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Subject: [HUNSUCKER-L] Re: Bieri/Gochenour/Hunsaker Family Geneology...................................
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 00:23:23 EDT

In a message dated 10/13/98, Debbie wrote:
<<It looks like her father was Jacob Gochenour and her mother was Anna Stirtz
from your information. However, it also looks like Anna Stirtz was married to
Hartman Hunsaker and that Elizabeth's full name was actually Elizabeth
Hunsaker Gochenour. I'm not sure which man was her father and which of the
other children shown belong to which father. Have you found any reference
materials which could help me clarify this? >>
*Anyone that can shed light on this, please jump right in, Thanks, Steve.
Here's the scoop (I think ?). Elizabeth's biological father
was Jacob Gochenour. Jacob was Anna Stirtz's first hubby.
However, it is my understanding that Elizabeth was adopted
and raised by Anna and her second hubby Hartman Hunsaker.
Elizabeth had a sister Magdalena Hunsaker Gochenour that
was Jacob's daughter also. There seems to be some criss
crossing of the marraige dates and I'm not exactly positive of
the timeline of everything.
Most of my info I found searching "on-line databases" and
from other Hunsaker cousins that I have communicated with
via Email.
*Question: Do you know if Elizabeth had another husband o
ther than Abraham (Bieri or Biry ?) Beery ?
Thanks, and please reply.

Steve Shults
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