have experience with records of those born in Munkacs?

Thank you.

Dennis Baer

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