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From: "Sandi Barber" <>
Subject: [HUNGARY-L] Some Helpful Latin Genealogy phrases
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 19:16:12 -0400

I cannot recall the website that I obtained this list from or I would give
credit to it.

Latin Terms and Phrases

aetas age
agricola farmer
agrippo pneumonia
angina angina (may not necessarily refer to modern day usage of "chest
pain" or "heart attack" because the term is also seen in records of
annus year ( "annus et dies" ... "year and date")
annus et dies copulationis year and date of marriage
annus et dies obitus year and date of death
apoplexia apoplexy (paralysis due to stroke)
aquis suffocatus drowned
as(th)ma asthma
ascensio pulmonum ("upper respiratory infection" ? in records often
associated with infants)
baptizatus baptized
cancor (cancher) cancer
coeleb unmarried, single ( column entry: "juvenis" young man \ "virgo"
cognomen surname
Collati S. Baptismi Sacrament of Baptism administered ?
colonus farmer who owns land (inhabitant in general? )
colyra cholera
conditio status ( usage: "occupation" in addition to "nobility" vs
conjugata wife
conjugatus married, and also husband
conjunx married person, spouse
conjus spouse
consanguinitas, -atis consanguinity (anything closer than third cousin
"blood relationship" would be an impediment to marriage )
copulata (f.) \ copulatus (m.) cum bound with, joined with ( i.e., married
debilitas weakness (in general), old age
defunctus dead
dies day
dispensatus "impediment" dispensed (date & record number may be indicated)
dissenteria dysentery
docens teacher
ecclampsia convulsion
elutus baptized
emphysema emphysema
eorum their
febris fever
febris nervosa strong fever ?
filia daughter
filius son
flusor sanguinis bled to death
foemina ( foeminin. ) woman, female
frenesis (phraenesis) brain inflamation (generally in reference to
Fuitne provisus Sacramentis Moribundorum were the last rites provided?
(respnse: "provisus" or "non provisus")
gangrena gangrene
gemellae (f) \ gemelli (m) twins
hydrops dropsy (edema; accumulation of fluids usually due to heart or
kidney failure)
ictus stroke
idem likewise, same
igne combusta burned
ignotus unknown
illegitimus ( abbreviation: illeg. illegitim. ) illegitimate
immaturitas premature birth
incertus \ incerta unknown, uncertain
incola resident, inhabitant of a place
infans infant
inflamatio pulmorum inflamation of the lungs
inflammatio viscerum inflammation of the abdominal organs
inflammatis cerebri brain inflammation
innupta filia spinster, unmarried daughter
inquilinus tenant farmer?
interitus enteritis
juvenis (abbreviation: juv.) young man
legitimatus per subsequius matrimonius legitimized through subsequent
legitimus (abbreviations: leg. \ legitim.) legitimate
levante witness
locus domicilii cum numero domus place of residence with house number
locus et dies supulturae place and date of burial
locus originis et domicilii, nrus domus eorundem place of origin ("birth")
and residence, their house number
locus originis et habitationis numerus domus place of origin and residence,
house number
lupis lupus
marasmus wasting away, deterioration
marita (f) \ maritus (m) wife \ husband
masculin. male
mater mother
mendicus beggar
mensis month ( annus, mensis, et dies year, month, and day )
miles (militis) soldier
molitor builder
morbilli measles?
morbus disease (often meant "cause of death")
morbus comitialis epilepsy
morbus sive aliud genus mortis disease or other cause of death
mortua nata (f.) \ mortuus natus (m.) stillborn
mortus dead
murarius stone mason
nativitatis birth
natum ex L.P. born of legitimate parents
nata (f.) \ natus (m.) born (usage: Mary Smith "nata Jones" to refer to
maiden name)
nobilis (abbreviation: nob.) nobility (as opposed to "plebius" or "de
plebe" common class)
nomen name
nomen baptisantis baptism name ("given name")
nomen et conditio sponsi et sponsae name and status (occupation) of groom
and bride
nomen testium eorum conditio name of witnesses and their status
nomen et officium copulantis name and title of person performing marriage
nomen parentum, eorum conditio et religio name of parents, their status and
nomen patrinorum, eorum conditio et religio name of godparents, their
status and religion
nomen sepelientis name of person performing burial
nomen, et conditio defuncti item ejus conjugis et parentis name and status
of deceased, spouse and parents ( usage: surviving family members )
non provisa (f.) \ non provisus (m..) not provided
non scitum not known
nrus (abbreviation for "numerus") abbreviation for "number"
num promulgati vel dispensati, in bannis vel aliquo impedimento? number of
announcements or dispensation, or other impediments in the (marriage) banns?
numerus currens current number (item number)
obitus death
observationes comments
obstetrix midwife
oedema pulmorum (edema pulmorum) pulmonary edema (congestive heart
operarius laborer
parens parents
partus childbirth
pastor pecorum cattle herder
pater father
pater ignotus father unknown
pater illegitimus illegitimate father
pater recte "correct father " (usage: to correct misspelling of father's
name or identify alias? )
patrina godmother
patrini godparents
patrinus godfather
pedes foot soldier
phraenesis (frenesis) brain inflamation in infants?
phtysis (phthisis) tuberculosis, comsumption
plebius commoner (as opposed to nobility)
pleuritis pleurisy
primogenitus first-born child
proflurium diarrhea
provisa (f.) \ provisus (m.) provided ( usage: "was give the last rites" )
puella \ puer girl \ boy ( usage: in the name column to indicate an unnamed
stillborn child )
puerpera mother (i.e., newly-delivered mother)
puerperium childbirth
religio religion
rheumatismus rheumatism
scarlatina scarlet fever
senectus old age
sepultus buried
servilis domestic, servant
sexus gender (male \ female )
sine without
spurius illegitimate
status (marital) status; (usage: coeleb. = single \ viduus = widowed)
struma scrofulous tumor
tetanus tetanus, lockjaw
trucidatio murder
tussis whooping cough
typhus typhus fever
uxor wife
variolae small pox
venenatus (venenata) poisoned
vidua widow
viduus widower
vir man, husband
virgo unmarried girl, maiden, virgin
vomica abcess, ulcer, boil; (more than likely refers to "plague")?
vulgo to publish, make accessible (usage: commonly known as)
vulgus common (usage: commoner, common people)

>From: Geza Varga <>
>Subject: Re: [HUNGARY-L] Transcribing of a death record - help
>Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 10:13:27 +0200
>At 09:46, 2002.07.19. Friday, Judy Mann wrote:
>>It is difficult to read the first few letters. By
>>mentally removing the extra lines from the "g" in
>>maghalt above and underneith, I was thinking the first
>>part looked like "A defunctor" which made me think
>>of Latin - and am not sure if the squiggly at the end
>>of the word is another letter or letter combination,
>>so was taking it as dead or deceased.
>I beleive that's the cause of death, probably a word in Latin. Now I can't
>read Latin...
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