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Subject: Housing found for all Hungarians 1956
Date: Sat, 3 Sep 2005 15:20:47 -0500

The Chronicle Telegram Dec. 22, 1956 Ohio


Lorain- For the first time in many weeks, 81 Hungarian refugees spent the night in the private
confines of bedrooms rather than a barracks or just any place suitable for sleeping.

The 83 persons, including men, women and children arrived in Lorain yesterday and were
taken in by friendly Americans of Hungarian descent or by people who just wanted to give a
helping hand.

For the many it was probably the first time they had seen the comforts of an American home.

Arriving at 2:30 p.m. yesterday at the Hungarian Young People's Society Building at 3695
Pearl Avenue, all the refugees were housed by 9:30 p.m. last night with the help of the
members of St. Ladislaus Church, originators of the Lorain Plan for handling refugees,
and the Lorain Hungarian Council.

Following a dinner at the Hungarian Hall friendly residents of the area responded to an
appeal to provide housing for the new arrivals. Within a short time, all the refugees
were housed and given enough money to tide them over.
St. Ladislaus Church donated $25 for each single refugee, $50 to a refugee family
consisting of husband and wife and $10 more for each additional membet of a family.

Refugee List

The list of refugees who arrived yesterday, as compiled by officials, follows:

Tibor DOMBI, 20, Budapest; wife, Julianna 20, sponsored by Mrs. John LOCZI,
2322 Lake Avenue, Elyria.

Steve ARANYI, 27, Budapest; wife Elizabeth, 25, daughter Elizabeth 18 months;
sponsored by John KOVACH, 1784 East 33rd St.

Anthony KOHAZI, 37, Sopron; wife, Elizabeth, 25, daughters, Elizabeth 2,
Kathleen 1; sponsored by Mrs. Joseph SZABO, 328 West 30th Street.

Joseph HOCHMAN, 30, Budapest; wife Helen, 23, daughter, Helen 3,
son Joseph 6; sponsored by William TOTH, 3900 Palm Avenue.

Julius KISS, 32, no town listed; sponsored by Charles NAGY, 6880 South
Dewey Road, Amherst.

Ivan FUZY, 23, Budapest, and Steve PECSVARADI, 24, Budapest; sponsored by James SOVA, 1840 N. Ridge Road.

Paul KUCSMA, 23, Misholcz; sponsored by Steve A. CHAZER, 2206
Knapp St., Sandusky.

Frank HORVATH, 33, Papa; wife, Maria, 27, son Frank Jr. 5, two daughters
Theresa 7 and Elizabeth 1; sponsored by Mrs. Andrew SIMON R.D. 2,
Oak Point Road.

Alex KOVALISCH, 37, Budapest; sponsored by Alex PETHO, 1129 West 21st Street.

Ladislaus TIHANYI, Budapest; wife Juliannna, 35, sponsored by Mrs. Matilda BOROS, 1761 East 30th Street.

Magda SZALIA, 18, Budapest, and Janka NENBRANDT, 45, Budapest sponsored by James VIGG, 3956 Globe Avenue.

Mrs. Ethel HENNEL, 38, Budapest; daughter, Gabriella, 19; sponsored by Mrs. Julia FABRIAN, 1860 East 30th Street.

Ladislaus BRANYI, 22, Julius BARANYAI, 22, Tony KISS, 22
and Ladislaus VARGA, 22 all of Szilsankony; sponsored by Mrs.
Joseph LAKATOS, 1881 East 30th street.

Joseph W. DURKO, 28, Misholcz; wife, Elizabeth, 28,
daughter Elizabeth, two weeks old; sponsored by Mrs.
Mary STEWART, 1802 Reid Avenue.

George KUSSAI, 36, Misholcz; wife, Elizabeth, 36;
two daughters, Helen 12 and Elizabeth 7. Son George Jr. 8; sponsored by Menyhert HUSZTI, 1530 North
Ridge Road.

George BEDECS, 29, no town listed, wife, Anna, 31 daughter Anna 9; sponsored by Tykody LEHEL, 1964
East 30th Street.

Theresa JARASY, no age or town listed; sponsored by Dr. William Von KAENSEL, 321 East Ohio St., Vermilion.

Frank SZELAGY, 28, Budapest; wife, Maria, 30, two sons, Frank Jr. 6 and Steve 3; sponsored by Steve
HALOWACS, 270 Park Road.

George KATONA, 26, Budapest, and Louis SEBO, 23,
Budapest; wife Maria 18; sponsored by Michael MEGYESI, 2031 East 30th Street.

Joseph NAGY, 22, Devusen, and Balazs KUHN, 26,
Miskolez, sponsored by Andrew YUHASZ, 3743
Palm Avenue.

Menyhert LABOS, 50, wife Irene, 40, son Imre 13;
sponsored by John HORVATICH, 2540 East 38th. St.

Florian GYIMESI, 48, Budapest; sponsored by Joseph
CZEBAK, 1879 East 30th Street.

John OLBE, 19, and Paul GYEZAT, 20 sponsored by
Alex STANBERGER, 1979 East 31st Street.

Joseph ZICH, 37, Baja, and Frank BARI, 25, Zemplen Megye; sponsored by Mrs.
Zigmund ATKINS, RD 1, Oberlin.

George HOCHMAN, 26, Budapest, wife Maria, son George Jr. is sponsored by
Steve BACSI, 633 Vermont Drive.

John TORCSIK, 33, Leinyvar, wife Maria 30, daughter Eva 5, son Joseph 8; sponsored by Michael HOLASZ, 108
Irondale St. , Elyria.

Karl BAROCZKY 26, Budapest, wife Verona 18, and Irene MESZAROS 20
Torony; sponsored by the Rev. Louis
NOVAK, pastor of Magyar Evangelical and
Reformed Church, Elyria.

Steve KALMAN, 21, Gyor, sponsored by
Eugene PEKARIK, 2014 East Erie Ave.

Andrew , 39 Budapest, wife Irene
38; sponsored by Mrs. Emma POLEFKO
806 West 21st Street.

Thomas TOTH, 17, Debrecen, and Bartholomew SZALKA, 33, Budapest
sponsored by Benny MOLNAR, 2036
McKinley Avenue.

Steve KOOS, 27, Gyor, wife Magdalene
27, son Steve Jr. 4, sponsor not recorded.

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